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  1. So there is a thing I noticed when scouring the trailer lol If you go to the segment with a bunch of map markers, you'll notice a few things. For starters, there's the big ass gold map marker, with 3 smaller silver markers. These seem to signify a territory. When you look each one of them have an outlined area. 3 of them with red, one with blue. Blue being the territory the player controls, probably. Red being "enemy" territory. There's also stuff like houses, caves, towers, keeps, etc on the map along with those markers. The biggest things there are the fact that at the top of the screen it says "War Map: Battle of Garreg Mach" and one of the rewards for finishing the Battle for Eastern Garreg Mach fight they hover over is the reward of action points. I think what they've done is make it to where the chapters are split up with multiple fights, with locations you have to conquer to win. Something sort of like the Empires games, or Brigandine, or Eiyuu Senki.
  2. Better mental health care for officers is one of the main issues. Everyone loves to act like cops never do their jobs, but we also dont want to talk about the shit the cops who are doing their job have to deal with on a daily basis. Someone gets their head blown off with a shotgun? They have to investigate that crime scene. Someone murdered their infant child? They have to investigate that scene. Horrific crash scene where a family of 4 died? They have to check the scene. Child porn, Murder, Rape, Suicide. They have to see this shit on a daily basis. Things that scar you for life, things that we are all lucky to not have to see ever in our life, and these people are the ones seeing it on a daily basis. This isnt including the fact that there is a very real possibility that the guy you were talking to in the office that morning could be dead that afternoon. You can find several cases where a cop was just hired, first day on the job. And killed in a shootout, Mothers returning from maternity leave that are shot and killed. And what do we have to care for the mental health of these people? Nothing. They have to see the worse things humanity has to offer, the absolute worse possible things people could do to each other. They have to look at it all to find the sick fuck who did it. And we offer them nothing to actually help work through the things they are experiencing. The anger, the shock, the grief. And then one of these cops snap. Now dont make a mistake in what Im saying here, Im not trying to defend the cops in what they do. Im not even saying its justified. But these people need better mental health care, because they dont get any. And on top of it, they cant afford it. Because most cops arent exactly rich, thats for sure.
  3. I think he's likeable in the same way certain villains are seen as likeable. Characters like Raistlin in Dragonlance, Mr Sinister from Marvel, Ashnard in PoR People like characters who are unabashedly evil. They dont care what their perception is from the rest of the world, they are just after their own personal goals. In the case of Hubert, its doing anything and everything for Edelgard. He's blindly loyal. Its both the main defining characteristic of Hubert, and his greatest flaw. He will do anything for her, no matter how evil it is. He will walk over the bodies of thousands if it meant Edelgard was even a step closer to her own ambitions. Thats what makes Hubert interesting. Thats why people like him, at least thats the idea I get.
  4. I think the way the writers meant it to go, was that Nohr and Hoshido were both the name of their respective nations and the Continent they were on, since you can see that they are somewhat split, enough so that you can consider them separate continents. Its by far not a perfect explanation, nor really a good one, but its probably what was meant to be the case.
  5. I hate seeing Awakening lumped in with Fates in terms of conversations about how one note and fanservicey the 3DS games were. In reality, I think Fates was really the only bad one with that. Granted Awakening had a few of its silly designs and some one note characters, but every game has had those. We've always had our Illyana's and our Peri's and Nowi's, etc. But I also think Awakening does a good job of fleshing out the characters who arent so one note. Characters like Tharja, who unfortunately get mistaken for one note due to their presentation outside of Awakening, or Frederick, or Libra, Cordelia, etc. Its not perfect, but its not nearly as bad as Fates was. And from a design standpoint, I think Fates stands out way more as fanservicey than Awakening. Sure Awakening had, again, Tharja, but at least that could be explained somewhat. Unlike characters like Camilla or Orochi who had it all hanging out for the hell of it. From an actual design standpoint, Awakening probably game us some of our more modest designs in the series with characters like Lucina, Sully, Maribelle, etc. It was there, but it wasnt nearly as bad and as blatant as Fates was. I also dont like that Fates gets hit with a broad stroke with its cast because despite a lot not being great, there were also quite a few that were good. Besides the obvious ones like Leo and Takumi who are regarded as some of the best from Fates, I think there's several characters like Nyx, or all 3 of the Ninja, Kaze, Saizo, Kagero, who were all decent characters. Not perfect, but still quite good and deserve some recognition.
  6. 2 weeks now at least lol. Roughly. Hoping we see something more before release other than just the new characters, but probably not. Im curious how this will all tie into the actual game, being a side story and all. Is it its own mini route, or is it something that "canonically" happens between the chapters it takes place in regardless of route?
