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  1. Thank you guys! That was much easier than me attempting to learn how to social media...omg I am too old for this crap.
  2. Holy crap this thread is still alive and people are in it?! WTF SERIOUSLY AND OMG WHAT DID THEY DO TO THIS SITE. P.S. if anyone can find Enjo's profile and link it, I would appreciate it.
  3. Marthur just messaged me back, says he's fine.
  4. They made Elise viable again. *nudge nudge* Just don't chase me around in spider form like you did that one time. (at least I think she's still viable. for a while she was strong!) Mew? Edit: Bye bye FE4 Thread
  5. LOL, I sent you a PM with my league name.
  6. lol, no I'm on NA on both games :-3.
  7. Nami is a lot of fun, but you have to land your skill shots. I prefer Nami to Janna when paired with a yasuo since both Q and R have AOE knockups and don't require a huge charge unlike Janna Q. I am an extremely good Morgana and that's what I carried myself with. I tried to duo with my gold+ friends, but I hate being carried so I just yolo'd instead and picked morgana if open :D. Working on Thresh as well, but morgana is the one champ that my friends will ban against me. even tho I'm only silver ;)
  8. Possibly, but I've gotten better over the years, and I'm trying to stay on a positive track. haha, thanks. I'm on league and guild wars 2, your best bet is to find me on there. Mostly on GW2 right now cause # fashion wars pls. And waiting on pre-season 6 for league. I got Silver 5, OH YEAH! I'm not a bronze anymore. And I did it by myself, no carry #support 4 ever. But now I need to learn a secondary role cause #mean riot making me mark two positions. Time for me to learn to jungle properly.
  9. Actually yes, I don't have a good history here and try to avoid this place. So yeah, I'll let you guys know if I hear anything from Marthur though. I did tell him he might want to login and let people know as well...since you guys are worried too.
  10. So people have said. I didn't know that when I logged in, I was just worried and wanted to check in on him. This was the last reliable place I could reach him since he's not on skype right now and I forgot about the fact that I had a steam account with him on it.
  11. I left him a skype message, if I hear from him, I'll report. I checked Steam as well and alert Sirius (because he's on steam more than me), so he might see Marthur before I do. I was hoping TE would have had news, since those two were close friends.
  12. Not even sure what you said :P. Then again, I really haven't been around since...feburary I think was the last time I checked in?
  13. Hi kon, I remember you. TE disappeared too lol.
  14. ...and now I need a translator.
  15. Yay, I'm not totally losing my sense. And no, I didn't use google translate or anything like that. hmm...well I'll sit here and be worried, tho steam said he was on 5 hours ago, I do hope he's ok.
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