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  1. hillary and dimitri barely even rhyme. your arm must be sore from reaching
  2. 6. Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? 7. How do you deal with criticism of the constructive and non-constructive kind? 8. What is the hardest lesson you've had to learn? 9. What country's history interests you the most? 10. Has Kim asked you to describe your wardrobe yet? If not I'm asking you now.
  3. 1. How come you decided to major in film studies? 2. First and current impressions of me? 3. How would you describe your sleep schedule? 4. What languages do you know and what languages would you like to learn? 5. What kind of questions do you want to be asked?
  4. First and current impressions of me? How do you come up with your questions?
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