  7. You have to think about the fact that those polls are a fraction of the actual fandom. You should take them more as a loose guide than anything. Which has remained true for the most part. Despite their overall placing, top 10 characters have been the 3 lords, Byleth, Lysithea, Felix, Bernadetta, Sylvain, Dorothea, etc. They are all in the top 20 so far for CYL. Edelgard is still really popular, and understandably so, she's a well written character who is a bit different from your typical lord in the series. She's also got a good design, decent supports especially with Byleth which helps a lot. See Lysithea for an example on how much a good support with the avatar can help, and you got a character that's obviously going to be pretty popular.
  8. Lysithea is great gameplay wise, but Im not a fan of her as a character. I find her to be the opposite of Leonie, both in supports and reception. Lysithea has a good support with Byleth, and her interactions with Byleth in the monastery are generally pretty good, which helps the perception of her from the player, where Leonie is the opposite and has a rather poor support with Byleth and her interactions with Byleth pre timeskip arent all that good. But support wise, Leonie is probably one of the nicest, most supportive characters in the cast, where as Lysithea definitely acts childish and cant stop from ripping into her classmates any opportunity she gets. Her Ignatz support is a good example of this, as is her support with Leonie, Sylvain, etc. Claude is one of the few that fires back at her in any way. Everyone else just ends up being a pushover around her in their supports. As opposed to Leonie who is always offering to lend an ear to her classmates who need it, have thoughtful discussions with them like her Claude support, or in general just help those that need it. This doesnt necessarily make Lysithea a bad character mind you, its not what Im saying at all, but its something that makes me personally like her a lot less.
  9. I think a good way to do it is do something similar to what Thracia did but...better handled. In Thracia, mounted units are dismounted indoors. It makes sense, there's no way in hell you'd be flying a wyvern around in a mansion or running around with multiple horses in a small jail. The issue in how Thracia handled it is with the fact that all of them essentially become myrmidons and lose their primary weapon. Its stupid, and is the one thing Id really change. FE 3H brought back this idea a small bit with dismounting, and with lowering cavalry movement in certain sections like stairs to encourage using it. But it didnt really work in theory. I think the best idea to run with, is to just force dismount indoors. This way it gives a section where your dedicated infantry would shine, while not punishing your mounted units. As far as non indoor maps go, More obstacles and ways to restrict movement. In an actual battlefield, there would be various set ups to help deter cavalry. Spiked barricades, spears stuck in the ground, etc. 3H had a good step as well with certain paths being harder for cavalry to use, so Id use this more in the more open battlefields to begin with. Though I dont think punishing Cavalry too much would be a good idea on these maps, as Cavalry being dominant on such a map still makes sense.
  10. Id love to see some extra difficulty options given, or just extra options in general, dont even necessarily have to be for difficulty. Would make challenge runs fun.
  11. Well there was the rumor of a cancelled remake for the 3ds being made into a Switch game. Considering its pretty obvious IS has two teams considering Fates and SoV were being worked on at the same time, wouldnt be surprised. Especially since the engine and everything is set. I wouldnt expect a release until 2021, but a reveal in 2020 wouldnt at all be shocking to me. I think FEW2 has a great chance at happening, the original did well, and with how much IS worked with Koei on 3H, I imagine this little partnership will not be ending anytime soon. Perfect opportunity to release a FEW 2 next year tbh, especially with 3H being fresh on everyone's mind. Toss in some FE6 and maybe Genealogy or Tellius content, and you got a good roster going. Besides that? Idk. Cant see much else except maybe another collaboration/spin off title.
  12. Unpopular opinion Most of FE4s maps. Rarely do I play a game that makes me fall asleep, but that one did it. I have yet to sit down and play the game without starting to yawn and fall asleep as I play. Similar feel with Thracia. Idk what it is. I can play plenty of older games just fine, but these two for some reason. Maybe its the muddier color palette. As far as specifics go, Most irritating goes to two maps in particular for me. The Laguz maps from Radiant Dawn, the 2 Dawn Brigade ones. Especially in the swamp. Ill take doing the bridge over that any day of the week. And more recently, Three Houses Chapter 13. Its just an irritating mess every time. Have yet to enjoy this map.
  13. Nah there's nothing wrong with supernatural villains, plenty of stories use them. Hell some of the best stories out there do. FE is no different in that regard. In fact, that's kind of built into the series. Our first villain was a dragon, and supernatural bad guys are a staple of the series, and really a staple of the fantasy genre as a whole. Because....its fantasy. The issue isnt the type, its the execution. They havent always been the best executed villains. Doesnt mean they cant work though. Id love to see them take another swing at the demonic side of villains again myself.
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