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  1. Sumia X Stahl : they would have been such a cute family and I feel robbed Maribelle X Lissa: Because yes Ryoma X Scarlet: At the very least some supports! Jakob X Flora: I think they would have interesting chemistry M!Byleth X Claude: Claude literally OOZES Bisexual energy. we were robbed (Cough cough I'm starting to ship Marianne and Hilda help)
  3. Not quite yet for me I'm afraid. Waiting for my Special Edition to come in the mail. Although this is a tad late; Welcome to the Forest Miss Strober! We hope you enjoy the flora~ Can't wait until I get to hear you sing!
  4. I'm terrified. I pre-ordered Online at GameStop, but the site never seems to update so I have no idea if it has truely shipped out or not. I'm probably gonna call them and see the true status of the order when I wake up. Having an anxiety disorder does not help this a single bit I'm going to do something I haven't done in a very long time: Pray.
  5. I can't wait to hear your voice as Azura when I get the game tomorrow! Stay awesome Rena! -Melo


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  7. I will join you in this fight since I ship Stahl and Sumia HARD. (Would have been such a cute family) Anyways, Headcanon and stuff time Awakening Headcanons -The Avatar is ambidexterous, but primarily left handed. -Gaius and Anna have a sort of 'Friends with benifits' relationship that they keep under wraps due to their respected classes. -Gaius has many other nicknames for those in the army, but has been told not to use them due to some being quite inappropriate. -Nowi is the shortest in the army; even shorter than Ricken. Frederick is the Tallest, with Tiki being a very close second. -If pairing Olivia with Chrom, Lucina was concieved on the battlefield. (Making the wedding very soon after) -Donnel and Kellam consider each other family and hang out all of the time. -Virion seems to make the most sence as Inigo's father and also makes me laugh. -Chrom is Red/Green Colorblind, which is why he couldn't tell the Avatars clothes are Plegian, but could tell that Henry's were. (The colors stand out more on Henry's and are very pronounced while the Avatars would blend and be hard to see.) -Lucina also has a mild form of colorblindness. -Severa has a daddy kink. (I normally hate this kink; but for some reason I don't mind it at all with Severa.) -If Sumia and Stahl could get together, Cynthia's Pegasus would be the foal of her parent's mounts. -The reason Severa doesn't want to become a Pegasus Knight like her mother is not just out of Spite. She is also extreamly afraid of Heights. (Though she won't admit it.) -Sumia is a decendant of Florina. Awakening things I do/feel -If I am playing as MaMU I will always marry either Nowi or Panne because I like giving their children a sibling; especially in the case of Panne. -I think Inigo is actually a very loving Husband and is one of only two Second gen characters I feel truely comfortable making my spouce. (The other is Yarne.) -I feel that Sumia should have been able to marry Stahl. I think Stahl would be an amazing father for Cynthia. -If it weren't for how sad some of the 'alone' endings are, I would be pairing units that can't S-Rank or Support together far more often. -I always wait until level 20/30 before promoting or changing a characters class. -I will Always reclass Olivia as an assassin at least once because holy shit she's a moe murder machine. -While I see Virion as Inigo's Canon father, I prefer Lon'Qu as his dad. Fates Headcanons -The Avatar is Albino and near blind. They have exceptional hearing and use sound and vibrations in the ground to find their way. -This is also the reason they 'pet' their units faces; so they can see those close to them better. -Flannel and Nishiki enjoy petplay, but Flannel enjoys it more. -Pieri seems like she would be into some really dark stuff, but is actually the sweetest, most vanilla person when it comes to love. -Camilla is a Red wine type of gal and has a pretty high alchohol tolerence. In contrast, Hinoka is a lightweight and only likes very sweet wines. (Plum Sake is her favorite.) That's all I can think of for now. Might add more later.
  8. My condolences go out to you for your feline friend. Pancakes sound great. Especially chocolate chip ones. I should go make some. Sprites are looking great thus far!
  9. I agree, the new ones look very nice proportionately. As well as very clean. I am very impressed by your speed and quality.
