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  1. Thanks, so you only need to fully explore once per month. Thanks for the link. In particular, I was concerned about the items that boost professor rank. I'm guessing those are random? I mostly find them in the 1F Dormitories (I don't it's possible to find them in the 2F Dormitories, let me know if I'm wrong), Officers' Academy, Library, and I think I even found one in the Reception Hall.
  2. Let's say you explore in the first week of a month and collect all the blue sparkle items in the monastery. Is it possible for more blue sparkle items to spawn if you explore in the following weeks? Also, is there any guide for locations of the blue sparkle items?
  3. Is it true that all pre-timeskip paralouges are available as long as you have at least one of the units? I don't remember ever getting Hilda/Cyril despite having Cyril.
  4. I really want to play FE5 but have been waiting for a good translation. It would be amazing if you could finish this!
  5. I played FE4 on my phone. I can try helping you if you have an Android. Idk about iOS. From what I've heard, it's pretty hard to emulate on iPhones.
  6. It's pretty easy to improve Charlotte's hitrates. Removing Gamble and giving her an Iron is +15% hit. She has WTA vs lances/shurikens and can use the Dual Club for Swords/Magic. If you put her in Hero she can have WTA vs Axe/Bow users too. Then there's also support boosts/tonics/etc. She won't have 100% hitrates all the time but it definitely makes her more reliable.
  7. The only Rally you really need is Speed, and that's super easy to get because of Selena.
  8. Excuse me, I dance grinded Azura up to level 30 on her join chapter. Then I grinded MyCastle Battles and got a A+ with Effie. I changed her into General, her most optimal class, and bought her valuable skills like Astra, Defensive Formation and Dragonskin, and gave her a Guard Naginata. She tanked extremely well and I wouldn't have been able to beat Conquest Normal/Phoenix mode without her.
  9. Guard stance is way better then attack stance. The guaranteed dual guard and the stats it can give are ridiculous(See: Charlotte, Rinka, Keaton, Arthur, Corrin's servants). Plus, almost every enemy in the game is unpaired, so guard stance negates enemy attack stance. I've seen some enemies waste their attack, just to get an attack stance set up. The AI doesn't realize your units are in guard stance, and will keep trying to use attack stance. Pairup bots make the game so much easier. Less, quality units > More, average units. Fire Emblem has always been like this. Fates isn't an exception. You are probably thinking of Fates' exp curve, but that doesn't matter either. There are many other resources besides experience. Tonics, weapons, statboosters, forges(which are ridiculous in Fates, +2 Mt is amazing, and its not hard at all to get to +2), and heart seals. It's much better to funnel these resources into 5-6 combat units, each with their own pairup bot.
  10. I'm doing a CQ Lunatic run and I'm on Ch23. I figured I could take some pictures of Camilla vs common enemies to show how ridiculous she gets. This is a no-grind/DLC/skillbuying/paralouges/etc run.
  11. It doesn't matter what run you are doing, if Camilla isn't your best unit besides Corrin, you are doing something wrong. Have you actually tried using her? Malig Camilla works fine with the Bolt Axe, the thing has 16 mt or something. Wyvern Lord Camilla is also amazing. I understand thinking that other units catch up to her, but that's not the case. Because of her exp gain, she starts getting overleveled. Plus it helps her growths are ridiculous.
  12. I think Kaze should be above Effie. His unique contribution of being able to take on all the mages in CQ makes him better. Chapters that he does really good in are 13(mages on the left side), 16(mages/sorcs on the left), 18(He can clear the entire top-right side on his own), 22(A bunch of mages on the right side), 24(Mages everywhere), 26(He can solo the enitre sorc room). Besides that, he still has decent combat vs non-magic enemies. He can one-round Ninjas and MNinjas in 17 and 25, one-round the mounted enemies in 18 with the beastkiller, one-rounds Kitsune/Nine-Tails in 19, one-rounds Falcos/Kinshis in 20,22,24. Effie's role is easily replicated by a lot of other units. Xander, Camilla, Corrin all do what she does but better. Silas and Beruka can also do just as good as her.
