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  1. I hope you enjoy the game. I know I finished playing through the game for my YouTube channel last Friday (though not everything is published yet :p) and I would have to say that it is tied for my second favorite Fire Emblem game. It really great stuff. Also, after playing through the game like twice, I've fallen in love with your singing. Keep up the great work. :3
  2. +1 Sokloeum Took us a bit to find the time to hang out but it was fun. :3
  3. Late to the party as well... :P Ms. Strober, I personally had a really hard time getting used to the English version of Lost in Thought All Alone because a couple of the notes that you were trying to hit were a little out of tune (sorry for being a little picky, my ears are sensitive to that kind of stuff :P) but after listening to it a few dozen times, I came to appreciate the amount of effort that was put into the lyrics and vocals more. I had no idea that people would stoop so low as to threaten someone over their work just because it wasn't what THEY wanted but I'm glad that the people here came through with their support to help make you feel better. I hope to see more of your work come to light in the near future and I will support you all the way. :3
  4. But can't you get around some of its flaws by making the deck Green/Red? I've been using a Ranulf deck since set 3 came out and it has been rare that I lose a game and even then it comes really close to me winning. Lena3 is a good secondary healer for the deck since her effect activates whenever you deploy a cost 2 or less which is what you'll end up doing a lot.
  5. Yeah unfortunately it seems that it won't go away even after waiting a while since I haven't touch my Japanese 3ds in 2 weeks and that glitched map is still there. :/
  6. Digital copy on my Japanese New 3ds. I tried making a skirmish over this one and it generated one that worked but after I beat it, it went back to what it was before I generated the new skirmish. When I generate other skirmishes, it just gets pushed to the bottom of available skirmishes.
  7. It goes to the battle prep but I can't select anybody or initiate the battle. :/
  8. So I just started my game up this morning to do some support grinding and I think I found a glitch. I have one of the maps that you can use for grinding that has no enemies in it. o3o I have no idea how to fix it and thought it was really weird so I'll include pictures in the link below. If you know how to fix this, please let me know. o3o http://imgur.com/a/PuUTB
  9. Would you be willing to trade my Takumi for one of your Xander?
  10. Yeah I ended up getting it but I didn't realize at first that the Awakening characters all had to be alive which is why I added the edit to my post. And that's interesting that they can show up in the shop. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. :3
  11. This might seem like a silly question to ask but how are you supposed to receive the Brand of the Exalt and Hero King's Crest? I've played through the Awakening map 4 times now and haven't received them at all... Edit: Apparently there is a hidden condition where Chrom, Fredrick, and Lissa can't die at all for you to receive the seals. o3o
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