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  1. This is one of the best hacks I've played, really looking forward to the next update. The story is interesting and I like the characters, and the animations/mugs are excellent. Few cons, though, some of the maps were extremely difficult and kinda frustrating because a lot of the units (at least for me) were way too weak. Some of them really need some buffs because they were too useless throughout my playthrough. (Kael, Dewey, Lyra, Nobia, and the jelly fish, which IMO it's starting level should be higher than 7 if the enemies are all level 12ish on the map you unlock him on, it was almost impossible to level it up at that point.) But other than that, think this is a fantastic hack and if this gets finished it will be my personal favorite. Also, Bram x Gillian pls
  2. League of Legends and Fire Emblem? my two favorite things, can't wait for this to be finished :D
  3. All you really did was replaced the character mugs with FE6 characters, and changed the dialog to have their names in it. You didn't even bother to put Roy's sprite in the game, it's still Ephraim but with a Roy mug. Lol. It's just a re-skinned version of FE8 with FE6 character mugs. No offense, not trying to be an a-hole, but I wouldn't recommend anyone waste their time with this 'hack', you either rushed it or were too lazy to even really change anything.
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