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  1. I think a good way to do it is do something similar to what Thracia did but...better handled. In Thracia, mounted units are dismounted indoors. It makes sense, there's no way in hell you'd be flying a wyvern around in a mansion or running around with multiple horses in a small jail. The issue in how Thracia handled it is with the fact that all of them essentially become myrmidons and lose their primary weapon. Its stupid, and is the one thing Id really change. FE 3H brought back this idea a small bit with dismounting, and with lowering cavalry movement in certain sections like stairs to encourage using it. But it didnt really work in theory. I think the best idea to run with, is to just force dismount indoors. This way it gives a section where your dedicated infantry would shine, while not punishing your mounted units. As far as non indoor maps go, More obstacles and ways to restrict movement. In an actual battlefield, there would be various set ups to help deter cavalry. Spiked barricades, spears stuck in the ground, etc. 3H had a good step as well with certain paths being harder for cavalry to use, so Id use this more in the more open battlefields to begin with. Though I dont think punishing Cavalry too much would be a good idea on these maps, as Cavalry being dominant on such a map still makes sense.
  2. Id love to see some extra difficulty options given, or just extra options in general, dont even necessarily have to be for difficulty. Would make challenge runs fun.
  3. Well there was the rumor of a cancelled remake for the 3ds being made into a Switch game. Considering its pretty obvious IS has two teams considering Fates and SoV were being worked on at the same time, wouldnt be surprised. Especially since the engine and everything is set. I wouldnt expect a release until 2021, but a reveal in 2020 wouldnt at all be shocking to me. I think FEW2 has a great chance at happening, the original did well, and with how much IS worked with Koei on 3H, I imagine this little partnership will not be ending anytime soon. Perfect opportunity to release a FEW 2 next year tbh, especially with 3H being fresh on everyone's mind. Toss in some FE6 and maybe Genealogy or Tellius content, and you got a good roster going. Besides that? Idk. Cant see much else except maybe another collaboration/spin off title.
  4. Unpopular opinion Most of FE4s maps. Rarely do I play a game that makes me fall asleep, but that one did it. I have yet to sit down and play the game without starting to yawn and fall asleep as I play. Similar feel with Thracia. Idk what it is. I can play plenty of older games just fine, but these two for some reason. Maybe its the muddier color palette. As far as specifics go, Most irritating goes to two maps in particular for me. The Laguz maps from Radiant Dawn, the 2 Dawn Brigade ones. Especially in the swamp. Ill take doing the bridge over that any day of the week. And more recently, Three Houses Chapter 13. Its just an irritating mess every time. Have yet to enjoy this map.
  5. Nah there's nothing wrong with supernatural villains, plenty of stories use them. Hell some of the best stories out there do. FE is no different in that regard. In fact, that's kind of built into the series. Our first villain was a dragon, and supernatural bad guys are a staple of the series, and really a staple of the fantasy genre as a whole. Because....its fantasy. The issue isnt the type, its the execution. They havent always been the best executed villains. Doesnt mean they cant work though. Id love to see them take another swing at the demonic side of villains again myself.
  6. There's potential the next game is a remake, probably FE6 or one of the Jugdral games if I had to guess, I think their remake projects for now will be focused on taking older games that were JP only and bringing them forward. And a lot of the mechanics that were brought in with 3H would fit both games, including some of the cut features like this trading mechanic that was in. Seemed like they wanted to up the management aspects of the war phase. As for what comes after, anyone's guess. We were all over the place as to what we were getting next and got 3H. Something I dont think anyone was really guessing. What I think we will see though, is an improvement on features brought in with 3H. For one I dont see the customization we had over our units, and the freedom over weapon uses going away. Its a good system to allow the player to tweak their army how they want. Combat arts and Battalions I dont see going anywhere either. Id like to see more animations attached to the Combat arts though. While it was a cool feature, I think they were rather boring to watch. And finally, an improvement on the Monastery. There's a few ways they could handle this. The first is expanding it to multiple locations we get to explore on this level. Obviously more fitting of an on the move set up like SS, SoV, PoR, Thracia, FE7. Alternatively, they take the static one location, and add My Castle features to it to allow for customization on the player's part. Allow for upgrading of certain buildings, maybe even construction of certain areas, etc. Setting wise....could be anything. I see our typical fantasy stuff staying tbh, but they have been expanding more on secondary locations. Id love to see something Norse oriented in a future title, and we kind of got that in some ways with Faerghus, but Id like to see them really dive in. Especially with how well Vinland Saga has been showing actual Norse culture and equipment. I could also see them diving into Japanese like cultures yet again? I do think we wont see a branching story on the level 3H was with multiple paths and MCs though. At most maybe 2, maybe a set up like how SS was done. But I imagine the next will be a smaller scale game in some ways. Instead of branching by having multiple lords, maybe itll branch by a decision made early on, and you stay with the same group?
