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  1. That explains it, I didn't pay attention to crests.
  2. I have Raphael as a War Monk equipped with Thyrsus and white magic range +1 After he attacks with Nosferatu his HP will actually be decreased During the battle screen it shows it as an increase, but afterwards his HP decreases.
  3. Here are the rest of the skills in decimal You just add them together, so to get Adept+Vantage+Spearbane, enter 11 https://wiki.serenesforest.net/index.php/Berwick_Saga_Skills s0+34 skills 1 Locktouch 2 Canto 4 Overwatch 8 Watchful 16 TripleShot 32 Counter 64 Shieldfare +18 shield 128 Mercy s0+35 skills 1 Adept 2 Vantage 4 Vengeful 8 Spearbane 16 Provoke 32 Safe Zone 64 Guard 128 Astra s0+36 skills 1 Arrowbane 2 Commander 4 Paragon 8 Fortune 16 Obfuscate 32 Steal 64 Silence 128 None? s0+37 skills 1 Battlecry 2 Blessing 4 Sunder 8 Charisma 16 Acrobat 32 Evasion 64 None? 128 None? s0+38 skills 1 Axe Guard 2 Deadeye 4 Huntsman 8 Aim 16 Swimmer 32 Resistor 64 Search 128 One-Two s0+39 skills 1 Deathmatch 2 Swap Horse 4 Throw 8 Parry 16 Prepared 32 Robust 64 ?? 128 Focus Chant s0+3A skills 1 Siblings - + 100 Crit to Reese when adjacent 2 Horse Lover - Restore 20 HP to horse after chapter 4 Robbery - 1/4 chance to steal from defeated enemies 8 Despoil - Acquire gold off defeated enemies 16 Knock Away: May unequip enemy shield upon hit 32 Iaido - +33 Hit, +3 Crit countering with sword 64 Pulverize: Double power of attack at the cost of defend (Axe or 128 Mug II May steal an item on hit s0+3B Skills 1: Miracle - May avoid a lethal blow 2: Armsthrift - Slow down weapon degradation 4: Hide - Become invisible in various terrain 8: Hurry - +1 Mov , but can only Wait if used 16: Lance - Can Equip Lance 32: Blade - Can Equip Blade 64: ??? - Not shown 128: ??? - Not shown s0+3C Skills 1 Cavalry 2 Celerity Mov+1 4 Swordbane 8 Axebane 16 Limited 32 Convert 64 Expert 128 Magicbane s0+3D Skills 1 Mug 2 Versatile 4 none?? 8 Pitchfork Can use pitchforks 16 PURSUIT 32 Doubleshot 64 Leader 128 Return (teleport off map) s0+3E Skills 1 Camouflage 2 Scotopic +1 fog of war vision 4 Supporter 8 Climber 16 Windsweep -attack without counter 32 Desperation 64 Flourish 128 none?? s0+3F Skills 1 ??? 2 Imbue (can recover hp) 4 Critical adds to crit to level 8 Protector 16 none?? 32 Maim - double cripple rate 64 none??? 128 none?? s0+40 Skills none???
  4. There is actually a special glass fork that you can get with cheats, it automatically captures any unit it hits.
  5. It would be good to get a universal cheat engine table for the game. Table values will work for a specific playthrough, but maybe a universal table can be made with pointers or Aob.
  6. How do you get them to permanently learn the spell? Like having Faye permanently learn Rewarp? Or is it always going to get overwritten by default character & class values?
