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  1. I think it might still be a 5th route myself. There's some stuff found through datamines that make me believe this, along with the fact that we have 5 save slots, not 4, which would otherwise be one for each route.
  2. Went with Annette for my Lions route, originally wasnt the plan but she ended up way better than I expected. Helps her timeskip design is top notch too. Eagles route I went Edelgard, figured I might as well since thats the only route I can do that in. Other than that, next one will definitely be Leonie. She might be the one I stick to in the future with Byleth, I just like the set up between the two. spoilers for early game/stuff with Leonie
  3. Play El's path is what I say tbh. Its what Im doing ,and its a good way to understand where she was coming from with the BL route. Plus itll answer questions you might have about the church and things as a whole that BL doesnt offer. I also suggest making a separate save at Chapter 11, as thats when you make your choice between Edelgard or the Church, and just do the church route right after. That way you dont have to run through early game a 4th time to do it.
  4. I dont think we are getting side story dlc like the Deliverance DLC like SoV got or the DLC Fates got. Itd have to forego the game's mechanics to make it work, as it would in all reality only be about 3-4 chapters at most, maybe 5, which isnt enough time to meaninfully use any of the game's mechanics with a completely new cast of characters. With the amount of work that would have to be put into that to even make it worthwhile enough to use said mechanics, flesh out this entire new cast of characters, I’d rather they just make a prequel game and not shove it into dlc. Im thinking its either a companion piece to whatever route you play, which lets you use whoever you are currently using, or itll be a new route. "" New story content, with additional playable characters, locations and more" The fact that it mentions new story content with additional playable characters, locations, and more is what leads me to believe this as well. spoilers for early game/datamine
  5. Pretty sure that was the situation, either that or he was resurrected by Anankos and then mind controlled. Either way he did die before Rev.
  6. Ive got family visiting for over a week, so thatll keep me preoccupied until release week at least. Not sure what Ill do during release week lmao. Last day is always the worst.
  7. Regarding the story dlc, it mentions new characters. I think it isnt going to be a prequel based on that. Sure SoV let you use Fernand in its dlc, but only in said dlc. You couldnt outside of that. The DLC implies you'll actually get new characters. So Im thinking its either a new route, or some side/after story thing or something along those lines. Interesting thing to note though is the symbol used for the DLC. Its not one we have seen before anywhere else. And I dont know why they would make it for DLC only unless it had to do with the story content.
  8. You couldnt revisit them, no. But they were there to do whenever you actually wanted, and could do multiple paralogues between main chapters. Once done they are gone though. What I was meaning with the comparison is that Three Houses restricts when you can actually do a map. Unlike the traditional FE set up of going from map to map and just doing the next chapter, like Fates is structured, you have things you do inbetween now. So it balances it all out, and in the process restricts when exactly you can do a map. Which is why I think the grinding dlc doesnt stick here too much. There are ways it could work, and grinding dlc could also just ignore these mechanics, but I think considering the game wont have a real need for them, especially with a lack of lunatic, and the system would make grinding dlc a bit clunky to use, i dont think it will return. And yeah, good point. We dont know the nature of any of the maps yet, so who knows. It could just outright skip over the calendar mechanic completely.
  9. No, Conquest was different because between maps you could technically do however many paralogues, side quests, invasions, or dlc maps you wanted, the limit was in what spawned for actual use. So for example, Birthright and Revelation spawned maps that you could just do to your hearts content, and you could pay to spawn more of them. Conquest didnt spawn them at all. But you could do all the paralogues if you wanted to, if they were there, between any maps you wanted to at any pace. The grinding dlc specifically also removed XP gain outside of the XP map specifically. Where as Three Houses outright restricts how many maps you can do as a whole. You can only do so many maps a month before you move onto the next.
  10. Maybe it serves a few purposes other than just amiibo? Wonder if it might serve as somekind of Einherjar style shop too that would let us buy older saves version of characters or other people's versions of them? Or just somekind of shop in general to use for purchasing things maybe. Either way Im hoping its something at least decent. I liked the dungeon aspect of the Alm and Celica amiibo for SoV, but the functions with them other than that was rather disappointing.
  11. Side quests sounds interesting. Sounds like some of the typical festival stuff, but maybe we will have other things too. That and if we get the festival dlc, I imagine they will come with the costumes. They could easily be placed in school phase too, since festivals kind of fit in naturally there and rather than the typical outrealm stuff, they could actually make it lore relevant and do some worldbuilding with them. We already had stuff like founding of Faerghus day on the calendar after all. I think the grinding dlc might not make it this time, considering the way the game is now structured I dont think it would really work here. We are very limited in terms of when we can actually do maps, so we cant just constantly spam free battles between the next chapter, we have set days to do that instead. Which kind of defeats the purpose of an XP or gold map. So hopefully we get something more interesting in its place, as much as I did like them. They were convenient at least. Im really hoping we get some character dlc tossed in, Cipher, FEH OCs, something. Im glad that there seems to be more. Also, hopefully Amiibo reveal soon, Id like to see what they do here.
  12. Nice lol, at least you got a good one for merges there.
  13. I’d like to see the Space Marine class. Maybe with time travel mechanics the imperium of man can come in and save Fodlan from those who slither in the night, or TWSITN for short. Chain sword and bolter would be fun to see, shooting bullets larger than Lysithea’s whole body. Maybe the empire can make these these technological advancements in 5 years under Edelgard’s rule and she becomes the god empress of mankind. Plus Raphael’s statement of muscles over crests, and his very large body is clearly the predecessor to that of the marines.
  14. Yeah I was thinking similar myself. Some of it just sounded off when I read it, and they already got some support info wrong or left key details out. The fact that S supports themselves are locked behind the timeskip is a major piece of information you would think they would have, but nope. There’s also the fact that they had a lot of I don’t knows and all that in their post. And, this may sound a bit mean or whatever, but I honestly can’t see there being so many. Going from 2 in Fates to what sounds like more than 10 in 3H just sounds off, and especially as lopsided as it is. I can see there being 1 option for each gender per house maybe, but I’m not sure I believe there’s going to be almost 10 or more options. It especially sounded iffy considering they claimed Sothis was an option, yet didn’t want to expand on others due to spoilers. Even though the fact that Sothis is playable and romanceable is itself a spoiler. So so I really think if any bit of info is off, it’s all of what they said regarding supports.
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