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  1. To be fair some people call things adorable in a condescending way but yeah I get you now :P
  2. You just summed up my life in a single strike through lmao. Also yeah I figured a little pleasantry would be appreciated :P
  3. >Can't tell if Soul is bemused or belittling heroes. I do actually find heroes adorable though.
  4. Whatever you can make of it! I like to see things optimistically when I can :P
  5. Those are actually one of my favorite types of days tbh. I mean minus the tired part but eh I like sleep so...
  6. Huh yeah. I normally don't like using guides on a first play through unless I'm looking for something specific, like promotion item locations in fe for example but that might help. lol I never got the urge to hw. I usually did homework in homeroom or the period before it was due. I might end up playing it on ppsspp on my tablet, its a lot more convenient than the PC version tbh.
  7. We're allowed to share PATCHES, not patched ROMs. Please stop asking, I'm not sending you the ROM.
  8. Well I actually have started the PSP version but I haven't gotten far. Still in the first town and I'm on a quest where I have to get a mushroom or something and I'm just lost in a forest lol. And yeah I totally understand the meds thing.
  9. Yeah its mostly my left wrist at this point, it was doing most of the lifting and it was slush so thats unplesent. Itll be better by tomorrow. I need to play trails in the sky, it looks pretty good. Also, thats unfortunate, headaches are the worst. Did you take any medicine for it?
  10. Yeah I could imagine you would be up on your feet quite a bit there. It's good that you get to chill out through.
  11. Bored and I figured I would ask how you people are doing. I had to shovel a lot today so my arms are a little tired but I'm pretty good otherwise. How about you, reader?
  12. You can capture as many units of a class as you want, but keep in mind that your prison has a limited number of spaces (which you clear up when recruiting units, obviously) and that you cant capture "invader" type enemies (aka purple invisible enemies), only human ones. Just keep in mind that most generics kinda suck, barring a few interesting enemies. Oh, and they can promote but not class change with a heart seal. You get to pick 5 units (any unit, generic or unique) to put in your einherjar shop once you beat the game, and it carries over to other playthroughs via your unit logbook iirc. there are also a few capturable bosses, mostly from children's paralouges. The full list is somewhere on the fates section serenes iirc.
  13. inb4 microtransactions to sieze the enemy stronghold inb4 microtransactions to buy promotion items inb4 microtransactions to pray to anna for better rng INB4 ULTRA SWIMSUIT DLC GOLDEN PREMIUM PACK AND KNUCKLES In all seriousness I dont think theyll screw us over that hard and hell, they might end up doing something great depending on the direction of the project and who in IS is working on it (if IS even is working on it, not sure about that). There will probably be some sort of character pack where you can buy previous protagonists (and maybe one who wasnt in smash bros). As for graphical style, I wonder if they're going full 3d or sprite based for battles. If the latter, hopefully we'll at least get some beautiful new animation out of it.
  14. My friend was freaking out about this yesterday at lunch. Shes a marvel fangirl, and I swear she was ready to rip heads. I dont think ive ever seen someone eat that angrily before. I havent read the comic in question, but this seems to me like controversy baiting. Its kinda sickening to have just seen the 75 years Cap special, with all sorts of people with relations of some sort to the good captain (actors, comic writers, etc.) and how his virtue and need to seek his American ideals influenced them and gave them courage. Now he's a nazi. GG Marvel.
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