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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yduc1NDGaiA Here's a playthrough of the part I was talking about, the line being at 10:10 where Gilland says: "Our plan can proceed so long as the schism exists. Everything you've done is for nothing!" You interpretation makes sense, but if Gilland was meant to say that another will take his place so long as the schism exists, then is that why Jude & friends try to dispel the schism by fighting Maxwell? They tried to stop the terrorists by giving them what they want? Because the last time the schism opened a bunch of people died, not to mention by dispelling Rieze Maxia loses it's infinite fuel source? Did they feel bad for Alvin and Exodus and wanted to send them home? If so, what a nice gesture, I'm sure the friends and family of those poisoned by them at the coliseum are just going to love that. Yeah I've seen so much push for Milla and she's a really fun character to play but I regret choosing her. The part of the game where you're just running around Hamil with the Four was kinda dull really, not to mention that awful one on one boos fight with Múzet. Meanwhile, Jude fought Alvin and Ivar? Alvin shot Leia? I wanna see that.
  2. So I've been playing a lot of Tales games recently, Abyss, Berseria Graces F and Xillia 1. Xillia has been a lot of fun, great combat system, fun characters (though I think they pale in comparison to Abyss and Berseria) but where I feel like it's starting to falter is it's story. It's been interesting until the event where Milla decides to sacrifice herself to save everyone after they defeat Gilland and Celsius. Since then, the story has gone down a slippery slope of confusion and frustration, to the point where I'm pausing the cutscenes to process my thoughts of "What? Could you repeat that please?" So I was hoping if I list out my issues some peeps could fill me in. For the record I chose Milla's path and the last event I've experienced is the one where Jude and Milla chat on the roof of the apartment block and Gaius gives them the knife so I'd say at least one or two of my issues can be resolved with a Jude playthrough The whole schism thing really does not make sense to me. Exodus put so much resources into trying to kill Milla to disperse the schism, but Gilland says his plan will remain provided the schism remains, completely contradicting Exodus' mission, which is one of the reasons why Milla try to sacrifice herself, even though she isn't actually Maxwell, is this just plot content later down the line? Also, that boss fight Gilland felt like he was really trying to kill the gang so unless he's aware of Milla's identify his actions feel inconsistent. The whole part of the "Everyone decide on what you have to do and do what you feel is right" proposed by Jude when they find the dimensional breach really confuses me. Sure it provided a cute scene with Elize and Alvin on the swings, but exactly is the conflict here. Oh no we have to fight Gaius? Yeah he's been a help, but he's established since day one he doesn't want to be buddy buddy, that he's on an opposing side and you've already fought and presumably killed Agdria and Presa, so I don't get the sudden doubt and hesitation. How in the hell did Jude and the gang get to Maxwell get to that weird area where Maxwell is? I know I could probably get my answer from a Jude playthrough but Mila doesn't even question ow a group of humans reached the Lord of Spirits Gaius states he wishes to "unify both worlds" yet wishes to keep the schism in place, i.e the impassible wall and to destroy the entire world's livelihood. That sounds quite counter-productive to me. The Jude and Milla conversation on the roof of the apartment block didn't make a lot of sense to me. Jude appears to act like he knows Milla's "secret", which seems to be confirmed to him by the fact that Milla's leg rehabilitation device stopped working yet is walking just fine, but the characters talk in such a vague way here that I'm not even sure what they're talking about. Is it because Milla is just a decoy? Or is there more to her character that I haven't found out yet? The scene frustrates the hell out of me because the characters in the scene discuss information that I feel like I'm supposed to know but discuss it in such broad terms that I'm just totally lost. If it's about Milla's true purpose, wouldn't everyone have figured it out that Milla isn't Maxwell when they fought Maxwell in that space place? Also if Milla is human, why does she speak of humans like they're seperate from her? I get that's been her mentality but still.
  3. An idea that popped into my head a while back. I know there's a variety of issues, such as it's not the most popular game, that it's design and characters would clash like crazy, there could be an issue with Atlus and some may not even consider it to be an "FE" game but I thought it'd be cool to talk about. I feel like they could do it in two ways: Have the units who represent the game be the school kids in their normal attire, but transform into their battle gear/ idol gear for their critical hit art Have the Mirages of Chrom, Caeda etc. be the ambassadors, in a similar vein to the Spring Festival Event where it's the same character but a different style and get-up
  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! It's marking the day St. Patrick died, the person who introduced Christianity to Ireland. And yeah, people here do use it as an excuse for alcohol, but at least we put on some nice parades.
  5. I can see it happening on the VC. Mother 1 was released with how successful Earthbound was and if Echoes does well, showing an interest in the older FE games, then I couldn't see why they wouldn't just release it.
  6. I'd highly recommend Dragon Quest 9. It has a lot to do and I sunk a lot of time into it when I was younger.
  7. I remember seeing ads for this when I was a kid during the D/P craze, but seeing little about it since. It is nice to see it back again. I do wonder why they decided to bring it back, considering how it wasn't the biggest success in the world. I guess they saw potential in it by releasing it digitally and removing the issue of expensive figurines
  8. From what I've seen of it, I'm a big fan of. For lack of a better word, I like the more water-color style to it, and the animations look very nice as well. The sprites were nice as well, they felt distinct from the other 3DS games.
  9. I don't believe in the motion that Corrin is a villain, they had good intentions, but their idealism just got in the way and ended up with a worse reality compared to other paths. If Corrin had the intentions of creating destruction, then I would be more inclined to believe they're a villain. To be honest, I find Azura's actions to be more morally questionable then Corrin's in Conquest. She withholds important information from Corrin in not only Conquest but in Birthright as well for no reason, and her actions costed a lot of lives that could have been saved if she just got over herself and told Corrin and crew about what's really going on, like she did in Revelations right at the start of the game. (Sometimes I feel like Conquest should have had Revelations' story, Azura tells Corrin about Garon, Corrin tells the royal family, get to the core of the conflict)
  10. But to do so, free speech is heavily restricted and all world governments run dictatorships I wish that I could see and breathe underwater.
  11. I'd like to get some more reading done, I've been neglecting some really good books over the past while so I hope to make a good dent into my backlog. Happy New Year everyone, I hope it's a good one.
  12. While I haven't finished it yet, I highly recommend Gravity Rush Remastered. While the gameplay can take some getting used to, the game's setting and characters are memorable with a great soundtrack.
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