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  1. But you can't make Byleth explodes in the loading screen, so this game is still inferior to Disgaea
  2. She needs one chapter to be good. 26x. And it's a pretty good chapter since you can feed her almost every ennemies of the chapter (the main issues are those early wyverns that one shot her. use a meat shiled, place her behind. Heal when needed Is it fun to turtle through( one of) the worst stage of the game? No. Is it worth it? It depends. In Normal mode, if you're lucky enough and really feed her every ennemy on the stage you may be able to promote her and defeat her mother, which is pretty cool (It was a long time ago, but I remember doing it. I obviously gave her the Alfa Drop)
  3. There's actually Golisopod that is helped by Weezing's ability. And it can negates opposing abilities, which may help depending of the situation (since all the weather setter are there, keeping the opponent to take advantage of it may prove useful.) Also, Slaking is pretty fast as well. and while it wouldn't have been as broken without dexit and Mega still being there (which is good for us, but terrible for VGC) ; if their goal is too reduce Power Creep as stated (and seeing G-Max, I'd agree this is somewhat doubtful), then it is a pretty logical conclusion.
  4. You do realize Slaking isnt there because of Galarian Weezing, right ? I mean, I agree 400 is far too small, but Slaking would never have been there.
  5. So, I did the percentages of Pokémon from every previous generations available (since it's pretty obvious that there should be more Kanto Pokémon than Kalos ones, this is more telling.) Number of Pokémon in parenthesis, in case you want to verify. Pokémon that has Galarian forms are still counted. Since Mythical Pokémon are not sure at the moment, I only counted the ones we know about (Mew, Meltan, Melmetal. Melmetal is considered 8G. Meltan and Melmetal are speculative). Still, that should give us a good estimation of who got the biggest cut. If there are any error, please tell me. I guess the good point is that this time you can't accuse them of Genwunner pandering, since the newer generations are the one with more representation. From previous information, we knew Gen 5 had a pretty huge representation, but that's still really surprising. No generation have above 50% representation I can't stop but guess that the fact James Turner is the art director plays a role here. Gen 2 is also really low on representation, which contradicts the most popular prediction as well. And Gen 1's low representation alos goes against prediction In general, this selection is incredibly strange. It's the first time Zubat isn't in a Pokémon game (making Magikarp and Goldeen the only gen 1 Pokémon to have been in every single main serie Pokémon games.) Whimsicott is present, but Lilligant isn't, when they have been counterparts until now. Now, maybe it fits the region perfectly, but it is really unexpectde in more than one way.
  6. Well, I play since GBA games as well, and I'm still as awful as ever. Except now, I'm fine with it IMO It's more satisfying to win with your own units, using your own strategy, even if it isn't perfect, even if it makes the game harder. Victory by your own merits. If my broken, inefficinent playstyle allow me to makes it to the end, then I know it was worth playing.
  7. *beavers cheers* I love that game so much.
  8. Doing this to "cut cost" makes no sense, since they are going to fully translate this game in French (and potentially other European language). (and couldn't they use the original version, but changing the text to age the characters? Like in FE Blazing Sword) Even for a quick cash grab, I don't think it would make a major difference in sales all things considered. (Unless it would makes it Pegi16 or something without the changes.)
  9. Est archetype or Trainee units are often considered bad, because tehy are highly inefficient. But I'll use them every single type. Not only because I love shiny green numbers, but because it's far more satisfying to raise a unit from zero to hero, than use a unit that is already strong from the start and won't change much.
  10. I got Marianne, which is fine. I mean, some of her sentences are far too real, after all. "You’re incredibly passive and subdued, which makes it easy for people to take advantage of you. For whatever reason, you find it extremely hard to say ‘no’, and often find yourself roped into difficult situations. You tend to find someone you click with, and stick to them for long periods of time. You probably find it difficult to start a conversation, and resort to looking at your phone — however, when you start talking, you find it quite enjoyable. You are fond of animals and dream of having plenty of pets."
  11. So, it has been notified before, but if you haven't already, you should develop Mercedes X Sylvain. This support was so good that I finally decided marrying Sylvain or Mercedes. WHat I like is how different Sylvain and Lorentz ended up being despite being both womanizers. They are basically total opposite, Lorentz searching a girl because he embraces the Noble iideology perfectly, Sylvain rejecting it completely.
  12. Well, the Lords' Battalions are OP (Large Zone of action, immense stat boosts), but that's pretty much expected And I don't think I need to explain why Stride is good, so that makes Seiros Monks great even if their boosts are nothing to write home about
  13. Wyvern Lord is overpowered in general. He has easy access to both of the best classes in the game, so if you use him, he won't be truly bad. His Speed and Dex will always be pretty good as well.
  14. I don't really care about Byleth Supports (they're generally inferior to other character supports), and clearly not enough to do both M and F Byleth. But I do plan to eventually get all the other possible supports eventually.
  15. The fact the Noble/Commoner are the only one with reduced Spell usage is also a bit of a let down. That would actually be my favorite way of doing it. Let anyone uses magic, but reduces Reason/Faith Usage if that's not their focus right now.At least for Advanced/Master classes. So Dark Knight could have normal Reason usage, but half Faith usage
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