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  1. The free DLC gives both boots and a book for Paragon(yay double exp!). That link is for awakening. The boots are +1. On a side note,
  2. New DLC announced for Japanese version on Japanese direct. There's one about Kanna. Another seems like a scramble.
  3. Witch is female only, so Shadowgift, Witch's Brew and Toxic Brew is impossible on male units. Warp is possible due to Warp Scroll(teaches Warp to unit used on) existing. Other than that it looks about right.
  4. If you visit enough castles it resets. I don't know the exact amount but one time I went to visit 50 or so castles(via ranking) and after visiting a certain number of them I was able to visit the first again. It probably ties into the in game days.
  5. Wondering if there's cross region compatibility. Can someone try to visit my castle with an NA version of Fates? Castle address is in my signature.
  6. They're shared among all your saves.
  7. That explains it, I was looking at chapter 27 and forgot there's a chapter after that.
  8. I'll vouch for Excalibur and say I really like it over other tomes. 12 Might is not too bad, and it has great accuracy for a tome as well as 25 base crit. On top of that, it is the only wind magic in the game, which also means it's effective on flying units. I use this on a Witch Ophelia and when she attacks she is usually around 70%+ crit rate and at around 62 base attack before res reductions, and 90-100% accuracy. Of course, this makes her a glass cannon but she will easily one shot most things in the game, and she is a huge help with killing other things by having her as the support unit for attack stance, since she'll still have that 70%+ crit.
  9. Switching from a Dark Knight to a Grandmaster, Leo's evasion doesn't change but he loses 6 defense, which is quite a lot. The other drops of 1 strength, 5 luck and 2 movement are pretty negligible imo. In return, he gains 2 mag, 5 skill, 2 speed, 3 resistance, and loss of beast weakness. I'd say it's entirely preference for which is better. As a Grandmaster he'll be a more reliable attacker with slightly more crit, might and accuracy, while also having more skill for procing skills, but you might prefer the defense safety net that Dark Knight offers.
  10. You can buy as many as you want and upgrade them too.
  11. Didn't really need another fire emblem char in smash, but it's nice. It's interesting that they prioritize them as dragon, though the sword is stronger in the game. Also like the context. Screw both Nohr and Hoshido, I'm leaving!
  12. Yeah you can get the rewards from these DLC as many times as you like.
  13. Skimmed the intro for the first DLC and what I got out of it, take with a grain of salt because my Japanese isn't perfect.
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