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  1. Hello! I can add some info from the Scarlet Blaze route later today if I can get the account setup info c:
  2. So I'm on chapter 21 of blue lions and I have a question about Dedue post-skip and about similar situations in the other routes.
  3. Not sure if it was stated yet, but the latest video showcasing the BL ending also showed the NG+ stuff.
  4. If anything this just lines up the final Mila's bounty with the Cipher DLC release. I don't think this will delay anything.
  5. Easily worth the 40 bucks. Amazing characters, great art and story, perfect sound track, gameplay is fun, and you can do so much with it. In regards to dlc, money dlc is super nice. If you want to max stats for post-game, you probably want both of the temples (you only need the last one technically but you'd have to level your units enough to where max stats may be harder to get without overclass. If you have both, you can solo the first one with a mercenary that can villager loop). Cipher DLC is 4 characters and it's the cheapest DLC so that's definitely worth it imo. Grinding DLC really isn't necessary since you can just grind in dungeons. Enemies attack you in dungeons (versus them not initiating in grinding DLC) so if you're wanting to solo grind one unit, it's much easier to dungeon grind. If you're grinding your whole team, the dlc map is kinda nice for quick autobattle-esque grinding but that's it.
  6. if it's too annoying to spend 3 minutes going back two spots on the map and then going to a village on your way back up, Atlas definitely isn't for you lol.
  7. he goes back to his village once, but then you can go back, get him, and he'll stay with you. Edit: Quoted the wrong post but the same person lool.
  8. It's a random drop in the Seaside Shrine in Celica's Route I think.
  9. Do we know what the DLC classes do aside from giving you another opportunity for level ups?
  10. Hard has a difficulty spike in act 4, but it's not too difficult. If you get stuck, it's also REALLY easy to grind in this game if you want to go down that route.
  11. There are some situations where you want to promote ASAP while other situations where it's kind of... eh? As an example: Gray is a Villager you get at Lv. 5. He will also be your main (potentially only) Mercenary promotion out of the starting villagers, as it's by far his best class. The base stats for Mercenary are as follows: 24 HP, 8 Str, 8 Skl, 10 Spd, 0 Lck, 4 Def, 1 Res Gray's base stats are as follows: 24 HP, 9 Str, 4 Skl, 4 Spd, 2 Lck, 4 Def, 2 Res That means that when you decide to promote him to his inevitable Mercenary, if you do it immediately, he will gain 4 skill and 6 speed. This is a situation where you don't want to waste time trying to get level ups, as instant promotion will help Gray become WAY more useful IMMEDIATELY. If you don't gain much from promoting, you can probably stay in the class a bit. Example exceptions would be things involving spell lists (ex. If you want Faye's Dancer spell ASAP) or if you want to go into a high movement class (ex. Villager -> Cavalier)
  12. MaligKnight!Elise :D edit: You have arthur twice btw from what it seems. Maligknight and Grandmaster.
  13. Yeah this is why if multiplayer is going to be a thing, you pretty much have to do it through private match making instead of the public match making lmao.
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