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  1. What are Lena and Maria doing down there? They are broken.
  2. Is there a cheat I can use to get max renown? I have attempted one but it didn't work.
  3. I have a very positive opinion of Kliff you know? It is Mage Kliff that is trash, Merc Kliff and Archer Kliff are good. My pfp has nothing to do with my views, I don't even like Kliff. Mages have bad bases so their stats don't pick up to ORKO generals, not that they need to.
  4. Dungeon grinding is killing enemies there. Tobin's chip is enough to wear down those guys. Actually it is 30 - general res because of Excalibur. No one said Tobin needed to ORKO.
  5. Movement is the key. There are various maps in which that weakness hinders them. They make a comeback in Act 4 to get rid of knights, and you can do it with base Delthea, base Luthier, and 10 mag 10 spd Tobin. The other enemies die easily to your other units.
  6. There is enough wine to sell and you get enough gold pieces to trade for silvers and still have remaining to forge all the special weapons you need. No mage in Alm's route will reasonably promote without dungeon grinding. What mages are good at is at gang killing knights in Act 4 by trading each other the Mage Ring, and you never need to promote any of them. A Mage Tobin with 31 HP, 10 Mag and 10 spd is still performing quite well against generals in the map before Rudolf. If someone with stats that lousy can still be of use than the so called glory of Mage Kliff is largely overrated.
  7. Problem with Atlas is that he has a severe level disadvantage and his promotions don't solve his awful bases, not even mercenary because Atlas still gets doubled by mercs and myrms. I would make him a mage or archer for the novelty of chip damage but don't expect him to go anywhere. It is also a pain to promote him because it forces a backtrack, aka a zombie fight.
  8. Don't waste your time with Clair. Her bases are abominable and she never does anything of note that anyone else couldn't, she isn't Pegasus Mae. I don't know if you also used this trick but it doesn't seem to work consistently in Alm's route. The graveyard zombies are also a pain to prevent spawning.
  9. Needing assistance in stats out of the story maps expose how unflexible is Kliff. To put it into perspective: Map 1-1: Can be beaten in 2 turns. Kliff slows you down so he gets a single kill. Map 1-2: Can be beaten in 3 turns. Kliff still has his horrid bases. Can level up at least. Brigand Boss: Can be beaten in 1 turn with an Iron Sword crit. If you 2 turn it Kliff can get to level 3 killing Brigand Boss. Mage has 4 base speed. Kliff can gain 2 levels when playing this game efficiently. In 2 levels he can't go past the class bases, so he is stuck with a horrid 1 AS. Now, compare that to Tobin with the same turn span. Map 1-1: He can get to lv 2 30 exp without being a burden. Can get to 7 spd with a proc, 25% but not impossible. Map 1-2: Tobin gains another level without being a burden once again. Can get to 8 spd. Tobin got past the mage bases. No wells, no grinding and he is fast enough to double every enemy in Act 1 that isn't a cavalier. "But Kliff can attack from range." He can, but with how high the HP of the enemies is it doesn't amount to anything. Kliff does 11 damage to the generics in Act 1, while Tobin does 22. Against 26-32 HP enemies it shows who actually is helping out. A highlight to Tobin's performance is bringing soldiers in 1-4 to very low HP, and those soldiers are very bulky. Leather Shield Tobin can take 3 of them on and live, unlike Kliff who with all the spd wells (7 spd, 4 AS) gets doubled and dies. Those spd wells belong to Silque to begin with so even with favoritism Kliff underperforms compared to Tobin.
  10. Training everyone is quite the waste of time. It is a much better idea to train a couple juggernauts who can fight hordes of enemies and the scrubs either serve as agents of shield or chipping.
  11. The turnwheel exists because the asshole developers wanted to keep the horrid hit rates from Gaiden.
  12. Delthea isn't that good of a unit so I don't see the point of comparison beyond the pitfalled view of comparing units only with those of its class. Delthea can have 1-3 range with the Mage Ring, which can be mailed over from Celica's before doing Act 4 of Alm's. Delthea is good for triggering witch AI, which is 56 times more useful than anything Mage Kliff does. Kliff's other classes are superior in everything. As archer he can reasonably reach 6 or 7 spd before Python joins, giving him an advantage in AS to use a Killer Bow. Mercenary has way better bases and Kliff's combat is strictly superior. "But Gray is the mercenary." You can use both. Novelty concept I know. Tobin's advantage isn't Excalibur or Physic, it is his bases. With 2 spd procs as Villager he can reach 7 spd, which gives him pretty good combat without hogging spd wells or grinding for 10 minutes like Kliff does. Tobin doesn't need to kill anything either, his job is to do chip damage and build up shield rank to use Swap. Kliff is useless on arrival and takes too much to get going while Tobin is useful on arrival and remains useful.
  13. Base 1 AS, gets doubled by literally everything, forced to have 4 more spd than the enemies because Fire is a heavy brick. Yeah, totally awesome unit. Mage Kliff needs 9 consecutive spd procs to even double Slayde, who is the fastest enemy in Act 1 and Slayde still slower than enemies found beyond Act 1. Kliff flat out won't double anything unless you overfeed him kills, which shows how inflexible he is. Compare that to Merc Kliff, who with the Thunder Sword can double Slayde with only 3 spd procs and can double every enemy prior with 1. So Nomah is good?
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