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  1. depends on how you would like to use him. dancing and healing utility sounds like a good idea until you have to decide between one or the other per turn.
  2. kai??



  3. you're a mod now? holy shit 

    how has adulthood been treating you old friend? 

  4. kai was a cool name and i was 13 nav is just the first three letters of my name
  5. as someone who majored in biochem, can tell you this is not the usual case. life sciences field generally requires secondary schooling if you want to make higher salary/have more power. i do enjoy my current job, and it is very easy, but it does not make as much as some of my friends in other field. i think i would have majored in engineering or comp sci. its not that i am unhappy with my current discipline, i do love science. but i feel that i would have to do less school for the salary i want in those fields.
  6. yeah i think its soul he signed off as A in the other topic and his first name is alan hey bud good to see you're alive
  7. lmao what have i done yes i scanned your profile and i dont know who you are. someone banned that got a second chance?
  8. i remember you too! doF/skype days, good times yep im alive. im an adult now with a job and my own apt. glad to see you're still around
  9. soul was banned? im an old user and he is one of the few i remember.
  10. all ur threads are the same thats why they keep getting locked also wooowowowow luminothe is a username i havent heard in a while.
  11. if you play the japanese hack FE4 geneology of tordo, Julia and Julius swap places. so something like that prolly
  12. Thoughts about affirmative action repeal? Mixed feelings about this one.
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