  13. In a normal run the mess hall really doesn't matter anyways. You are usually going to use it for speed, but it isn't hard to get units to double in CQ. There's things like speed pairups, tonics, Azura's skill, Rally Speed, and I think you get 4 speedwings. That said, the mess hall should be taken into consideration because it is 7 chapters of guaranteed boosts. It can get pretty crazy like +2Spd, +2Def.
  14. Hopefully. Melee, PoR, RD, Wind Waker, etc would be great to have the Switch. Edit: Nintendo should add a skip enemy phase option into PoR. It would actually be playable!
  15. Beat FE4 for the first time using this translation patch and it was great! Thanks for all your hard work. Out of curiosity, will you be making any more translation patches? FE1,2,3 and 5 still need good patches.
  16. If you give her a few resources, Hinoka can become stupidly tanky as a Falcon/Kinshi Knight. Great Knight Silas pairup @ S (5 def) + Ch12 Dracoshield (2 def) + Tonic (2 def) + Defender(1 def) + Ch12 Sheraph Robe (5 hp) + Tonic (5 hp) gives her a guaranteed +10 Hp and +10 Def to her base. Plus, she gets a bunch of Str from Silas pairup and Elbow Room, in addition to getting +1 move (9 mov flier yay). She can heal and use rescue which is ok too I guess, but Falcon Knight Sakura is all you need for staff duties imo. Knishi Knight vs Falcon Knight Hinoka is an interesting debate. Kinshi Knight has worse growth and caps (which I find strange), but it has Bow access. Both classes' skills aren't too good either. I always went Falcon because I thought stats > bow access. However, aesthetically, Knishi is way better.
  17. Gonna try finishing this quick before college starts. I hate having unfinished playthroughs (which sucks because I've got a long list of them). Chapter 11 Really easy. Basically it was a Corrin + Camilla solo. Went up the right side, got both chests. Left Setsuna's room alone. Chapter 12 Yay got Laslow. Swapped him into ninja right away with the C9 Heart Seal and gave him a bronze dagger. Went up the right side, skipping Saizo/Kagero squad. Entered the top right room. Got the gold. Escaped with Corrin. Chapter 13 Somewhat difficult. Had to rush a bit to get the 5k gold. The early wyvern rush suicided on Camilla. Corrin took the 3 knights at the right. Laslow took on the mages on the left. Cleaned up the remaining knights and Orochi squad with everyone. Reina was super annoying because she oneshotted Corrin and Camilla, plus Air Superiority made it really difficult to hit her. I lured her in with Laslow who had a Dual Guard built up so he could live the hits from the two cavs that attacked him after. He one rounded the cavs too, yay Charlotte pairup. The rest was easy, but I did get lucky because one of the Wyvern reinforcements almost killed Azura with a handaxe. He left her with 1 HP lol. Shoutout to Laslow for not proccing DEF in 5 levels with a 40% growth rate. I have a bad feeling about this. Heart Sealed Camilla to WL, also forged a +2 Iron Dagger, and bought Corrin a Bolt Axe. Chapter 14 The archers harassing Keaton were difficult to take on with 2 fliers and a frail ninja. Luckily Corrin and Camilla could both take a hit, so I figured out. I took my time to drain the enemy status staves. Got both chests. I had no idea how I was going to take on the Kinshi reinforcements, so I just gave Corrin a Spirit Dust and had her ORKO the boss with a Bolt Axe. She lived getting countermagiced and getting hit. Tonics OP. Chapter 15 Really easy. Corrin hit 20 early in the level, promoted to Malig. With Inspiring Song, Gunter Pairup, and Tonics, Corrin ORKOed everything on the map (except the boss) with a fire tome. Cleared the entire map. Got to D tomes too. Forged Thunder hype. And I got Felicia which is nice, she's going to be my main staffer. I will now attempt to swap Jacob into Paladin and see if I can get him two levels for Shelter, which should be useful later on. Plus, he gives +1 Mov to Azura. Paralouge 1 Did this for some supports and the free DVP. Camilla raised her lance rank a bit too. Invasion 1 Did this for the same reason as Paralouge 1. Gunter/Corrin are at B, Camilla/Arthur are at A, Jacob/Azura are at A, Laslow/Charlotte are at B. Also, Laslow is at level 19 and still hasn't procced Def. He's basically Kaze, except he traded Speed and Res for some Str. RIP.
