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  1. To me the only worthwhile tier list would be a in a Lunatic No-Grind low-turn context. At a glance Oboro is busted as a support unit, Takumi and Hinoka can join those ranks [Lance Fighter is kind of a nuts class], Effie is just busted, Silas is kinda crutch. Charlotte I think makes the best Zerker. Pieri is deffers not trash. 1-2 range got gutted this game and you're laughing at a unit with access to Vengeance? Not mention Lifetaker? Both of which complement Killer Instinct? No Vantage, but Sol access through Luna *and* Charlotte [Luna is a better choice] and a near-obvious Galeforce candidate. I just checked her growths to make sure, those are solid too. The Str/Speed is great and Def could use a Dragonshield investment but its kind of borderline on good Vengeance damage/safety from death range. Skill is underwhelming but thankfully boosted by Killer Instinct. She kind of screams EP tank and can do a good job of wearing down units. [she and Effie will be my Oboro/Takumi replacements in Nohr.] This is isn't really the game for 1-2 range units to go off and murder everything on EP, though. I hope I can make room for Benoit on my team so I can wrangle Pavise/Knight pair up bonuses onto her.
  2. - No pre-promoted units - No Felicia/Flora/Jakob - No Guard Stance - Go for low turn counts, shoot for 10, if too easy go lower.
  3. How important are fliers? Is having terrain-ignoring units as essential to completing chapter goals as it was in previous titles? Because if not there's a good chance I'll be mass-spamming Holy Lancers, at least as an intermediate class.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to have an excellent time calculating exact levels to switch up on Fixed mode to make sure Odin has adequate Mag, Speed, Def, Str and still ends up with the right skills and class. Like I'm shooting for a tanky-ish Revenant Knight with Vantage/Sol [Lazwald A+]/Deadly Breath/Overbearing/Vengeance. Possibly Bowbreaker instead of Deadly Breath.
  5. I'm pretty sure Charlotte would make a better Zerker. Dunno about Harold.
  6. Effie is just broken. Kazahana is just ... niche, I guess. I'm probably going to be robing her, since her HP/Def is junk but at level 20 she hits 19 Str and 23 Spd. What you probably want to do is A+ Setsuna, fix her up with Prescient Victory, Bowfaire, Line of Death and Galeforce in GKW, so that she can do her Player-Phase nuke thing. Line of Death makes the durability-of-paper thing worse, so Renewal isn't even something you want to bother with, but even Rinkah doesn't have that solid a Str growth and letting the second-highest Str growth in Hoshido go to waste seems like a bad idea. In earlygame focus on PP axe-user kills, since WTA + Flowing Strike will help circumvent the durability. Towards midgame pair her up with Setsuna chip and/or Oboro+Takumi Defense Sealed enemy units [between Kagerou, Orochi, Rinkah and Azura's dances cleaning up shouldn't be too tough]. Deffers reserve scrolls for her and plan to have her end up with Bows. I'm thinking Samurai -> Bowman -> Holy Bowman -> dip in Weapon Master -> Falcon? -> GKW. Lol lance rank, but very specialized in exploding things dead on PP. With +19 from the mentioned Skills her Zanshin damage output is 41 before you add her strength. Ahem.
  7. Doesn't seem like it from what I can tell.
  8. Pretty sure Fixed Mode can be assumed to work as: - Start from 0 - On level up, add GR 'points' to each stat - If total goes >100, level up the stat - Difference over 100 carries over I'm pretty sure I'll be only playing Lunatic, tbqf. EP is way nerfed in this game, I want to be able to calculate how good my units will be ahead of time.
  9. My castle? Design appropriate roles for the units you want to pair up so they can work together? I want Sophie quickish, so I'll be shacking up FeMU and Silas from the get-go. Silas can ferry FeMU around and make use of Friendship Oath+Mysterious Appeal buffs.
  10. Just the obvious ones off the top of my head: -PavSol [again] - Vantage | Sol/Vengeance - Flamboyant | Breaking Basara/Luna/Pavgis/Sol [Due to the hit rate buff, you'd want Flam on a unit that doesn't have much of a dodge rate anyway.] - Speed and Defense Seal are both really good debuffs and occur in the same class tree. Past that it's a matter of what goes well with your unit's stats, purposes [PP offense? EP tank? Rallybot?] and weapons. Rinkah for example makes good use of Ogre Strike + Raven Strike, having access to the Great Club.
  11. So I made the mistake of looking at this thread Brb throwing up
  12. This makes me think that "low turn counts" probably aren't going to be sub-10 for any given map. Hmm.
  13. How exactly do you deal with it? Stagger advances, lots of attack stance?
  14. Thanks for that name, I'll go watch an FE14 playthrough that doesn't make me want to facepalm forever.
  15. Whoops. Is the Def cap on Berserker lower than General or Great Knight?
  16. I probably won't be using other players' My Castles and such to get items I couldn't normally get, meaning Elise is stuck healing at 1-range until Physic. Justifying using up Effie's S-Support reclass option on Berserker in order to make use of her personal skill sounds sounds a lot like optimizing around it, if you ask me. Since she can't A+ Luna, Berserker means giving up Sol access, and seeing as Effie has excellent growths in all the important physical skills, going Berserker seems rather short-sighted when you have better units to fulfill the damage-output role and limited ways to set up good tank sets.
  17. Effie. Pieri. Berka. At least one of the Mercs [Luna/Lazwald]. Tank up.
  18. Does Defence/Speed Seal activate even if you miss? If Tsubaki is the lead unit and Oboro is in attack stance support, would Oboro's Attack Stance hit result in Defence/Speed Seal debuffs?
  19. I play hard/casual for the battle saves. Will likely do Lunatic/Classic for #2. I fight for my Nohrian brethren.
  20. What the actual ... If Sophie wasn't a Cav I would quit this kids business altogether
  21. I'm just going to pretend Invisible Kingdom is our non-canon excuse to fight with all our characters and nothing will convince me it's the true ending. I like my stories like I like my tea, bittersweet.
  22. ... If we're at the point of capping stats +3 damage isn't really significant enough to be optimizing around. I'd *much* rather get Effie Merc access for PavSol, Diamond Strike, Defense Formation and probably Patient Assurance in that last slot so she can get +6 on some enemies when tanking EP. [i tried wrangling Renewal in there and it didn't work.] With 80% Str growth in Knight, she's leveling up Str 4/5 levels in Lunatic anyway. Pretty sure she'll have that Str lead on all but the most extreme physical classes, and make a pretty awesome Great Knight.
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