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  1. This is probably from a Japanese poll, but Tharja may not steamroll the gauntlet like Camilla and Lucina.
  2. Oboro/Corrin Flora/F!Corrin Takumi/Sakura Leo/Elise Sakura/Elise Camilla/Niles Sakura/Kaze Takumi/Azura Azura/Arthur Charlotte/Xander Sakura/Azura
  3. I don't really find any of the royals unmemorable because of the countless advertising for them even if Camilla, Hinoka, and Sakura have little plot relevance. Also, they all have something going for them: Ryoma: OP unit Hinoka: Helicopter scene Takumi: Something Nohrian something scum and Conquest in general Sakura: That one moment in Conquest (too lazy to put a spoiler) Xander: Birthright moments Camilla: Fanservice Leo: Cool Elise: Birthright moments Corrin: The main character Azura: The 2nd main character I guess if I had to choose someone, it would be Hinoka.
  4. Takumi/Camilla Peri/Laslow Ryoma/Xander Male Royals or her servants/F!Corrin Sakura/Saizou Ophelia/Soleil Selena/Tsubaki, Laslow, or Odin Wew I like Leokumi, but ever since the US release it's kinda been getting on my nerves on how it's everywhere on Ao3. During the days of when Fates was only out in Japan, it was my OTP.
  5. So I saw some discussions on /r/fireemblem and GameFAQs if Leo should have been the protag of Conquest and Takumi as the protag of Birthright. I think it would be interesting to see the opinions of this forum on the matter. Personally, I don't think Leo should have been the protag of Conquest for reasons that I'm too lazy to explain. However, I think it would be cool if Takumi was the protag of Birthright.
  6. Beruka and Peri: http://pastebin.com/15mtq2NQ
  7. - Camilla/Takumi: Feels good to not be the only one who dislikes this support chain. - Camilla/Kamui: I really don't care about bathing. - Silas/Elise & Silas/Camilla: I can't consider him as a bro after reading these supports tbqh - Peri/Leon: Leon is weirdly ooc. - Most 2nd gen supports
  8. Marx and Ryoma: 27 Camilla and Hinoka: 23 Corrin and Azura: 20 Leon and Takumi: 16 Sakura: 14 Elise: 13 I headcanon that each Hoshido sibling is older than their Nohr counterpart by a few or several months except for Elise and Sakura of course.
  9. Don't like him either. Like what other people said, he's boring and creepy. His support with Camilla somehow managed to be worse in the NoA version with the A rank. Did they change the Elise x Silas support chain?
  10. Oboro and Laslow. I'm starting to really like Saizou too.
  11. 1. Takumi 2. Leon 3. Sakura 4. Marx 5. Hinoka 6. Elise 7. Ryoma 8. Camilla
  12. - I despise Kamui, but... - Aqua is okay. - I just dislike Kamui's servants in general except for Flora. - I have too many mixed feelings about Elise and Camilla. I like Camilla's backstory and Elise's character, but I dislike how fanservicey they are. Their supports are also not that great. - I don't like Lazward/Pieri because Lazward deserves someone much better.
  13. My favorites are Leon, Takumi, Oboro, Mozume, Lazward, Flora, and Charlotte.
  14. I just voted for Oboro and Takumi. I'll probably vote for Leon, Mozume, Flora, Asama, or Sakura next. Even though I really like only a few of the kids, I'm not voting for them since I don't want them anywhere near the higher places. I feel like if some of them were to rank high, then it could encourage IS to have kids the next game which I (and prob a lot of others) don't want.
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