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  1. That's so upsetting. D: I'm so sorry, I have no idea if there's anything I can do to make it work for you. ;w;
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this! I hope you don't mind that I will be saving it for later use? I plan on trying to do an optimal run on Revelations, and being able to see all of the pair-up bonuses, available classes etc. will be so useful. After a quick skim through it, I don't really see any obvious mistakes, but if I do come across any, I will let you know. :3 <3
  3. Thank God it worked for somebody. I thought I had been shadowbanned or something even though I have never played online lmao. For those of you who couldn't get my castle to work, maybe try what Aaron did? ;^;
  4. Yeah, I updated it several times but it seems like there's something wrong. I'll try to find a solution, as it is weird that it was working for others earlier and now it suddenly doesn't.
  5. Yeah, I have no idea what has happened. If someone knows what might be wrong, please send me a PM. ;w;
  6. Someone else messaged me saying they have the same problem. I'm honestly not too sure what has happened, but could you try once more please? I had Streetpass and Spotpass off for some reason, so that might be why it didn't work.
  7. From what I can gather, it is fine if you are using the cheats for personal use / helping someone else out then it is all good. However, if you were using your Powersaves to get illegal skills / classes and using them online and stuff, then people wouldn't be too happy haha.
  8. This sounds like it could be fun. I might try it out sometime to see how it goes! I wish you the best of luck on your journey. :')
  9. I got Nina with all those skills up in my castle. (: I'll put all of those in my castle in roughly 15 minutes or so. I'll edit this post when they are ready. EDIT: All good to go now. Just like Arcannis, give me 15 minutes or so and I will have a decent Keaton up for you. Will edit once ready. :3 EDIT: Alright got a Keaton up with Astra, Pavise, Aegis, Renewal, Lethality. Hope you like it!
  10. I put Nyx with miracle up in my castle if you wanna grab her. ~
  11. Oh yeah, what Jason said. Sorry I got confused hehe.
  12. Uuuuh I would assume the +5 would apply AFTER the chapter he is recruited on. You know, when you get back to your castle.
  13. Yep. The game will always have Lvl 99, as it can't really fit in Lvl 100+, but mechanically you still gain stats.
  14. I just put up a Nina with all the breakers for you. (Not Shurikenbreaker though)
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