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  1. Hey, I was wondering, yesterday when I was grinding on the final boss at Thabes Labyrinth and passing by turns to farm Astra, Sol, and Luna, I've got a message around turn 170ish saying the Turnwheel was making strange noises, and around 200ish turn I got another message saying the Turnwheel stopped working and I'm unable to use the Turnwheel. Is this supposed intentional and is this effect where the Turnwheel stops working permanent, or when ends when you finish a battle Also, do you think it's a good idea to spend 1k+ turns in the Final Battle just to Farm Astra, Sol, and Luna, or just stay around for about 100-200 turns then come back from the beginning?
  2. I think that's it for the DLC. The Season's Pass is meant to access all of the DLC. If there was a 2nd wave of DLC, a lot of people are gonna be pissed off about it.
  3. In regards to leveling up your units (particularly the villagers like Grey, Tobin, Kilff, and Faye), do you guys think it's worth it to max their levels up to 20, then promote them? Also...
  4. Thanks for the info, is it possible to get more Duma Mosses across from dungeons, or there are limited amount of them. Because the quest that rewards the Ambrosia repeatedly seems to be a good item to get.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a Duma Moss, and where can I farm those Dragon Scale thing for the Dracoshield quest? Also, in my playthrough, I made Tobin an Archer, Faye a Cleric, Gray a Cavalier, Kliff and Atlas a Mercenary. Do you think there were better options for these villager characters?
  6. Okay, a little of clarification. First all, the SAG/AFTRA strike with video games is NOT the reason Laura Bailey and Liam O'Brien didn't reprise their voice roles (and not only that, Nintendo wasn't the target of SAG/AFTRA strike even though the studio who was responsible for the Fire Emblem Fates dub, Formosa Interactive, was). Many voice actors have incredibly busy schedules and it's very likely that both Laura Bailey and Liam O'Brien had to higher-end voice projects that didn't give them the time to reprise their roles. This is also the reason why many of Troy Baker's previous jRPG and anime roles were eventually voiced by Matthew Mercer because of the high-demand of Troy Baker in motion capture video game work ever since his role in the Last of Us game (the union status for Troy was another factor, but very minor). I wasn't surprised that Chris Patton and Monica Rial are in this game. Both of them have been doing a lot of voice work in Los Angeles recently despite both primarily work in Texas usually. The age of the Internet makes it easy for people to do voice work in different cities or states that you wouldn't expect (such as Bryce Papenbrook in Funimation's Attack on Titan dub or Tia Ballard in many of Sentai Filmworks's dubs). Judging by the English cast of this game, it could either have been done by Bang Zoom or done at the same studio that was responsible for Tales of Berseria dub (many of the voice actors I recognize primarily do voice work in Bang Zoom).
  7. I'll do a quick elimination on who NOT to ask in regards to the English VA. You can safely eliminate Greg Ayres, Kyle Jones, and Bryson Baugus in the list. Greg, Kyle, Bryson rarely does voice work outside of Texas (especially Bryson since he's one of the newer names in anime voice acting with his star making role as Bell Cranel in "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"), and the Fire Emblem Echoes game is obviously going to be dubbed in Los Angeles. Kyle Jones most work as an ADR Director for Sentai Filmworks at Houston (he's also involved in the said "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"), so these voice actors aren't going to have any clue on this. You could ask Brina Palencia and Chris Sabat on this. They both did some voice work in Los Angeles before and they have done a few video game voice acting in L.A. before, but they primarily work with Funimation at Dallas. The rest in the list you can ask, but keep in note that voice actors are bound to NDA and can't reveal much details. As far as I know from my knowledge in regards to the previous Fire Emblem games, the voice cast is usually revealed around the day of the U.S. release. Troy Baker is union voice actor, so it's not gonna happen.
  8. I'm looking for an Elise with the following skills: Shurikenfaire, Quickdraw, Poison Strike, Grisly Wound. I know this sounds weird, but I'm planning to make an offensive oriented Maid Elise using physical damage daggers.
  9. What's actually ironic is that female Kana, when comparison to male Kana, is a bit statistically better since the female characters you can marry with the Avatar to have better growth rates than the male counterpart. Another advantage with female Kana is that you can marry to one of the second generation Females without having risk making one of the 1st generation males as a bachelor (IIRC, if you have a male Avatar, the only way you can get all the children characters is if you either marry a female character where their only S option is to the Avatar (i.e. Anna, Flora, etc.) or marry to one of the Second generation female characters). An Effie!Mitama!fKana will have incredibly broken caps and growth rates.
  10. If I try to create Bond units, will that prevent me from marrying any character with my Avatar?
  11. More importantly, if the original character triggers Profiteer, then the replica cannot in the same turn (and vice versa). Also, Azura's copy cannot sing other units. Renewal will also trigger twice on the same unit (once from the original, and again from the Replica).
  12. I'm looking for Mozu with Hoshidan Unity.
  13. It really depends on how the skills are used, if you were to get something like Aptitude on Elise just to help boost her Strength stat a little and have it for your own personal use or get Hoshidian Unity for better Profiteer activation for any character, that's totally understandable. But anyone with a Ryoma or Xander with Hoshidian Unity for online PvP battles should just be flatout banned.
  14. I've seen many My Castles where the royals have something like Hoshidian Unity and Aptitude and an Effie and the Avatar with Even Better and Better Odds despite only the "demi-human" characters being the only characters having access to those skills. And yet, it's still legit to gets skills like these in My Castle battles simply because someone manages to hack their own save files (if you check the Skill Request Forums, there are people requesting skills that are clearly unobtainable for a particular character). :|
  15. Aw, that sucks. But thanks for the Rally skills though. I unfortunately am unable to get the Rally Luck skill via Azura since I have her A+ with Elise to make her as a Maid. But if anyone knows of a My Castle or someone that has Rally Luck on Shigure, please let me know. It's actually part of my little trick using the Gold DLC using Profiteer where you can get about 70k-100k gold per run.
  16. Does anyone have a Shigure with the following "Rally" skills: Rally Luck, Rally Strength, Rally Skill.
  17. You can only get Ganglari by doing the Weapons DLC map (mind you that weapons dropped are random), or talking to some of the characters that found an item in My Castle (they'll have a "!" bubble on their heads, which is also random).
  18. Thanks! Got the Replicate for Effie. Also, can you keep Charlotte up for tomorrow? Life and Death and Vengeance is something I need for my glass cannon Charlotte Sacrificial Dagger build.
  19. So no one has Replicate on Charlotte and Effie? I kinda looking for that for my all Maid team.
  20. I need Replicate for the following characters: Charlotte Effie Forrest
  21. Does anyone have a Charlotte with Replicate?
  22. Effie is a good mother for Mitama since despite Mitama's balance stats, her father's modifiers makes Mitama more like a physical damage bruiser rather than a healing support. Also the extra +6 Strength and +3 Speed from Effie helps Mitama a lot.
  23. Funny thing is that I preordered the Map pack a few days ago at Gamestop and for some reason, I never got the code to access the DLC map pack. Strangely enough, Gamestop unlisted Map Pack 2 from their website as well.
  24. I think I asked this already but I've noticed that if you have Phoenix Mode on and do the Hidden Truth DLC, your units will revive upon death despite the characters you control are completely separate from the characters from your storyline. I was wondering if this is the same case for the Heirs of Fates DLC that is coming up. And if so, will having your units getting killed in the said DLC maps will hold a mark against you in receiving the rewards (since I noticed they said that none of your units can't die in order to receive the rewards)?
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