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  1. Hey I'm back! Been busy for a while so haven't been able to update my stuff. Spent all day sorting everything and such so here's what I have extra and what I still need for the collection. I'm located in Sweden. Haves [spoiler=Promos and some Markers] Series 1 Promos: P01-001PR Corrin♂ P01-007PR Wrys x2 Series 2 Promos: P02-001PR Ike x3 P02-003PR Bantu x5 P02-004PR Panne x4 P02-005PR Hinoka x3 P02-007PR Corrin♀ x3 P02-008PR Azura/Aqua x3 P02-011PR Hinoka Series 3 Promos: P03-001PR Itsuki Aoi x3 P03-013PR Elincia x1 P03-014PR Soren x2 Maker Cards: Leo (N Art) Takumi (N Art) Ryouma N Art Xander (N Art) ------- Elise (N Art) Camilla (N Art) Hinoka (N Art) Sakura (N Art) ------- Soren (N Art) Ike (HN Art) Mia (N Art) Nephenne (N Art) [spoiler=Series 3] SRs: B03-006SR Mist x3 B03-021SR Mia B03-051SR Corrin♀ B03-058SR Kaze x2 B03-078SR Azura/Aqua Rares: B03-025R Marcia x4 B03-032R Nephenee x4 B03-036R Jill x2 B03-043R Tibarn x4 B03-044R Naesala x4 B03-045R Reyson x4 B03-046R Leanne x2 B03-062R Kanna♂ B03-063R Shigure B03-069R Mitama x4 B03-072R Kinu x2 B03-083R Silas x3 B03-091R Eponine x3 B03-095R Velour x3 [spoiler=Series 2] R+: B02-004R+ Azura/Aqua B02-054R+ Azura/Aqua SRs: B02-012SR Sakura B02-080SR Jakob x2 Rares: B02-004R Azura/Aqua x4 B02-014R Saizou x5 B02-024R Oboro x3 B02-026R Hana x2 B02-028R Tsubaki x4 B02-045R Matoi x2 B02-047R Syara x4 B02-054R Azura/Aqua x5 B02-064R Lazward B02-066R Pieri x2 B02-070R Luna x3 B02-072R Odin x4 B02-093R Foleo x3 B02-095R Soleil x2 B02-097R Ophelia x3 [spoiler=Series 1] Rares: B01-007R Cain x2 B01-009R Abel x2 B01-028R Merric x2 B01-030R Minerva x2 B01-035R Linde B01-038R Palla B01-040R Catria x2 B01-042R Est x2 B01-057R Robin B01-068R Sumia B01-070R Lon'qu B01-078R Nowi B01-084R Cherche I also have a bunch of N/HN cards so if you need any I can send some your way. Wants: I only want to obtain some of these by trading right now, so if you have any of these and want something of equal value from me then send me a message. B03-001SR Ike B03-004SR Elincia + Cards B03-001SR+ Ike B03-021SR+ Mia B03-047SR+ Black Knight B03-078SR+ Azura/Aqua
  2. I feel... baited ;_; Cool stuff nontheless. But yeah could have used a less misleading title lol.
  3. Oh boy can't wait for all of these, and the Series 5 hype is real. Does anyone know why the Azura/Aqua + card's boarder/sign is silver and not golden? Is it be the return of R+ signed? I can't really make out if it says R+ or SR+, but looks more like SR+ to me though so maybe not the return of R+ signed. Edit: Nvm, overlooked that it was unpromoted, my bad.
  4. Updated post here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55020&page=32#entry4281990
  5. It's in the Tournament Promo Packs Vol.2 that people get by playing at various tourneys in Japan through 10/01~10/31 I believe. If it's that one your talking about^^ More info (in Japanese): http://fecipher.jp/event/official/5
  6. Considering the price, it can be cheaper or about the same price to buy the magazines the cards come with (The latest issue of Nintendo DREAM and Dengeki Nintendo) through a service like fromjapan or Tenso compared to some of the eBay listings. It is for me at least. Also you get 2 cards in each magazine, so you can sell one of them, making it kinda super cheap if you can sell them for the same price as those eBay listings.
  7. Here's an album of the slides. I think I missed a slide with text when they started talking about Aqua though.
  8. Sry for the kinda late response! I try to buy my promos on eBay but not a lot of them get up there, so for most of them I search for cards on auctions.yahoo.co.jp and then I buy them through either buyee.jp or fromjapan.co.jp. The shipping takes quite a while since the person selling the cards needs to first send it to Buyee/fromjapan and then they will send it to you, but it's good enough for me^-^ Just search for "サイファ プロモ" (Cipher Promo) or just "サイファ PR" to find promos on the website you choose to search on :p Edit: Also, I'll be making a post soonish and I will have some of the 006-011PR's, don't know which ones yet since I bought a few promo boosters. Will also have 1 spare 015PR Robin, but I'll make a post when I'm ready to sell/trade that and stuff.
  9. Sooo.. Is anyone in Japan attending the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert and doesn't want to keep that Marth promo (P01-012PR)?? Got hold of one, nevermind!
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