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  1. Fe Gaiden run sounds extremely good. The only thing rarer then a Fe 4 Max Rank speedrun and a Fire Emblem Gaiden Speedrun would be a Ultima 2 speedrun.
  2. Came back and suddenly there's like 3 chapters worth of update of this... Is it Christmas? Wait it is! Very nice present, awesome LP.
  3. this is a pretty awesome hack, Ash story arc is really good. I was wondering why Ash was all fine and dandy now but back in Val story arc he had trouble just using the teleport magic but hey they actually explained why at the end of chapter 11, nice. Also Alicia is doki doki for Ash. Sorry Bran you are getting NTR'ed.
  4. That was an awesome let's play. We will forever remember the bunch of vicious rebellious murderers that were Final Johan and his genociders (obviously Celice was too slow so Final God Emperor Johan was the actual leader, hell this guy managed to netorare Leaf so hard he stole Nanna from him! Being childhood friends means nothing in front of pure muscle and manliness). If this game had a reputation meter like Ogre Battle does the villagers would flee away in fear rather than want to be liberated by these incestuous fools. Cuan must be facepalming so hard up there. Shit got so bad even Marth had to come into the game to try to stop them. Sadly it wasn't meant to be. Here a pic of Final Johan and Balmung Nanna. :
  5. " Let's rape this place " Batta our glorious leader, he can even rape such things as places. Does that mean he wipe out his dick in a room and can say he raped the room? Does he rape the toilet everytime he take a piss?
  6. I think Homer had an heart attack because he was expecting Lucius to be a sexy lady. too bad for your pc, what happened? If the hard drive is fine you can still get back your data.
  7. I've read Gheb origin story and it was really epic ( near the bottom of the page) : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3303541/7/A-Tale-Of-Mystery-And-Danger Apparently he was transformed into an "untimate sex god" by an evil doctor called Phlankstein ( later refered to as oahklanstein and pahnklstein). The good doctor used "Boner serum" to transform Gheb into what he is today. Before the operation he wasn't fat and didn't have a mohawk, not to mention apparently he got a giant dick as a result too. Also in the last chapter Gheb final attack is called Shining boner and he even has a catchphrase to go with it " Take this! my lust, my anger, nd all my semen! SHINING BONAAAR !!!! I like this attack more than Aether.
  8. Tina has a sword rank and uses a swork that has an axe sprite. Yeah why not. Can't wait for the Gatling Gun ( unlike the gatling bow in FE4 Binary, we need an actual gun in FE why not). We need Samuel L Jackson too. I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHERFUCKING DARK SECT, HERE LOPTOUS TAKE A SHOT FROM MY MOTHERFUCKING BAZOOKA YOU MOTHERFUCKER.
  9. I think we found Gheb dad. It all makes sense now, it's like FF5 except the dad didn't stay with the wife in FE8 he just went back to FE7, deadbeat style. So Gheb grew up with only one parent and she was probably a prostitute, Gheb was so hurt by this and traumatized that he went pansexual and stuff. Batta probably has a similar childhood story. Glass on the other hand grew up being told he was the best ever so now he's got a massive ego going on.
  10. So Leaf was the one responsible for Fort McMurray... If you ever play Radiant Dawn you won't end up even using Vika anyways. She's got like 3 maps to go before endgame where she joins at the same level she was.
  11. I think the blonde guy is evil. He looks like Eltshan and Eltshan was evil.
  12. next time : Valentine's mom almost dies for the seventh time or something.
  13. So bad it's good but it's actually not that bad. A lot of stuff is pretty funny and overall it's better written then Fire Embem Awakening for sure. MFV still is very annoying and the portal stuff is very random.
  14. Careful man viruses are getting nasty these days. I got this really mean one when I tried to investigate more about this Aitos guy.
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