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  1. I find it annoying how limited Flying and Magic batallions tend to be compared to regular ones.
  2. because most of them are wholly underhwelming and tend to fall behind even with strides and dances. However i think ill try something out this time 1. Byleth Falcon Knight2. Hilda Falcon Knight3. Lsyithia Dark Knight 4. Dorothea Gremory5. Marianne Mortal Savant 6. Caspar Wyvern Lord7. Sylvain Wyvern Lord8. Felix Bow Knight9. Ingrid Falcon Knight10. Petra Wyvern Lord11. Leonie Bow Knight12. Annette Mage > Dancer I Usually run Doro as an offensive unit but since i need a primary healer Gremory support Doro should be better and meteor linked attacks should patch the shaky axe hitrates up a bit. Marianne will get movement booster and ill raise riding for the +1 movement as well so she can keep up, lack of canto hurts but she can help out with physic if she cant go in safely so this rounds up the team nicely (i just really wanna use levin swords on her). I chose Mortal savant over the magic knights since it has sword fair and allows me to level her in the sword classes to patch up the speed a bit. Annette as a dancer will just dance, occasional rally if it allows to ohk without eating a counter but mostly just dance.
  3. oh yeah i know its just so hard to put annette in a team without ruining everything she has no redeeming qualities other than being cute :< best thing to do would be to just dump her for bernadetta or ferdinand but eh.
  4. Planning to start my no Ng+ Silversnow run. Im going pretty cookie cutter but i really want to use Caspar and Annette since i have a soft spot for them but their 1 dimensional class choices are making me struggle a bit to not overload with Wyverns. currently i got 1. Byleth Falcon Knight 2. Hilda Falcon Knight 3. Lsyithia Dark Knight 4. Dorothea Dark Knight 5. Marianne Mage > Dancer 6. Caspar Wyvern Lord 7. Sylvain Wyvern Lord 8. Felix Bow Knight 9. Ingrid Falcon Knight 10. Petra Wyvern Lord 11. Leonie Bow Knight 12. Annette Wyvern Lord Dont really want 7 fliers as i think there arent even enough batallions to go around. i cant stand footlocked units thats why there are no gremories despite being more optimal and also why i dont put caspar in war master. That said how hard would it be to force either of the male wyverns into a bowknight? they both got a weakness in bow but they dont really need any other skill and you get started on it from day 1.
  5. I ended up using Annette because shes worse than Dorothea as a mage (fight me). But i also Feel like the Dancer class is kinda meh in this game, not because it was weakened but because everybody ends up so strong, are 9/10 times on a horse, get access to good 3-5 range and combined with Warp/Rescue you could just bring an extra Combat Unit and not really miss the Dancer.
  6. quick question abot proc stacking aether+luna >luna+ignis>luna+astra my question is where would (if at all) ingis+ astra fit in here and is astra even worth it in apo? vengeance is excluded due to being different
  7. oh well i liked wyvern just to ferry Inigio around but i guess i can just slap Deliverer on
  8. Sumia!Lucina Sniper or DF x Owain!Morgan Sage Robin Valkyrie X Ricken!Owain Sage Donnel!Kjelle Wyvernlord x Stahl!Yarne Berserker Chrom!Cynthia Sniper Or DF x Gregor!Laurent Sage (or Zerker) Virion!Severa Wyvernlord X Henry!Gerome Berserker Gaius!Noire Sniper or BK x Lon'qu!Brady Sage Vaike!Nah Wyvernlord X Libra!Inigo Hero ( could also be Fred!Inigo for Luna) How are these? alternatively i thought about giving Gregor to Nah let her support Sage Brady as a Valk then give Fred to Inigo and let him support Sniper Noire as a Paladin and lastly give Libra to Laurent for Sage or Vaike for Zerker Support also how many snipers are recommended? My Chrom is also a Sniper so thats at least 1 guaranteed Longbow, im mainly asking becasue i dont like too many low mobility Units. I guess one of them could get the boots, Noire could switch to a Bk or use move+1 depending on who she pairs up with and the last one will have to either get priority kills to move around or become a rescue target. anything else im missing or some pairings that i could improve on?
  9. for Sniper Chrom, what class should Sumia be? if she goes Sage he only hits 66 Spd do you just accept that you miss out the double hit on the Helserkers or do you run DF/Falco/Bride?
  10. Eh i wasnt sure what to do with Him and that was one of the reasons i asked, to figure stuff out. I would of prolly changed Femu to something physical and run him as a Zerker support but what you said made a lot of sense so ill go with+mag and marry Ricken!Owain. leaves me with wether i should keep Libra!Inigo or give him soemthing else (Fred or swap with Stahl and give Yarne Libra)
  11. Well i was excluding +Mag Femu ( if i were to get +Mag and marry her to Laurent what classes would i run on them ? ) and +spdFemu laurent!morgan is only +3 mag hence why i thought that but i guess +mag Femu is better for this afterall. Edit. Actually Scratch that im not giving Ricken to Laurent so i guess it would be Owain!Morgan for the +9 mag and he hits 75 with a DF support so would this be Ok? Sumia!Lucina Ricken!Owain Libra!Inigo Lon'qu!Brady Donnel!Kjelle Chrom!Cynthia Virion!Severa Henry!Gerome Stahl!Yarne Gregor!Laurent Gaius!Noire Vaike!Nah not sure about Libra!Inigo i could give him Stahl as well but idk i also have no idea how good Fred&Kellam are as dads due to the negative speed mods so i didnt even consider them so any suggestion would be appreciated..
  12. Before pairup +0spd yarne with +Spd Femu make 50 base speed Morgan so i can run double sage pair up and still hit 75Spd My thought is that Morgan will marry Lucina for DST+ the mag mod doesnt matter because youll basicly be shifting it from Morgan to Lucina Stahl!Yarne!Morgan is 4 points less magic than Laurent!Yarne!Morgan but hitting 50 Spd lets me run sage Lucina who has 4 more mag than DF morgan also gets an extra point of magic from pair up compared to DF if i use Libra!Yarne the mag diffrence is even smaller. edit: doesnt exclude physical morgan either as i can always go Hero with a wyvern/GK support and still hit 75spd
  13. So im Reworking my pairings again as i didnt like how stuff ended up. So far i got Sumia!Lucina RIcken!Owain Donnel!Kjelle Chrom!Cynthia Henry!Gerome Gregor!Laurent Gaius!Noire Vaike!Nah Yarne!Morgan i was thinking lon'qu Brady Virion!Severa ( can switch if needed) Stahl!Yarne gets hit+20 but ends up giving -mag to morgan Libra!Yarne gets hexathema and worse stats but a +mag mod to morgan Stahl!Inigo for physical while Libra gives access to Sage & doesnt hurt Str which of these would be best? or should i change some of my other pairings around too? i have no attachement to any specific pairings just trying to optimize stuff for my "perfect" file my only requirement is that Morgan gets 50 Spd as a Sage with a +Spd Femu aka no -Spd mods for Yarne ( neutral ones are ok)
  14. Ah k so its like i thought and hes more in the back than upfront and yeah i like Libra!Owain too for blonde Owain but i usually end up giving him to Inigo so he can get Sage
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