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  1. Congrats on finishing! Really enjoyed the run, and hope its the first of many!
  2. Nice job on the run so far! It's been pretty enjoyable to watch, and I like the new strategies compared to the original version. Regarding missing the pre-chapter arena stuff for Chapter 1, I do think you should record it at some point, if only for completion's sake. You could always just add it as an extra video in your playlist and not recrecord the entire chapter.
  3. You need to be using a version of vba that supports lua integration like VBA-rr. After you do that, there should be an option from the Tools menu (or something like that)
  4. Take a look at my run for reference: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaRQIiRnzZu9w3hpzNyUBzGOlU3hpgJhn You don't really use anyone besides Jagen, Caeda, Lena, Boah, and Hardin (and Marth sort of).
  5. Glad to see this still alive! Good luck with the rest of the run and hope you finish!
  6. Sorry for the late reply. This guide is really really outdated, and tbh needs a complete reworking before anyone should try to use it seriously. The Chapter 1 issue is due (I think) to an emulator/console difference in the way RNG is burned by that bandit, so thanks for pointing that out! If possible, it would be great if you could post a couple of screenshots (the different location of the bandit and the new level) so I can mark that in a potential future guide.
  7. If there even is a lunatic difficulty. What do you guys think?
  8. Well, here is a TAS/LTC of Episode 1: Fall of the Palace in 2 turns and just over 24 seconds, with 374 points. Not particularly interesting except for the novelty factor, but it's something I guess? I will probably try and route a Max Score clear as well, which will hopefully be more entertaining.
  9. What difficulty are we talking about? And what context for the tier list (efficiency?)
  10. There probably is a way to save edit, but I don't know how (and the process of finding it would involve me beating Lunatic anyway)
  11. Hmmm, I'd need a save file that has Lunatic+ unlocked... any idea where I can get one?
  12. That makes it even worse; again I'm not sure if I'm understanding the question right, but if it's "can I figure out the RNG seed I have on L+ based on which enemies have which skills" the answer is no.
  13. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, but assuming you load off the main menu there are roughly 1 billion different initial seeds (more if you continue from a previous chapter) so I don't think it would really be feasible to figure out which seed you got based on which enemies had which skills. For one of the larger rout maps that also have variations on enemy stats, it would probably be possible, but it would also require the existence of a massive (think 100s of gigabytes or terrabytes) lookup table that no one is going to bother to implement.
  14. What you initially expected was in fact (almost) correct. After burning the relevant RNs for any particular event (battle, level up, etc.), the game will then proceed to burn 12 additional RNs for no apparent reason.
  15. So as it turns out, Awakening's storage and calculation of random numbers appears to be identical to that of FE12, and since I have the formula for the latter figured out... well, yeah. I'm probably going to spend most of today playing around with this since I don't have class, but if there is any particular question you guys want answered, feel free to ask in this thread.
  16. After many, many resets for a good initial seed, this is finally started!
  17. Lol so I finally got around to fully decoding the initial seed generator for this game... turns out its pretty much identical to Pokemon B/W https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/15140-pokemon-bw-lua-scripts/
  18. Well in a pure LTC, I would definitely not skip EPs, but on the other hand I think a pure TAS requires that by nature. In any case, I think I may have to postpone doing any sort of TAS for this game until I can manipulate the initial seed better. Currently I can perform resets at roughly a speed of 1 reset/second, which just isn't fast enough for the level of manipulation I'm hoping to accomplish in a TAS. Should be sufficient for an LTC though...
  19. Thanks, I knew that, I have no idea why I wrote that lol.
  20. Having just finished my TAS of Shadow Dragon, I'm thinking of working on this game next (especially since I have the RNG decoded). But before I begin a TAS of the full game, I think it might be interesting to explore some sort of TAS/LTC/Max Score of the bonus BS chapters. Has anyone done anything of the sort before? And would you guys be interested in seeing it, or do you think it will just turn out to be silly?
  21. Completed through Chapter 20 in under 7 minutes!
  22. Yeah, this was one of the reasons that I ended up quitting (or at least postponing for a very long time) my Lunatic LTC; I needed enemies in the desert to move in a very specific manner and manipulating the regular RNG as well as this AI RNG became too much once it was compounded (once save states and frame advance become available, this may no longer be an issue) Generally (afaik) this doesn't cause too many issues in Awakening in the long run because you tend to rely on juggernauts to have everything die on EP so the exact positions of units don't always matter so much if they die when they move anyway. It's more problematic in Fates because the positioning of enemies affects whether or not they Dual Strike you which can mess up your plans...
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