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  1. I got Marianne, which is fine. I mean, some of her sentences are far too real, after all. "You’re incredibly passive and subdued, which makes it easy for people to take advantage of you. For whatever reason, you find it extremely hard to say ‘no’, and often find yourself roped into difficult situations. You tend to find someone you click with, and stick to them for long periods of time. You probably find it difficult to start a conversation, and resort to looking at your phone — however, when you start talking, you find it quite enjoyable. You are fond of animals and dream of having plenty of pets."
  2. So, it has been notified before, but if you haven't already, you should develop Mercedes X Sylvain. This support was so good that I finally decided marrying Sylvain or Mercedes. WHat I like is how different Sylvain and Lorentz ended up being despite being both womanizers. They are basically total opposite, Lorentz searching a girl because he embraces the Noble iideology perfectly, Sylvain rejecting it completely.
  3. Well, the Lords' Battalions are OP (Large Zone of action, immense stat boosts), but that's pretty much expected And I don't think I need to explain why Stride is good, so that makes Seiros Monks great even if their boosts are nothing to write home about
  4. Wyvern Lord is overpowered in general. He has easy access to both of the best classes in the game, so if you use him, he won't be truly bad. His Speed and Dex will always be pretty good as well.
  5. I don't really care about Byleth Supports (they're generally inferior to other character supports), and clearly not enough to do both M and F Byleth. But I do plan to eventually get all the other possible supports eventually.
  6. The fact the Noble/Commoner are the only one with reduced Spell usage is also a bit of a let down. That would actually be my favorite way of doing it. Let anyone uses magic, but reduces Reason/Faith Usage if that's not their focus right now.At least for Advanced/Master classes. So Dark Knight could have normal Reason usage, but half Faith usage
  7. Three/Four possible route. The game is based on replaying multiple time to get everything, instead of post-game.
  8. Forge restore all your weapon uses. and since you'll be drowning in them later on, it's actually a good idea to use them when your weapons is closed to being destroyed.
  9. So I just realized that you can check supports for characters outside your house pre time skip. Not a game play thing, but the main theme is a modified version of the Fire Emblem theme, and I only ralised this near the end of my first run.
  10. I haven't checked everything, but dancer's strength growth is -5%, not +5%. Nice work otherwise. Thanks.
  11. Forging repair all your uses, so it's usually a better option than repair (more costly, but better on long term.) Use Combat Arts ! They can be really good, and you have plenty weapons usage anyway. I was convinced Gambit was the only way to break Monsters' barrier, when what it does is focusing the ennemy on you. You break teir defences with strength attacks. On the topic of Authority, Flying units can only use Battalion with Flying Movement, and the first Flying Battalion is D Rank. As such, raising their Authority is especially important for them.
  12. The Healing Adjudants worked quite often, and I think I've seen the Guarding Adjudant a few time, but I don't recall the Attacking adjudant working even once (probably because the ennemies were already dead before they could be used...).
  13. Dorothy doesn't change much, but I prefer her old outfit. ANd I'm not quite sure how I feel about Long Hair Leonie (she doesn't really looks much older) But most of them become strikingly handsome/pretty.
  14. That's not really respectfull towards Mercie... Since they can support the other teachers, it mean th ymust be at least 21 in order to legally drink with them
  15. We're talking about the guy who wants to be emperor instead of the emperor. He's far from being a good guy.
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