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  1. Could you elaborate? I too have had trouble trying to play the game with this patch on every available PSP SNES emulator. Would you happen to know of one that does or is playing a rom of this size on PSP just simply not possible?
  2. Super excited to see the end result and appreciate your hard work, thanks man!
  3. Ok thank you. Guess I'd have to rely on older translations for psp use?
  4. Snes9x, Snes9x Euphoria, Snes9x TYL, none seem to work. That makes sense. Would this translation happen to be exceptionally larger than other FE4 translations? I find it odd that I can get Thracia to run but not FE 3 or 4.
  5. Has anyone managed to get this to run on PSP? No matter what SNES EMU I use it doesn't work, but the game runs fine if i load the game clean without a patch. Runs fine on pc with patch however.
  6. Hello, fantastic job on the translation! I've run into a little problem and was curious if anyone here might know why. I have successfully patched the unheadered .ips file to the rom which loads perfectly on Snes9x on my pc. However I intend to play this game on my PSP using SNES9x Euphoria, and the patch seems to break it. The empty ROM loads just fine on my PSP, but after patching it, or autopatching through the emulator, the game will not load and crash the PSP. Has anyone tried to play this on the PSP, or does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks in advanced!
  7. So I'm currently playing the game on a 3DS with 9.0.0-20 firmware. I use it in a 9.4.0-21U EmuNand as a cia. The cia was built from the rom I dumped from my retail copy of the Special edition which I know supposedly gives you the 3rd path free, but it wasn't available on launch so it's not pre-downloaded. I'm curious as to how I can get access to the 3rd path and/or DLC? Thanks in advance!
  8. Is anyone experiencing problems with downloading the .cia as of the new patch? I recently separated my sysnand from the EmuNand and have tried downloading the cia with FBI (The rom comes from the retail cart of the special edition) with the new patch and it stops part way through due to an "I/o Error". Edit - I have determined the error is with the newly created .cia I tried to install my backup copy of the cia I used previous to the most recent patch and it had no problem installing in FBI. But after creating a cia with the new updated patch it is failing to install. To be clear, I've selected the same Rom and Xorpads, but have downloaded the new folder (It is the only translation folder I've got so I'm not choosing the wrong one) and selecting the folder inside called "patch". Is this the correct route to take?
  9. So I just removed all of my patch folders and files and re-downloaded it and rebuilt the .cia and this time did not import my save files back onto the rom and yet when I booted up the game my most recent save file was still on there. I don't understand why the patcher isn't working for me, and I don't understand why my save files where still attached. Any idea's?
  10. The brotherhood of Nohr, which is the same I believe as it used to be in the first patch.
  11. Yes I have folder's A and B, and I am absolutely positive I have selected the right folder in both of my attempts. Exporting my old save files (with savefileloader) from the previous patch wouldn't in anyway interrupt the new patch would it?
  12. So just to preface, I have already played the game and had it working via the last patch. I bought a copy of the special edition and dumped the rom. I run it with pasta cfw and regionfreeloader. The game works and I've had no trouble exporting and importing my save states, it's just the effects of the patch don't seem to occur as it's still in Japanese. When using the patcher I applied the .3ds rom I dumped from the retail copy, Attached the xorpad I decrypted when I first did the game a couple weeks ago, and have applied the new 2.0 patch just released and validated it, then created it in a .cia format. The game plays just that it's still in Japanese (As far as text go, the old menu patch effects still apply).
  13. I'm having trouble with the patch as despite creating a new .cia I'm still seeing it in Japanese. Do I need to create new Xorpads to do this? Because if not I've selected the rom, the new patch folder and my xorpads and it's not working.
  14. Thanks for the quick response. I apologize, it seems to be working now. Not sure what the issue was before, but thank you! One a separate note would you happen to have any experience with using ReiNand?
  15. Is anyone having trouble reaching the patch download? When selected, the red bar around the mega symbol reaches about 95% and then collapses to a grey background with a black circle with smaller white circles rotating and it's not seeming to go anywhere beyond there?
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