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  1. Anyone with Keaton with a Tomebreaker skill? I'm NA region and will gladly leave feedback and an accessory in appreciation!
  2. Sorry about that! We can always go back to our first post about our Castle if we update it correct?
  3. Hi, I do have Renewal on Keaton! My Castle is 15059-39708-52294-15444. My unit is Blodwen! It's an easy seize too!
  4. Hi I just visited your castle today, (MU Blodwen) but didn't see the Luna on your Midori. I'll leave an accessory to let you know I stopped by!
  5. Hey sorry to hear that, though I just checked on my units. It shows my avatar has Lethality though.
  6. I messed up on passing down skills to my male Kanna and was wondering if any of you guys have male Kanna with the Lethality skill equipped? If so, PLEASE PM with your Castle address. Prefer a castle that's easy to seize.
  7. Before anything, I messed up on passing down skills to my male Kanna and was wondering if any of you guys have male Kanna with the Lethality skill equipped? If so, PLEASE PM with your Castle address. Prefer a castle that's easy to seize. My Castle Address: 15059-39708-52294-15444 Avatar: Blodwen (Female) Campaign: Nohr Resources: Topaz (Lv.3), Milk (Lv.3), Staff & Armory (both Lv. 3) All units stationed are set to "Hold". My throne is empty for an easy seize. Skills Equipped: Blodwen - Hoshidan Unity, Draconic Hex, Sol, Lethality, Luna Keaton - Death Blow, Better Odds, Odd Shaped, Pavise, Wary Fighter Kaze - Poison Strike, Death Blow, Quick Draw, Savage Blow, Lethality Mozu - Quick Draw, Underdog, Certain Blow, Death Blow, Counter Azura - Luck +4, Inspiring Song, Voice of Peace, Amaterasu, Renewal Xander - Shelter, Elbow Room, Defender, Renewal, Lethality Elise - Demoiselle, Res +2, Counter, Pavise, Live to Serve Enjoy your stay!
  8. Anyone with a Male Kanna equipped with Lethality? PM with your My Castle address!

  9. Thank you though I managed to get one from another castle when I still couldn't visit yours. But I added your Castle Calling card if that's alright! I really apreciate the help!
  10. Anyone with a MU in Fates with the Lethality skill? PM me with your My Castle address and I'll visit!

  11. Hi I recently checked your castle and I couldn't get Lethality since it wasn't equipped. Will you be able to equip it tomorrow since I can't revisit your castle today?
  12. Thank you so much, you were very thorough with explaining everything for Flannel. I'm surprised because I thought Pavise would help him, but the infrequent skill activation doesn't sound promising. So that's definitely good to know, I'll definitely remember that! Reading up on Mirror Strike, that sounds great especially for casters and the fact that Flannel doesn't seem to have the best resistance growth just by looking at his stats. And it seems that having Pegasus warrior as an option from marriage seal (from Aqua or F!Kamui) seems very beneficial for Flannel to get Mirror Strike. Once again, you've been really helpful! I really appreciate your feedback always!
  13. I know it's been a while but I'm curious as to how you used Flannel from your experience (skills, classes, etc) if you don't mind.
  14. Hi, thank you for showing your art here! I love the way you color, especially how the colors were used in the Sakura picture!
  15. Ah I see. Well I'm gonna have to play more of it the next time I get the opportunity to.
  16. I haven't entered the first dungeon since there was a lot to do in my opinion. Like catching the flag in my opinion, and having Link run around doing errands, etc. For me, I was okay with it at first since that's how it usually goes, but then it felt like it took forever to reach the next major steps to get the story going. I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to as it drags on. But for me, it surely felt like forever to do what needed to be done to finally start going after Zelda. But nonetheless, it's amazing so far and I really like it besides those things I mentioned.
  17. Oh no really? Ah well. At least the graphics do look amazing. I'll have to try it out soon. I've played a little of Skyward Sword too though I'm not sure as of yet whether I'd add that to my favorites. Have you played that one by any chance?
  18. Thank you, I'll definitely draw more and show it here when I get the chance!
  19. That's so awesome! I've actually never met someone else who also has WW as their favorite so this really cool!! I've yet to play it again on the Wii U, but from what I've seen it's beautiful!
  20. Thank you! You sound very passionate about swimming! Hmm 100 fr time? Although I enjoy swimming, I haven't tried for my actual time in that. Though I'm planning on swimming more next month so hopefully I'll get the opportunity to find out my 100 fr time and let you know! Thank you for taking an interest!
  21. Thank you, and my favorite game of the Legend of Zelda series would have to be Wind Waker! Do you have a favorite game from the series too? Oh and yes,I was able to make a post at the Creative sub-board! I'm really liking the forest dwellers here!
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