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  1. Dorothy doesn't change much, but I prefer her old outfit. ANd I'm not quite sure how I feel about Long Hair Leonie (she doesn't really looks much older) But most of them become strikingly handsome/pretty.
  2. That's not really respectfull towards Mercie... Since they can support the other teachers, it mean th ymust be at least 21 in order to legally drink with them
  3. We're talking about the guy who wants to be emperor instead of the emperor. He's far from being a good guy.
  4. We already now Professor Level is (one of?) the way to unlock it. That plus being the right level ofc. So there are definitely softlocks, but we don't know about possible hard locks. Dancers may be hardlocked (not counting NG+), since they needs a specific item, and the Lords (+Byleth) Promotion are probably timeskip only. PLus maybe whatever other classes we don't know about yet.
  5. Due to the Genealogy influence, having Crests helds only by ennemies wouldn't be surprising. As for Anna, she may still ends up being a DLC character.
  6. The weirder thing is that if they really wanted a feminine guy option, wouldn't Ignatz have been a better option ? Which would make three potential gay/bi options for Golden Deer that are totally straight. I really don't get it. And obviously, they're likely gay only for Byleth. So, I doubt we'll see Alois X Gilbert, for example (or Edelgard X Rhea/Dorothy for that matter).
  7. The problem with JK Rowling from what I got, is that it seems kinda disingenuous, and never her true ideas from the start, while avoiding all the posible ways to "rectify" it. There were discussions about that when Fantastic Beasts II came out. At least IS seems to be trying to tackle the subject, even if it may not be in the most graceful way.
  8. Honestly, I'm still not really sure, each one has great appeal. And I don't want to chose students from the other houses. Not the first time through each playthrough. Blue Lions is pretty solid, mainly because the plot directly concerns some of its members. But Claude being a wildcard with a ragtag bunch of misfits seems really fun to play through. And playing the "villain" with Edelgard is also appealing. Right now I am thinking of doing M!Byleth with Claude and F!Byleth with Dimitri.
  9. Oh, OK. They wrote her name wrong, do you can't access it from the main page. Thank you.
  10. Is that really the starting stats ? That's insane ! Edelgard's Dex is marked at 6 on the site and has 5 on the Reddit pic above at level 3, so I still wonder how accurate her stats are.
  11. Byleth and Edelgard are shown with the exact same base stats, which I find quite strange. Edelgard's base stats are probably wrong
  12. You know, Bow Knight may be the reason while Sniper don't have Bow Critical +10 (and War Master probably have Gauntlet Critica +10l as well.). I can see Gremory and/or Mortal savant having Magic Critical +10, but I have no idea who would have Lance Critical here.
  13. What really makes it funny is that it also apply to the Assassin's entire battalion.
  14. So Ingrid is an Otome heroine, Leonie is a standard heroine. So who's Black Eagles true heroine ? Dorothy seems a good pick. The comonner in a noble setting, trying to impress her role model and succeed as a singer.
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