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  1. There's one thing that doesn't seem to be mentioned: Byleth doesn't get as much support points on battlefield compared to others, so adjutant grinding should be reserved for others and Byleth should focus on spamming gifts and sharing meals. Also, on the topic of gifts, note that only one of each gift items can be bought per month, and they do not accumulate (i.e. you cannot buy 2 of the same gift just because you didn't buy it the last month).
  2. I wonder what are the requirements for these conversations. I don't think it's the time skip that lock those out, since the support conversation viewer in the extra menu has Part 2 versions of these conversations.
  3. My initial reaction was "oh, yeah, the Hero class. I completely forgot." One big reason is that I'm very skewed towards magic users, but in cases where I do want to raise on-foot physical units, I'd just go for Brigand/Warrior for axe users, and Assassin for sword users. I also don't recall anyone ever retaining their original character models when reclassing to Hero.
  4. I like it, mostly because I like mages. Having each of them function differently and having replenishable spells really makes me welcome them even more. And totally not because their range can be increased to up to 5 That said, I think there are still merits for having tomes as exchangeable items like in most other games. One problem mages have is that spells have rather low durability, which introduces slight problems in longer battles like the final chapters.
  5. Speaking of Bernadetta, she isn't in her room for the whole Crimson Flower route (except the first month? I don't remember). I think this is because in that route, the Empire always has the monastery, so she would have plenty of time in her room, and she's probably less afraid to go outside. In other routes, she was glad to have returned to her room after five years of missing it, and spent notably more time inside. Nice detail there.
  6. I have a hard time saying what what's my favourite game. Every single Fire Emblem has to do something that makes it feel imperfect. In each individual aspect, Three Houses always falls short of something. Limited class options, greatly changing what weapon ranks are for (there are no S weapons, and you learn weapon types before changing class, not after), inheriting a significant portion of that good old Gaiden weirdness, and so on. I enjoy the worldbuilding, but I'm not a fan of that "you can't save everyone no matter how hard you try" helplessness (that's also in Fates), even though it's sensible given the background story. But on the other hand, I do like how characters feel much less single-trait compared to Awakening and Fates and even the older games, how voice acting and (very limited) character model animations improve the support conversations (but seriously, what's with that outdated graphics?), and in terms of personal preference, I can make mages and archers completely dominate over everything again, and they're even more broken than in Echoes. Everything is also pretty well-put together, and it's relatively easy to "complete" (getting all parent-child combinations for support in Fates was a huge nightmare). Overall, I'd say this is almost my favourite main series Fire Emblem. I still like Radiant Dawn and probably The Sacred Stones more, but it's very high in my books, even though it has all kinds of imperfections (but all FE games do). I see very little Tellius in this one. Gameplay-wise, it resembles Echoes the most. Combat arts are back, promotion paths are unequal (Gaiden hates mages, while Three Houses has too few on-foot options), we get long-range bows and magic again, and magic even works like Gaiden, minus the HP consumption part (which makes everything more broken). Thematically, I see next to nothing in common between Fódlan and Tellius.
  7. Obligatory link to a thread talking about support points:
  8. In my case, I dropped him pretty quickly in my first (Azure Moon) run because I became more interested in the students. He wasn't exactly good stat-wise; at least, that was my impression after trying him for a few chapters before deciding to drop him. Not a fan of Aptitude characters to begin with, since they could have just given them good growths without wasting that personal skill slot.
  9. I'm going to say that Leonie actually makes sense in BE. If recruited, she'd say in Chapter 12 that she's aware of Jeralt's distrust in the church. Not sure about Lysithea before the timeskip, since while she and Edelgard have similar backstories, they take completely different approaches in life after the incidents. One is hell bent on destroying everything crests stand for even at the cost of other people's and her own lives, while the other is determined to live life to the fullest and is generally forgiving to those who offend her out of ignorance (see her B+ with Lorenz, for example). It makes sense to recruit her after the timeskip, given that Claude told her to surrender.
  10. Don't know if I can ask story questions here or if it's been asked before, but here goes: In New Game+, if I visit the Holy Tomb via amiibo Gazebo in Chapter 11, I'd encounter there. Is there any (either explicit or implied) story reason for this? I doubt it, seeing how New Game+ also has Byleth's Journal and the Crest items. (My headcanon explanation is that all these involve off-screen alternae timeline travel, Atelier Lulua-style.)
  11. I don't know how would OP count it, but: Remove Range+1 class skill for Archer Remove Range+1 class skill for Sniper Remove Range+2 class skill for Bow Knight ...I personally don't want to actually do these since I love being overpowered, but OP is asking for balance changes. Actually, if I'm to make the game more balanced, I'd also remove the range+1 skills for reaching S in faith and reason (or at least move them to S+ and give faire to S instead), and rework both range-up staves to some other effects. Being able to hit from afar really makes any risks magic and bow users have much less pronounced. I'd still remove the class skills first, since reaching S weapon rank isn't exactly easy. Not that I'd really complain; bow and magic users are my favourite type of units.
  12. Blue Lions so far, because it feels more Fire Emblem-y. I've yet to play Golden Deer or Church, though.
  13. I'm fine with Part 1 staying mostly the same. I wish they introduce more variations, like being given different assignments to discover different things; but even without those, just the fact that you're talking to different students is enough to drive me to try other routes. I do wish the church route isn't branched from Black Eagles, though, since in that case you really are repeating 11 chapters. I do wish Part 2 was longer. It's much shorter despite being a major war, with lots of implied battles not played out. It also feels weird to spend a year training, and then just 8 months to conquer the entire Fódlan. Like how does that even work?
  14. I got someone not mentioned here! Well, I fear none of these, so what should I pick? (I picked the third) I got: Ashe You’re kind, free-spirited, and though not exactly a social butterfly, you’re not introverted either. People often say talking to you isn’t tiring, which attracts people to you — whether introvert or extrovert. You take pleasure in routine and the simple things in life — reading, gardening, walks in the parks. You’re probably a dummy romantic too, and fantasise about someone holding your hand on a dinner date. Regardless, people rarely say bad things about you because you don’t about them, and you’re always happy to help on a rainy day. I don't think this sounds like me at all…
  15. Not really ignoring it, but rather this isn't useful as far as I am concerned, since I use save files to jump to different playthroughs rather than as a means to share the game with other people. Saves aren't transferrable between users, nor do different users' saves affect the Extras menu like support conversation viewer and the event viewer. Also, the extra save slots in Fates are saved to the 3DS's SD card, not the game card itself. I don't know what would happen if I try to start Fates in a different 3DS system. I think FE1 had 2 slots too? I think 3 saves is just enough for single-timeline games (which is most of them), but for games with branches (Sacred Stones, Fates, Three Houses), they really should have gone the route of 3 saves per route. And only Fates did so.
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