  10. I'm too sleepy to take pictures so I'll just list them for now. Now updated! 3 copies of Fire Emblem Awakening (2 physical, one digital) A copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Complete) A Copy of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Factory sealed) 2 Shirts from the Yetee: one for Join Nohr and one for Join Hoshido Both of the Fire Emblem games available from the E-shop on my Wii U A physical Copy of Shadow Dragon (Game only) The Fire Emblem 3ds as well as the Fates N3DSXL on Pre-order Preordered the Special edition of Fates, as well as individual Nohr and Hoshido versions (I'm crazy haha) The Artbook for Fire Emblem Awakening (Japan printed. Want US printed too) All of the currently available Fire Emblem Amiibo (With Roy on Pre-order) I am insane enough to pretty much want everything I can get.
  11. Both. I know there will be one file of mine I will play strictly with the Japanese language. Let's just hope the glitch with audio settings doesn't happen with this game too. (Still annoyed that never got fixed in Awakening)
  12. Amazing! simply amazing! Can't wait to see enemies and npcs~ Hell, I can't wait for what thiese are applied to.
  13. -comes out of lurking- This project is simply amazing. I am simply in awe. Can't wait to see everyone when they are finished!
  14. Not at all! do whatever you enjoy~ If you enjoy this, then why not? It's not hurting anyone. Have fun!
  15. Considering all of the ones I am getting are being imported from Japan, I don't believe it's a scalper. Even if it is, they were the cheapest price for all four I could find, so whatever.
  16. Hello everyone~ This thread is basically just going to be a dumping ground for things I have been drawing (Mostly Fire Emblem related, but who knows) I hope that you enjoy. I mostly do traditional stuff, but I hope to get back into digital media some time in the future. This one is rather large, So I'm putting it in a spoiler. [spoiler=The family that cannot be]
  17. Thank you, I try. I know exactly where you're coming from! I wanted to pair Basilio and Flavia too! I also wanted to pair Gaius and Anna because Theif + Merchant seemed like an interesting duo to me. That and their ginger powers would destroy souls. There are also people I'm really mad don't have supports that really should. Like Chrom and Lissa with Emmeryn. And Sumia and Stahl but that's because I love these two so much gods dammit.
  18. Ouch. Yeah. L+R+Start/Select soft resets games on 3DS systems. Use it for pokemon all the time while shiny hunting. It sucks that you had to experience that.
  19. Holy wow you weren't kidding about being an amazing Unit! I guess you could say they are the Ace up our sleave~ Considering they are Ace, this name made me chuckle a bit. Unintentional puns are the best. Some bits of their personality overlap too. I like it. Time to draw Ace and Gabriele together because why not. I should really kick my butt into gear and finish my drawing of the family that can never be too. Sumia why can you not marry Stahl and make me happy? -dies-
  20. I have no regrets. None. They should be here around mid-late August. Thank you eBay seller who was selling all four together for less than $95. You are a hero. A huge thank you to whomever it was that made sure amiibo were not region locked. I can't wait. I can have my birthday twin and the boys~ This is gonna be great. Have any of you found decent deals of your own? Or maybe have taken the plunge into amiibo hell? I'm curious. Also for a bit of fun, do any of your amiibo have special names? I'm gonna call my Lucina "Lucy Goosey"
  21. OH MAN DO IT! I would love to read them. (Especially since you went pretty detailed on your Kamui.)
  22. Everyone has such interesting Kamui! Makes me want to show of my Other kingdom Kamui... (Am I the only one who likes most of the Male customization?) Name: Teiboku (Means "Shrub") Mode: Hard/Classic or Casual Bio: A man who takes things in stride and goes with the flow. Has the largest collection of miniature Bonsai trees. Allied Kingdom: Hoshido Asset: HP Flaw: Res. Likely spouce: Unknown. Name: Sylphida Mode: Hard/Classic Bio: A woman of few words, and what words she does speak are blunt and to the point. Often comes off as cold or distant. Collects rapiers. Has won the most staring contests. Has the softest hair of the army. Allied Kingdom: Invisible Kingdom Asset: Skill Flaw: Luck Likely spouce: Lazward. for reasons. I do have an incestuous kamui as well, but I don't feel like posting him. >:3c
  23. Oh cool! I got a pretty unique (in terms of this thread) class. Wonder what my pegasus is named? probably something to match the riders Biblical name. Maybe "Faith"? hmmm "You eat the most spicy food in the army" sounds about right. I like them. : ] Plus Res on a Pegusus user is always nice... though that HP... Might have to draw this sweetie sometime. Since you said it was okay for multiples... one from my irl s/o since they aren't here. They got: 52, 75, 11, 15, 51, 37, 95, 74 and the genned number was 46. Curious to see what they get. Keep being awesome!
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