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  1. I went back and watched a bunch of pre-WWII anime films. Pretty much whatever I could easily find that had subtitles. As for manga, I found a bunch of Osamu Tezuka works and have been reading them chronologically; I just reached Astro Boy. Dunno if I'll finish it all the way, but I wanted to look into anime and manga's old roots. :3
  2. I binged it just the other week and I really liked it! I'm really glad everyone is loving it, but I'm still pretty passive-aggressively annoyed that no one payed attention to it back in '16 because of freaking Gudetama........
  3. The banner that would have gotten me to actually put money into the game. Your lose, IS... https://twitter.com/0neirio/status/997100909560610816
  4. The other week, I randomly decided to binge watch Clockwork Planet which was alright.. As for now, I found my spring anime; Dragon Pilot, Megalo Box, Pretty Derby, Gegege no Kitaro (going to try and check out the manga too), and My Hero Aca's new season. Awesome that there were so many things coming out at the same time that all looked fun to watch!
  5. I puled Robin this morning and already maxed him out. He's +atk/-def It feels amazing doing 52x2 damage! //evil cackling//
  6. I only had 25 orbs and I wanted a dragon, but I ain't even mad....
  7. I mainly watch Game Grumps. Having two hosts; at least for me, is more entertaining than one.
  8. So I wasn't the only one who thought that when I glanced over it on MAL. Now I might have to watch it for the heck of it even if it ends up being 'Meh'.
  9. Impressive! I'm trying to make a monster husbando (and waifu) myself but, man! There's just not enough feathers..!!
  10. My goodness that sounds brutal, but so fascinating! Though I do not own any Chroms, now I'm growing concerned over the 5 Fredericks I own. Should I start keeping them in separate enclosures to be safe? I wouldn't want to wake up one day and find all but a single 40+4 sitting there...
  11. //leveling up Frederick in Training Tower// //random enemy Chrom unit initiates attack// //special activates// //"For my lord, Chrom!"// //beats the crap out of Chrom// ....Frederick, you alright?
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