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  1. With some luck that banner thing will happen and we'll have an "official" translation.
  2. Just gonna ask, are you gonna use Pugi in this translation, or the more accurate Bhuj? I feel like Pugi has become this untouchable sacred cow of a name, despite the fact that we have seen the weapon name used in other games and translated into Bhuj(which is an actual weapon).
  3. I've tried to test which villager picks are the best for a Low Turn Count run, and Archers or Cavaliers are pretty much the way to go on Alm's early route, alongside at least one mage(you need a Mage with at least 8 atk to beat the Leather Shield Merc fast). They get to do combat so much earlier. I dunno if the Merc line makes up for lost turns later on, but Archer is actually a great pick for efficient play.
  4. I've hacked a copy of FE7 quite a bit, and I used the Tutorial killer ups to get those events out of the way. However, it might be some mistake I've done, or perhaps I had a bad version of the the tutorial slayer, but I'm currently stuck on chapter 7 as defeating Heinz(the win condition) doesn't end the chapter. How do I fix this?
  5. I want to either change Formshift to work like Wildheart, or replace it as a class skill by Wildheart(the version you can revert from). My hex editing skills and knowledge is very lacking, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows which values exactly I would need to change. Adding wildheart as a class skill to the other laguz would be neat as well, but my main question is the above
  6. This is just not true- Nintendo fans, and I say that as one, tend to lean towards censorship MUCH more than other groups and especially when Nintendo does it(because as annoying as the nintendrone comments from fanboys of other franchises are, there is a modicum of truth to them- some Nintendo fans are willing to bend over backwards to justify nintendo's decisions, whether they be censorhip or badly thought out online setup- Brawl got a lot of defense despite being nigh unplayable on average internet). Also, a good chunk of anime fans hate what they call "waifu garbage"(never mind if it actually is garbage) and rag on about how it should never be included in anything ever or taken out of it, so yeah, it's not really true for them either.* Anime Fans and Video gamers come from all political directions, from extreme right-wing to extremely authoritarian left-wing, and at both ends, and even for some in the middle censorship is seen as a benefit. It's not at all rare among gamers to be pro-censorship. Also, "If you consider that point, the fact that there is such a wide support for the idea of the localization changing and even removing things is a very good indicator that it's IS who should be ashamed. ...or at least extremely embarrassed." No, not really. Censorship is always used on so called "uncomfortable" things, so this is absolutely the same stuff that always show up. I've seen the same scenario dozens of times, this is hardly rare, and there is nothing special about these cries for censorship, they are old hat. *A lighter form of this hate for "waifu-pandering" is usually seen in the FE fanbase, and you yourself show signs of being sorta in that camp with how you feel it changes what the series is about, despite the fact that the games play mostly the same, still feature stock archetype characters(FE7 was blatantly like that for example), it's just that more content is in there now. Some say it's at the cost of story, but FE was NEVER particularly good in that department. It had rare flashes of brilliance, but that was it. At worst you could argue about the credibility of the franchise.
  7. I'm searching for enemy growths and stats for this game, but they aren't on the FE1 section.
  8. Ah, I see. Anyone have a tutorial of some kind. ^^;
  9. I can find cmp, and RN, just not anywhere close to eachother. :P
  10. Going through the FE7 data with a Hex Editor now, can't find it.
  11. This has been solved. Nightmare Editor 2 works, it was just a slight issue with Java screwing up. On a side note... any way to remove the weapon triangle(that's not extremely complicated)? Or will I just have to deal with it?
  12. Hi! What was that Anouleth quote about Makalov and Joshua you used to have sigged?

    Fellow Makalov fan here. ;-)

    1. HF Makalov Fanboy Kai

      HF Makalov Fanboy Kai

      I don't understand why people like Joshua and dislike Makalov's personality. Both have a gambling addiction, but Joshua avoids the consequences of being obsessed by gambling by continually cheating. Makalov actually has to deal with the consequences of his actions, on the other hand.

      that is the quote, sorry if i got to this late, i removed myself from any contact from this site until today

  13. Ziose0

    About the Legend of Cao Cao game, that's interesting I will check into it thank you!

  14. RWB

    Legend of Cao Cao is a turn-based strategy game (akin to Fire Emblem) released by Koei in 1998. As it was never released in English, we have translated the game into English (from the official Chinese release) and making the patched version available here.

  15. RWB

    Hello! I saw your Three Kingdoms romhack thread, and while it's sad you seem to have abandoned- for reasonable reasons... I might have a decent replacement!


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