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  1. Pretty sure that it's possible...? But still in the works. Alternatively there are some cutscenes subbed by Linkmstr. You can find those here.
  2. Python 2.7 is prone to be buggy. You have to be sure that it's the updated version of Python 2.7 (which should be 2.7.11)
  3. Oh you're right, they were split, my bad. It's for patching the game for CFW users.
  4. Are you talking about the JPN version of Fates? If so, there isn't an option for subbed cutscenes. The teams for both patches are basically the same, though progress is still at a halt.
  5. Xorpads are generated from the ncchinfo.bin so I'm sure it's not that. But maybe it's because you don't have region free (since CakesFW afaik doesn't have that). So if you don't have region free, get FMP or use NTR.
  6. I'm not sure about HANS (I don't keep up with homebrew related news), but the temporary patch will only work for the Hoshidan path. For the JPN SE version, you're right where you get both Hoshido and Nohr paths, but IK is considered DLC and will need you to tinker around with it before you can patch it. Assuming you're on the latest version of CFW, I'm thinking that you have a bad build of the .CIA, so rebuild it and see how that goes.
  7. I've been playing the JPN version of Conquest ever since the game was released, and I still haven't beaten it yet. Currently I'm on chapter 23 of it, playing by my own set of rules, and I regret doing this sort of playthrough (but oh well, gotta finish what you started). My rules: No DLC (a given) Cannot use children units (a given) Death of any playable/recruitable unit = Reset Have a MU with it's Boons/Banes not optimized (this rule is optional since it is completely possible to complete the game with an unit without optimizations) You CANNOT use any item/weapon/inherit skills/use Units from Streetpass/DLC/Online (interacting with other castles) You can use gold however you want You CANNOT use Boots/Bonus items (ie. skill scrolls, items that came with owning routes) You can only promote units with Master/Buddy/Parallel/Marriage Seals. You can use Stat-increasing items however you want (ie. Spirit Dust, tonics, cafeterias) Cannot use offensive staffs (ie. Enfeeble, Hexxing Rod, etc) (you can only use it if a recruit-able unit comes with one) No online My Castle interactions whatsoever (only exception is to grind out Dragon Vein points) No Streetpass interactions whatsoever Cannot use children paralogues unless it is for promoting an unpromoted unit. You must promote all the retainers of the Royal Family (ie. Odin/Niles, etc etc) You can only promote unpromoted units at level 20, while units that can only use staves/rods can be promoted at level 10 (beast units must be promoted at level 25) Azura/Aqua must have C-rank in lance. The weapon types of a canon class of a unit MUST be at least at C (if a unit does not have a canon class, then only the weapon ranks of a base class must be C) [spoiler=Explanation]This means that you MUST use weapons of the lowest weapon rank unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary until that weapon rank is at C (ie. significant hit rate difference between lowest weapon rank and highest weapon rank) [spoiler=Example]Effie has pink armor as a Knight. When you promote Effie into a General, she also has pink armor, which is unique to her. Therefore, Effie's canon class is General. A General can use Axes/Lances, whereas a Great Knight (a class where Effie can also promote to) uses Axes/Lances/Swords Because Effie's canon class is a General, only Axes/Lances must be at least rank C [spoiler=Exception for Corrin/MyUnit]Corrin only needs to have Sword/Dragonstone to at least rank C You can use your own My Castle in however way you want, however you MUST not have any statues out for the three optional My Castle battles ("Def War" in the JPN translated version) Strategies of completing maps must not rely on crits to win. If a map has loot, you must get as much as possible unless it becomes practically impossible to obtain Optimizing marriages are completely optional I think I may be missing a few other miscellaneous rules, but I got most of them. If you ever decide to attempt to do whatever I'm doing, may the stars align for you.
  8. I didn't account for those who obtained the game digitally since originally I had bought the JPN SE. This was also when there was only about 3 CFWs available for N3DS and there was no surefire way to legally patch a digital copy (HANS didn't come out yet I think), so yes my guide is absolutely useless when it comes to digital copies. I personally think that digital copies are a whole separate thing and deserve a separate guide for that, simply due to the fact that you literally do everything different for digital copies. But because the majority of the users (including myself) have a physical copy, I will not be writing a guide for that (unless there is enough demand for it, of course). Though, I will do a bit of research to get an idea of what you need to do (I'm also sure that they're making developments on that front too, so that you don't have to downgrade to emunand 4.X).
  9. You just need CFW to play patched DLC. No, HANS just flat out doesn't work with DLC. Patched or not. You can't use modified (or "patched") DLC with Gateway, it just flat out doesn't work. About their 10.3 support, they're going to make you downgrade anyways, so it makes no difference if you use Gateway to downgrade or Homebrew to downgrade.
  10. It's great that you're cautious and all, but I just said that the risks associated with going online/using streetpass are exclusive to those who use the outfit restoration patch. So, no, the name change and undub patch are more or less safe to use, since they don't directly influence gameplay. So.... No.
  11. Depending on how you want to patch the game, it will either be temporary (need to patch it every time you start the game) or permanently. Either way, you'll be "patching" the game the moment the game starts up. There's no risks with you going online (unless you cheat, you filthy cheater), but the general rule of thumb is do not interact with anyone (whether it'd be streetpass or online) unless you are 100% sure/careful with what you are doing. This is exclusive to the outfit restoration patch, since if you do pass a restored accessory to somebody, you may end up corrupting their save/game. Generally if you want to "reset the patch," you'd just have to make sure that no one is wearing that restored outfit and not use your patching method (if you're permanently patching the game, you must make sure no one is wearing the outfit and then reinstall the game without the patch).
  12. Nope, it was never on the cart in the first place. While you do get all three paths, Revelations is just a free download.
  13. Nope, most CFWs can be kept up to date. The JPN version does have Revelations, but it comes in the form of DLC since it is not on the cart.
  14. Yup, I've been saying that all along. No exceptions. I'll give you a quick rundown of what things mean: SysNAND and EmuNAND are two different entities. When you get a CFW, you are usually creating an EmuNAND along with it. An EmuNAND is an emulated version of SysNAND, with a few other tweaks. Now, because EmuNAND is an emulation of SysNAND, it also has a region (the same as your SysNAND region). You can change the region of EmuNAND to whatever you want, but it's for the more advanced user (since it's more than just changing region settings). If you tried changing the region of SysNAND, you're most likely going to brick 100%. About accessing the eShop, again, let me reiterate what I said in the posts above: To access the JPN eShop, you need either a: 1. A JPN 3DS 2. A region-changed EmuNAND
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