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  1. Game Spot =/= official, they're just saying whatever based on their hands on at e3. If this was an accepted fact, every site would have reported this as such. But its just some unknown chick who played the demo. Spring is spring, and my example is just that, an example. You're taking it too literally. Same thing Academy and University is synonyms Academy - A place to study University - An institution of learning oh look, someone trying to be a smart ass, but too bad it's so easy to make you look stupid https://myanimelist.net/anime/genre/23/School EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  2. I know, I'm a bit of a dick tbqh But in any case, it's not just military training, it's also to prepare them for the roles of being world leaders. The point is, the academy is extremely important in the world's society. Making it equivalent to training for a plumbing license is pretty laughable. I don't know what your experience is with Japanese media such as anime and other games that have a school like setting, but they tend to borrow their own school system into whatever setting they're in. I've yet to see an exception. Even this game starts in the spring, which is when Japanese schools starts the school year, as oppose to the west which starts in the fall. It's not too far-fetch to lend the possibility of them going with their standard 3 year schooling system.
  3. Like West Point? oh wait that's 4 to 8 years... uh... is it like some 3rd world country in Africa or South America? you'll need to give a real life example and not just throw out something like this without backing it up.
  4. I think we as a community need to stop basing off of what's been done in the past. Virtually everything Three houses has done so far has been far away from the norm. We do see other "faceless" NPCs in roaming around, they're just not important. There's no way that the entire school is made completely of only 24 people, that's just silly. Some more reasons why i believe the game is long; Old Fire Emblem level conventions are gone, we've seen beginner tier hitting level 25+, stat ceilings seems to be a lot higher as well, and the fact that you can break the stat caps +5 to all stats as well through the statues. And that there's several tier levels. We've shown up to Advance class, Noble / Commoner > Beginner > Intermediate > Advance, and we see that the bar can scroll down to even a higher tier class. Meaning the game is staged to be long. If the game is set for us to reach such high heights it's not unreasonable for the game to be long enough for us to take advantage of the "tier 4" classes (I'm counting the starting class as tier 0)
  5. Something else I want to add as to why I think the game will be longer than the majority of past FEs, is weapon and skill ranks. Because each rank has a + and - Rank, that makes you required to gain THREE TIMES, the amount of rankings as oppose to older FEs. You'll need sufficient time to feasibly hit S+ rank.
  6. Game starts on the 3rd month, early screenshots show March as the starting point. Which is 9 months into the game's story from the e3 demo. In any case you make it sound like a long game is bad. Radiant Dawn for example had 43 chapters. And on what basis do you think the time skip is the bulk? nothing really points to it. At most it'll be half. At least that's my opinion from my own analysis of what we've been shown. think about it for a minute, Lysithea's bio is "the youngest admitted student THIS YEAR" and she's in the same classes as the rest of the students, that means everyone is first years just like her. The only way that the academy will only take place in a single year is if the school itself is only a year. Which is entirely impossible, but at the same time... how can you train military officers and world leaders in a single year? In the trailer dialogue, it sounds like they're talking right before graduation, I could be wrong, but there's no reason to talk about graduation when they're still first years, it makes no sense. I've learned to not take vague, and unspecified comments from tree house members at face value, the PR people generally aren't super knowledgeable, Audrey is the only one that I know of that actually plays the games in and out. I would like to think that I'm really good at deductive reasoning based on what is given to me, I predicted the entire gameplay flow and holy blood several weeks before anything about them was officially announced, though I can be completely off base, but I feel the evidence is too strong for me to ignore. But again, this is merely a theory, a hypothesis if you will, so I'm glad there's people like you and others here that are willing to discuss and challenge my theory ❤️
  7. sorry that aint telling me shit. I've looked everywhere and it's been nothing but guessing and speculation.
  8. Why? because Lysithea's profile confirms that the students are all newly admitted, meaning first years. If we go by the Japanese school systems, that'll make it 3 years. With the recent trailer, we got dialogue where they hear them making a graduation promise to meet up again, meaning we're going to be around for start to graduation before the time skip.So I see two possibilities:A- We're playing out all the years of the academyB- There will be mini time skips after the first year to speed up the time in the schoolAlso have a theory on the "story battles" of each month, each "story battle" won't be plot turning story sequences, but rather they will be padded. Like there will be major training battles, where you take your students out for practical battle training, and then there will be exam battles as well, these events are basically to see your students growths over time in a story setting rather than just be a menu thing. Just as an example of the first year:(I 1000% believe the game starts in March, that's when the school year starts in Japan)March - First training battleApril - Minor story battleMay - Mid term battleJune - Another training battle, but with some story sequenceJuly - Semester Finals - with some main plot thrown inAug - VacationSept - 2nd semester starts Story battleOct - training battleNov - Another Story battle (this was shown in the tree house)Dec - Mid termsJan - Story battleFeburary - 2nd Semester FinalsMarch - break in the beginning, then start 2nd year with story sequencesI outlined based on Japan's school calendar, and how I feel the years will play out. Obviously just an example.Now let's see how accurate i'll be once the game comes out
  9. well.... every major military force requires a primary base of operations... considering the monastery is literally in the center, it's the most ideal location to have your forces. It's call strategy.
  10. betting that it's just going to be crafting / repair mats that you can use once a day
  11. rename? yes, as no one ever says your name in dialogue, you're just referred to as sensei. Any other changes? no.
  12. it's doubtful that he doesn't have the crest, I'm certain he does, otherwise anyone and their granny can use the Sword of Creation.
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