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  1. all ur threads are the same thats why they keep getting locked also wooowowowow luminothe is a username i havent heard in a while.
  2. if you play the japanese hack FE4 geneology of tordo, Julia and Julius swap places. so something like that prolly
  3. Thoughts about affirmative action repeal? Mixed feelings about this one.
  4. warhol is a cool dude oxidation paintings was legendary
  5. just like all anime, feh is a boy in the english dub and a girl in japan
  6. When I was in High School my friends and I would occasionally start clapping when we were in a crowd and people would start clapping for no reason. Was especially funny in Cafeterias. In similar fashion, we'd also start singing happy birthday to people when it wasn't their birthday.
  7. http://www.businessinsider.com/chuck-schumer-breakup-story-2014-6 after hs he got an offer to travel the world or something, and he turned it down because he didnt want to break up with his gf. but then she went off for like a month or something that summer and she came back and broke up with him.
  8. he also tells the same stories to other state schools as well, every year its chuck schumer btw hes not over that ex
  9. triggered u snowflek?
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