  7. Anna will probably have a focus in Bows, Swords, Faith, and maybe Authority. One of the classes that were datamined were adventurer, which is pretty much her class. Hell, I wouldnt be shocked if it actually came with her isntead, but the typical set up for that class in the past was Bow and Staff. I could easily see them sneaking in sword use too. Jeritza is relatively easy to decide. Lance and Sword, they could also just go all out and make him a master of all 3 main melee weapons and give him Axe too. Reason is a potential option, he is a Dark Knight class wise, though we never see him use magic. A weakness to Authority also makes sense, as others have said. Spell list I have no idea what they could come with.
  8. Well, based on what was datamined, Harrier, Adventurer, and Malig Knight were datamined. Which fills the caster abled fliers we were missing, and the missing Master level rogue class we were missing. There's a few classes I hope come with them. But we know there's only 1 more. My first hope is Vanguard. Itd be a good option to toss in, maybe trade the axe skill Vanguard normally has for Lance. Or just add the Halberdier instead and give it a bonus with swords as well. Id also like to see Baron. We dont have any armored class at Master, so throwing in Baron would be quite nice. Lastly, a straight up mage class for both genders. Currently the only option is Gremory, but that's female only. If you want a caster focused male, you either have to stay in the previous tier or bump up to Mortal Savant. Alternatively, they could genderlock this one too and make it a dark magic oriented class, since we still get dark seals late game but no class to use them on, and Dark Magic fades outside of the few that just get the spells inherently.
  9. I think it might still be a 5th route myself. There's some stuff found through datamines that make me believe this, along with the fact that we have 5 save slots, not 4, which would otherwise be one for each route.
  10. Went with Annette for my Lions route, originally wasnt the plan but she ended up way better than I expected. Helps her timeskip design is top notch too. Eagles route I went Edelgard, figured I might as well since thats the only route I can do that in. Other than that, next one will definitely be Leonie. She might be the one I stick to in the future with Byleth, I just like the set up between the two. spoilers for early game/stuff with Leonie
  11. Play El's path is what I say tbh. Its what Im doing ,and its a good way to understand where she was coming from with the BL route. Plus itll answer questions you might have about the church and things as a whole that BL doesnt offer. I also suggest making a separate save at Chapter 11, as thats when you make your choice between Edelgard or the Church, and just do the church route right after. That way you dont have to run through early game a 4th time to do it.
  12. I dont think we are getting side story dlc like the Deliverance DLC like SoV got or the DLC Fates got. Itd have to forego the game's mechanics to make it work, as it would in all reality only be about 3-4 chapters at most, maybe 5, which isnt enough time to meaninfully use any of the game's mechanics with a completely new cast of characters. With the amount of work that would have to be put into that to even make it worthwhile enough to use said mechanics, flesh out this entire new cast of characters, I’d rather they just make a prequel game and not shove it into dlc. Im thinking its either a companion piece to whatever route you play, which lets you use whoever you are currently using, or itll be a new route. "" New story content, with additional playable characters, locations and more" The fact that it mentions new story content with additional playable characters, locations, and more is what leads me to believe this as well. spoilers for early game/datamine
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