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  1. UPDATE TIME BOYS: The first playable patch should be available around December or January (you'll have to bear with me on dates in a college student) However ive turned this into a pretty much solo project not because I feel my work is better but I feel the kind of stuff created by teams is inherently different than that created by an individual. Thag being said, I know nothing about custom tile sets so if anyone happens to be educated on the matter please PM me.
  2. Oh boy a triple post (pardon me if this is a no no but i figured itd be okay as its my rom thread) but what i said for spriters and such above extends for any part of this hack. If you have a talent and a passion for this idea I'd be willing to pay for assistance just PM me.
  3. A lot of the ideas you mentioned are floating around already in the creative bubble and its just gonna be down to the tedium of adding it. Love the ideas though obviously
  4. Well my original idea was for FE 12 GBA as thats my favorite game in the series. On another note I am a bit surprised how many people were interested in this project. I feel gameplay/mechanic-wise I'm gonna stick closer to sacred stones simply because I am not an expert hacker myself. Also if anyone could be comisioned for sprites please PM me!
  5. Not just gameplay. And all games after blazing sword leaves out almost half of them. Fire emblems kind of an intimidating series to people who've only ever heard of it through smash brothers or soemthing like that. Maybe something like Rasen Bran's guide to shin Megami tensei on youtube
  6. So does our community really have a video guide/introduction to the series. I was thinking about making one but if one already exists could someone link it. I'll also take idea suggestions if one doesn't already exist as to what to include.
  7. That would be wonderful! PM me for details
  8. I feel like a bit of a ditz for not noticcing this topic before I made my own earlier today. But I am working on a rom hack of fire emblem 8. The idea is we're remaking awakening with a few years of hindsight so we can hopefully fix several faults that prevent people from enjoying the game. Once again my apologies about not noticing this topic sooner. I want to get a team of people who are passionate about the idea together so if youre interested in helping in any way no matter how slight PM me.
  9. Yeah good point I could make the route split where a certain someone dies near the beggining of awakening and have some totally new story and maps there as well? If that idea isnt too crazy
  10. If you're talking about the time travel stuff there's just no fixing that. However if there are other plot holes I've since forgotten do tell.
  11. I also forgot to mention that if anyone is interested in helping anyway at all message me privately. Also rewrite the script or keep awakenings?
  12. I feel supports would be as simple as applying the patch to remove support limits. I would assume it impossible to replicate the children/marriage system of Awakening so maybe I could just create children chapters that unlock as the game progresses. I'm not quite sure
  13. FE_Joshua

    Awakening GBA

    Okay, so like many others my opinions on Awakening are mixed. I don't have much of a problem with characters or even the rather basic story but more so the gameplay I've decided that I want to remake awakening as maybe a rom hack of FE7 but before i started I wanted to see if anyone was even interested in the idea or if there were some blatant problems that I am just not seeing.
  14. I think my choice is a bit obvious but for real very few myrmidons have truly good strength growths. Also who doesn't love the gambling lady killer who is basically Aladdin.
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