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  1. Im trying to figure out if there are any cheat codes or save edits I can use to make Nailah a member of my team in early game instead of having her once and waiting until end game. I know the 3ds games have plenty of stuff like this but I dont know if anyone has worked out ways to do this for the older games. Any help would be great.
  2. So yes i have cfw and all that jazz. Im curious as to how I can put a specific model on a specific character despite class. Ive seen it done before but its never explained. An example would be Keeping Rinkahs original body on a promoted class shes in. Or keeping Camilla in her original outfit despite being an unmounted class. Or lets say, Giving Arete's body model to one of my characters. Any help would be great.
  3. Compared to royal royale? Which is an amazing bitch. It has one less star difficulty but, I was curious as to exactly HOW much easier it is. Anyone with Jp version of the dlc confirm anything for me?
  4. When I use the Narcian code it comes up in-game as a Roy sprite, and if I place the cursor over it, the game freezes.
  5. http://www.cheatsguru.com/gba/fire_emblem_the_sword_of_seal/walkthrough/2151516.htm The link above is for character portraits, but most of the names are completely wrong. I was curious if I could get some help identifying a few: Idenn, Narcian, Sigune,
  6. But Sacred Stones DID have a code that allowed the characters to not be permanently dead if they died in a battle.
  7. I just want to run through it mainly for the story and completion as I play Fates. So I was curious if there was a no-permadeath code (AR, gameshark, etc) out there like there is for Sacred Stones. I know there's like, max health, blah blah, but that's specifically cheating more than adding a feature than the new games have. Any help?
  8. Uh. Lodestar is exactly a lord class. A different name doesn't take away from that.
  9. Same as above. I've probably seen like. Everything else.
  10. Does ANYONE have a good strat for Nohr? I make it to almost the end with Leo and things get fucked up
  11. Its the only way I can get ebon wing and I canr make it past a few fucking turns with elise or xander though they're supposed to be the easiest to win with on that side. Does ANYONE have some movement strategy help, its the most fucking frustrating thing ever.
  12. I still have no idea on the easiest strategy for nohr side...I just want a goddamn ebon wing..
  13. What's the easiest path to take here? I need some ebon wings to start my next run with.
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