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  1. Now that makes since. So 1 male and 1 female from both sides?
  2. I also notice it ties in with Grand Hero Battle with Berkut sooo....
  3. Its either that or Alm and Celica In there "Promotion" class since they are known as the "Children of Fate" which I wish and highly doubt.
  4. Not sure anyone catch on Valtar's lance, it is Fury1 with a Fury 2 damage and a Special cooldown -1
  5. FINALLY on the 5th try, I beat Squad Assault. Team 1: 5*Raven,5*Spring Camilla,5*Abel,5*Takumi: Raven and Abel did most of the work. Team 2: 5*Corrin(Male),5*Linde,5*Rebecca,5*Clair: Fun how I setup my team to look like Hoshido vs Nohr. Team 3: 5*Nowi,5*Camus,5*Bride Lyn,5*Jaffar: Nowi tanked and countering the Archer while Lyn was healing her. Jaffar weakened the rest then Nowi and Camus cleaned the rest up. The only map that gave trouble! Team 4: 5*Reinhart,5*Celica,5*Azura,5*Zepheil: Bait them to come towards the Z wall with Dire Thunder and Ragnarok waiting for them. Team 5: 5*Hector,5*Effie,5*Sheena,5*Genny: The Armored Emblem with a cheerleader. I was hoping that the seal was a team effort seal when a unit has it in the team, the rest of them gets 3+HP as well. Oh well....
  6. Only 10%of that roster has character from Japan lol. Clouds moveset as a whole is mostly his limit breaks.(And some dissidia moves) Note: Cloud actually dashes in mid air for his running animation. Referring to dissidia maybe? FSmash: Sonic Break(Wish it was 4x Attack) DSmash: Double Cut? All air tilts: Maybe forms of Rising and Aerial Fang B Netural: Cross Slash B Side Blade Beam B Down: Limit Break B Down (Charged): Finishing Touch B Up: Braver They could have gave him the Ryu treatment with his final smash. Meteorain for distances and Omnislash for up close.
  7. Nazo no Murasame Jō Punch Out!! Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Golden Sun
  8. I gusses so. Im not sure if we are growing out of the forum thing or we need something to keep the fourms intresting.
  9. I have been hovering over this site for some time and after beating FE:2, I decided to make my own profile. So, hello to the person who is reading this, I am honored to join thy group. (Support Rank to C)
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