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  1. Last question before the game releases: Would it be better to reclass Odin into a Samurai or a Dread Fighter immediately?
  2. Nohr having a lack of resources has been commonly known for a REALLY long time. It's pre-release info, as early as April.Anyway, I would have to say loyalty or neither. Most likely loyalty (but I have the SE anyway so all three).
  3. We're going to wrack up some serious Nintendogs trainer points together!
  4. What a coincidence that Pit from Kid Icarus, one of my favorite 3DS games, and Silas, my favorite character, have the same VA.
  5. "They can handle Kjelle, but Kazahana? Tsubaki? Suzukaze? That's expecting too much from them. Let's fix this up"
  6. Some were questionable, but I'm used to most if them now. The only ones I'm still not used to are Caeldori (because it looks so weird) and Nina (idk why, it just isrubs me the wrong way) I also miss ZERO and EpoNINE for the numbers
  7. I think it was confirmed in the E3 Treehouse video in June. But then again, they still called daggars "kunai" back then too.
  8. OdinxAzura is my absolute favorite http://megidoladying.tumblr.com/post/125922193549/odin-and-aqua-supports-c-s I also like LazlowxPeri, LeoxNyx, and CorrinxAzura
  9. New classes/reskins of old ones New beasts (Taguels got old quickly) Using my favorite characters Wireless gameplay My Castle
  10. The Revelation tab shows characters that can only be married/buddied in Revelation, and Birthright/Revelation shows characters that can be married/buddied in Birthright and Revelation
  11. A lot of people on those other places are just complain because they can or because they're against any censorship at all. And saying it was "universally disliked" is a bit of an exaggeration, but saying it was widely anticipated or "a core gameplay experience" is an exaggeration as well.
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