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  1. Nice, seems like a good way to organize this, and I like the name change, especially since at one point I had the english and translated jp version installed and got them confused
  2. Just logging in to say thanks for continuing working on it, I decided I'd wait until it was done to play conquest and the third path, so I'm sure there are other people who are still excited for future releases.
  3. Thanks! Whats it have vs the previous version, bugfixes and some supports?
  4. Yeah I don't get what the point of releasing a few supports and not all of what you have is, if you're going to make the effort to do a release anyway why not just throw in all you have?
  5. Yeah Im really curious about the supports, any progress update on them?
  6. Isn't NA going to be missing the amie subtitles? Also I'm not sure how they'll manage the Avatar voices, but it might be a pain. Something worth keeping in mind.
  7. ETA for next patch with the supports done is probably within the few weeks range, yeah?
  8. The article was actually mostly neutral until towards the end I thought. But those comments, ugh, hard to resist replying despite knowing it'd be a waste of time. I used to post there regularly and know exactly how ill informed most commenters on Kotaku are. Well whatever they say there's a lot more people who do appreciate your efforts than don't! I legitimately probably wouldn't feel up to playing it at all without the patch despite being a fan of the series, but with it I enjoyed the game quite a lot. The fact it was done despite it being planned to release overseas is really cool, I'd never heard of something like that. Hell games getting retranslations in general after an official release is rare, only example that pops into my head is Ar Tonelico 2. So thanks!
  9. Which'll most likely come first, the patch for this to put the fantranslation over it, or the cleaned up supports for the JP version?
  10. Surprised not more sturdies/robusts for boon, I found my kamui becoming a bit of a glass cannon later in the game (conquest) and regretted not grabbing one or the other since I hate never being able to put them in a position where they'll end up fighting two units in a turn. Though I could've just been unlucky with growths and I was in a 5 def growth class. Does +strength/mag and a +15 class allow you to one shot enemies somewhat often? That'd make it worthwhile to me.
  11. I'd like to know about this too, does it overwrite everything or does it just replace whats already translated?
  12. I think using the NA supports with polishingis a good choice, it's hard holding off playing for so long! I wouldn't even mind a preliminary patch that added the missing supports from the NA version without cleaning them up first. Anyway after that if just the DLCs got translated and the ending epilogues I think I'd be totally satisfied.
  13. I'm kinda curious about this too. I guess they won't know how long the patches will take and whats possible before the games released and they've had a crack at them?
  14. Has anyone tried backing up the save, deleting the game, and then reinstalling and applying the save to see if supports would be saved in the museum yet? It'd be cool to go back in future patches and see the ones I missed. Also did anyone end up translating the games cutscenes on yt? Couldn't find it with a quick search.
  15. Thanks! I know the cutscenes are a no go atm (I'll probably just look them up on yt when the english release comes) But are the character epilogues translatable?
  16. Any vague ideas on what the next patch will contain and when it'll release(eg before the US release of the game maybe?) Debating whether I want to wait to wait another patch before I play another route.
  17. Nope, thats just Nintendo, the one that is the problem is Nintendo of America (and NoE to a lesser extent) Out of curiosity has the translation itself improved since the initial release? Like have different people gone over lines and edited/reTLed as necessary? Not that I have any complaints or anything, I'm just curious.
  18. So whats the plan for the next patch, wait till all the supports are done, wait till all the text is done, something else, or don't really know yet? And think the next one will be within the "few weeks" timespan, or longer?
  19. So is Aqua the only one whose support apparently changes based or are they all different, or...? Thought that was weird when I read about her hoshido support being translated
  20. Interesting workaround, any reason you wouldn't be able to do this with just a cia version? Back up before upgrade and then restore save data?
  21. No way to get em back aside from restarting or loading an earlier save?
  22. Ah so you need NTR with JP plugin, rxtools alone isn't enough? edit: answered my own question you do. edit 2: got it to work with all three paths ^_^. Also just a warning don't try and reset in game if you're using NTR cfw, makes it lock up.
  23. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Ya4TeIXMG8A/VocIAtIO6HI/AAAAAAAACeU/FpePQ9XKWJg/s0/39ou.jpg On topic thanks so much for all the hard work guys! Will be fun to play!
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