  18. Chapter 10 Really fun. Had to reset a few times to optimize my opening turns. Corrin got Hp/Str/Spd/Def Tonics and Silas/Arthur got Hp/Def. Promoted Arthur with the village Master Seal. It sucks because with a Str tonic and Effie pairup he was 1 Atk away from oneshotting the archers with a handaxe. It worked out anyways, because he had 41 Hp. I found it awesome that this chapter wasn't too hard, on Lunatic, where almost everyone was at base. The only units I had trained were Corrin, Jacob (He was behind Corrin the whole time) and Arthur.
  19. Or maybe I just don't feel like using Arthur? Nothing wrong with that.
  20. I'll train Arthur one day but those pairup boosts for Camilla are too legit. At S its like +7Str, +3Skl, +3Spd which keeps Camilla oneshoting stuff for a while lol. Plus I'm pretty hyped for Camilla!Percy. He seems pretty cool as a character and having a second Camilla seems great! I've never used children in Fates, so he will be the first one I use too.
  21. Going with Lunatic/Classic. Only going to work with main chapters/invasions/paralouges and Armory/Shop/Private Quaters/Lilith/Farm/Mine/Arena/Forge. Not going to use any DLC/Path Bonuses/other MyCastles/Skill Buying. I'll do a short write up for every chapter I guess, but I'm not going list my turn counts until the end. I'm expecting like 500-700? turns by the end, since I'm not trying to LTC. Here's my Corrin: Name: Camilla Boon/Bane: +Mag/-Lck Talent: Dragon Malig is cool because magic for 1-2 range and high move/flying. Savage Blow lets me cheese Ryoma in C25. Gets Cavalier through marriage with Gunter, which lets me grab the skills while spamming Levin Sword as Paladin. Str+2, Trample, Elbow Room, and Defender should be enough to ORKO Takumi with one DF? I hope. Also, got Meat and Onyx for my My Castle, which is cool because I'm going to use Laslow and Soleli as Ninjas. Still would have preferred Milk but I'll work with it. Prologue - 6 Pretty standard stuff. Chapter 7 Pretty surprised I could do this only with 3 characters. With a HP/Str/Def tonic Corrin ORKOed everything on the map (except the boss ofc). Took a few resets to figure out how to do it w/o letting Effie, Elise, Silas get attacked. Mostly was just figuring out where to put Corrin. Arthur got 2 kills too. Chapter 8 Bought the heart seal and a bronze axe for Corrin. Only deployed Corrin, Jacob, and Arthur. This wasn't too bad. Turn 1 Jacob paired with Corrin and was able to freeze the top soldier. The rest was placing Jacob in range of dmages, taking them out, then having Corrin kill the fighters. I had to unequip Res +2 from Jacob so Fire dmages would attack him. Arthur got a few kills, Jacob took out the boss. Got lucky and the boss missed, which made it pretty easy. Got 3 villages too, Chapter 9 Also pretty easy. Deployed Corrin, Jacob, Arthur, and Niles. Corrin with Jacob pairup and a Hp/Str/Spd/Def tonic pretty much soloed the map. Had to get the first strike on the archers ofc. Got the rescue. I made a gamble and had Arthur attack the boss, which worked out. Arthur got the boss kill and got to level 10, which is sweet because I can promote him with the Master Seal in C10 and have him take on the archers on the right side, I think.
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