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  1. From the looks of it, it tends to be what they're proficient in. Even then, I read that it gets harder to recruit more students so we can assume it changes depending on the order your recruit them.
  2. People are asking those question they're either going unanswered or getting a "idk", which makes sense according to his other claims. While one's like "how hard is it" and "what does 'subpar' mean, are pretty subjective, especially since they're getting their info from in sources. What's so wrong about being concerned about the story? It seems interesting, and people like stories and characters. Half of what makes Fire Emblem appealing is the characters. Especially after the trainwreck Fates was, people are even more concerned.
  3. Lord deaths are probably game overs, so you can't rewind, similar to SOV. Got me wondering now though if it's like Fates where, say if Camilla dies, she just can't be used ever again but appears in cutscenes still. This does happen in casual mode lol. Actually, it's arguably worse cause they're just injured.
  4. I also had a feeling the woman was "evil" in some way. Hopefully they go for a morally gray story (which contemporary culture favors more than classic "good" vs "bad" ones). If this is true, I love the fact her design is very "good guy", but actually isn't necessarily. This theory also helps clear up why the teacher character is named Byleth. Upon reading it's based on a king of hell, I reserved opinions of him being the bad guy similar to Robin/Grima, as many people have been led to believe. Another reason is I don't think IS would make such a theoretical plot twist so obvious from the first trailer. Nice write up!
  5. After talking with my friends this is what we noticed.
  6. Adrastea, at least from the trailer, seems to be the main, for lack of a better term, "good guy" house. However, of course, the player could just happen to be there. Also based on the blue flag, Griffons might be a thing again.
  7. I know this is mostly a "for fun post", but I'm just going to say: While I don't agree with them splitting the games up, they did let you buy the other route at half price. So, it's not that bad.
  8. Some bits and pieces of this song make sense, but as a whole eh kinda still.
  9. I never knew I wanted this. Granted, I/we expected so much from Fates' story in general.
  10. I think it's to accentuate "femininity". In some cases, it's just the angle they're at. This is the case for Catria, she's actually not on her toes the way I see it. Faye is a maybe, and is more of a "ready to go" pose. For Clair it invokes "elegance" which is fitting considering she's a noble. Mae is stretching, so that also conveys "ready to go". Est is on her heels, so it shows she's got that "youthful energy". Same could be said for Delthea, albeit conveyed with a different pose.
  11. I thought of an accordion folder. So like, it's a collection of the art and what not. And of course like the other person said, English sounds "cool: to the Japanese, similar to how Japanese words sound "cool" to us.
  12. Not really. It was a way for players to customize more, which is what the latest games (I was going to exclude Echoes but it has Villager Fork) have been leaning towards. However, I will agree it's confusing with the whole overlapping and it's a bit tedious in general.
  13. I don't think it sounds "bad", per say. It does sound a little awkward (and is), especially when I first heard about it. However, it's not like it doesn't make sense. From a translation perspective, yeah it's pretty bad. Anyway I personally had a mixed view on "Echoes". I am fully aware that Japan tends to just throw in "cool" English words. However I, evidently so, was mislead the title was "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia" because of said popular belief. Even then I took it with a grain of salt, as opposed to some people who are really convinced it's the sub series name. I think that's how most people saw it, as a possibility not really a sure fire thing. However, you probably know that and are just frustrated at the misconception.
  14. Camilla!Nina is also pretty good, and has a nice hair color. Also get those royal growths, albeit a bit skewed.
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