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  1. Hello how are you doing? There is a lot of information and help related to hacking hex but information on spriteing is so very scarce so please try to answer at least one question so it may benefit others. I am primarily specializing in the editing of battle animations to reinsert into the game ad have some questions to ask. 1. What kinds of Colors and does the GBA emulator specialize in? Are they RGB colors? 2. Do the colors in my pallete box have to be in a certain order? 3. Based on you experience what editting tool do you feel is most suitable for editing Battle sprites? 4. What other tools have you found to be useful in the preparation of battle sprites?
  2. All these Numbers are confusing and I cannot get the color I want is there some guide that tells me what number combination gives what color?
  3. Are there any other suggestions on battle animation editing?
  4. I try to do it in piant but the paint tools make the markings too big
  5. I need a program that can edit things in pixels and ms paint cannot do that
  6. Is there no other program advanced that would help to streamline the overall finesse of my animation?
  7. Hello good day what program will allow me to make minor changes to the battle sprites in FE. For example I would like to change how long lyns hair is and put a bow in it, thank you for your time. Also please list/link any related tools that might help in the future
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