  7. Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0 00040000000A0500 [Have all skills learned by the first 2 characters v1.0] 604D1100 00000000 B04D1100 00000000 C0000000 00000001 2000001F 000000FE 00000020 FFFFFFFF 00000024 FFFFFFFF 00000028 7FFFFFFF 6000000C 00000000 B000000C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 This allows the first 2 characters in the selection order to have all skills, to give it to another just deselect the 2nd character in the battle prep screen so that the next character goes into the second slot, and they will learn the skills too. The value is set to 01 here because setting it higher in the early game may cause a freeze, but as I said the workaround is to just put the character you want to learn all skills in character slot 2 on the battle prep screen. Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0 00040000000A0500 [Able to All Class Changes at Master Seal & Second Seal v1.0] 002D53A8 EAFFFFFD 001DD4F4 E3A01000 001DD4F8 EA000010 001DD53C E3A01028 002D044C E1A0400A 002D0450 E2845028 002D0454 E59F0008 002D0458 E5900000 002D045C E0800384 002D0460 EA000000 002D0464 004D0AF8 002D04D4 E1540005 *Master Seal:First half 40 types *Second Seal:Second half 40 types Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0 00040000000A0500 [Infinite Use Items v1.0] 002DFBBC E5D0101F 002DFBC0 E3510000 002DFBD4 E5C41002 002EBE2C E1A00000 00208618 E3A01000 codes made by: ymyn https://gbatemp.net/threads/gateway-cheats.402900/page-228
  8. I hope they still make some 2Dish Fire emblems
  9. I don't like the whole Fate concept that seems to be in every game, where things have to happen because they've already been fated, like the final battle between the main boss and the main character dueling with swords. It's so played out at this point. I also don't like where some female/goddess character has to die in a scripted fashion where you can't do anything about it. It makes everything feel so linear.
  10. Is there a way with a hex editor or cheat codes? I can't load the online save editor in my browser, is it working for anyone else? Edit: I think I figured it out! Edit 2: Nope, the following creates a problem when you start a new chapter many of the enemies will have no weapons available when I did a Hard to Lunatic+, however new enemies generated with a Reeking Box seem fine. So don't try this yet 1. Take your save file i.e chapter1 2. Decompress it with FEST by dragging the save file onto the FEST exe: https://github.com/RainThunder/FEST 3. Open the decompressed save with HxD 4 Near the start of the save you will see two bytes 78 02 followed by either 00, 01, 02 or 03 5. Let's say your save is on hard mode currently, it should show the three bytes as 78 02 01 (Where the 01 is the difficulty) However there is another byte that you must also change, a little further down in the hex code you will see these 3 bytes repeated 78 02 01 (You need to change the value of this second 01 also) In fact this second 01 byte is the one that actually changes the difficulty setting, the first one seems to be just a display value, but both should be changed. So if you want to go from hard to lunatic, find both instances of the byte sequence 78 02 01 and change both the 01s to 02 The second 01 byte that needs to be changed will be a little father down in the code, but you will see it in the pattern of these 3 bytes again. Usually the first 01 byte is at offset D and is preceded by the 78 02, but sometimes it will be preceded by 78 01 on very early saves, so the sequence will appear as (78 01 01) instead. You should get the idea of what you're looking for. 6. Finally save the file after changing those two bytes to the desired difficulty, then re-compress it by dragging it onto the FEST exe, then put the new save into the game's save folder, load the game and go to the world map and save to the file again, then reboot the game and load it, it should work and show the new difficulty. I tested it and the enemies are way more powerful, so it works, but you may need to summon new ones with Reeking Box or start a new chapter for the new ones to appear. 00 = Normal 01 = Hard 02 = Lunatic 03 = Lunatic+
  11. I'd like some sort of Village and Town management system like Actraiser for SNES, or the city menu in Berwick Saga. A world map where you can go back and visit past villages and towns, and help the people to upgrade buildings etc, and little quests for villagers. Each village could have its own unique thing, like one could hold an archery tournament where you get a great bow for winning it. (Like the Silver Bow of Duadon in Lone Wolf) Some system where you could spend hours tinkering around with the minutiae of each town or village, helping them prepare for bandit attacks etc.
  12. That happened to me when I played it years ago, I wonder if it's an emulator or rom issue. Edit: mine was on the final map, whatever that was.
  13. I am enjoying it: Small bug if you give an Archer a ballista it will crash the game because there is no combat animation for a regular archer holding a ballista, it will cause a crash if you try to heal or dance that unit too. You can just set the combat animation off for that particular character, or just change their class to ballista with codes: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/921183-fire-emblem-the-sacred-stones/faqs/36978 Those class bytes work, however if you just change the 2byte class value they will still have their old weapon prof etc, best wait till they can promote, then do the class hack, and then change to advanced class, this will then fix an issues around weapon abilities.
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