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  1. Im in the middle of the battle. Im trying to get to the world map or the preperations menu. I have no available saves.
  2. Well thats what I'm trying to do. Exit the level. I could just suicide run with chrom or MU but if you lose doesn't it just make you load a save? None of my saves will take me to before I started the mission. EDIT: Hey look, two post wonder.
  3. I really hate to be that one post wonder, but I reeaally need help. The game scr...erm, I don't know this forums rating... The game "has done me wrong" and I'm not asking for a refund, I love the game, this is my second playthrough, but let me explain what has happened... As I said I am but very new to the series but I love it. Awakening is my first game of the series and I saw and plan on buying the next one, and as this is my first of the series, I just wanted to take it easy as I was not familiar with how it plays. I set my first playthough on casual normal (Normal is the lowest difficulty...) to save myself the heart break and beat it. Then after a good break I start my second run on casual hard. Now we are a little caught up. I spent the last couple of sessions trying to grind Cordelia and her husband to have the ideal skill sets as I was trying to go for pre-built children this run and I was so happy when I started missionary fortress to find a black haired Lethality and Galeforce Severa on the battlefield . I don't remember what it was I did after that but after getting into the fight I reloaded into the preparations menu and started again. I get about turn 7 into the fight and I quick save. I'm doing pretty decent. Gaius got bursted down but I'm sure its fine... Severa reaches Holland and by that time im surrounding the enemy boss. I collect Severa and murder Nelson while she is on the other side of the map. I challenge some risen on peaceful village and when Severa killed one of the risen I noticed she didn't get her turn back...I look at her skills and all of a sudden she has vantage and speed +2 as her inherited skills. The game cheated me and I'm pretty upset now. I would do that entire level again just to get the Lethality and Galeforce Severa. I try to find a save that is just before the MF prologue. Here is what my save bank looks like... Save 1 : Useless chapter 1 save of attempted alt Save 2 : Chapter 30 of 1st playthrough Save 3 : Challenge Peaceful Village... uh oh Quick Save 1 : Killing blow on Grima from 1st playthrough Quick Save 2 : Paralogue 10 Ambivalence (AKA Mercenary Fortress) Turn 7 I load the 2nd quick save and look at Severa to have all happiness just ripped out of my soul (I have a soul?!) Vantage and Speed +2 Severa. I know I had the GF Leth Severa. I saw it! I know because I had to readjust my push to account for a severa last hit power push into enemies. Is there like anything I can do? If i can just exit to the world map I can maybe fix this...does anybody have some insight? ;-;
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