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  1. The Almighty Goddess of Strings, Yoko Shimomura i'd also like to hear something from Revo, and Falcom Sound Team jdk, but they're all impossible
  2. ike recovering some % while using aether since, you know, it's literally the only move in his set which is inspired by something from his game type advantage/disadvantage for pokemon fighters would be cool too, but also impossible because smash isn't a turn based rpg maybe link's arrows dealin a bit more % and knockback if you manage to hit your opponent's head? i mean they literally gave this very same mechanic to marth and lucina, although it's based in nothing from their games
  3. my tip is: "just play it, you'll have fun anyway"
  4. Xenoblade is the new Kingdom Hearts confirmed i'd love it though
  5. i'm super hyped for Bravely Default 2 and Trails of Cold Steel 3, and i'm also looking forward to Xenoblade Remake also, Alvis's pendant
  6. my main problem with map objectives is that most of them are played very similar to each other: Rout the enemy: kill everyone Defeat the boss: kill everyone (not required, but come on who doesn't do it) then kill the boss Escape: reach a certain tile, kill the boss (because 90% of the times the boss is on the tile you have to reach in order to escape), and only then you can actually escape Conquer: again, reach a certain tile, kill the boss, then conquer the only objectives which imo are played a bit differently are "Defend for --- turns" and "Escape within --- turns", because they require you to plan in advance in order to clear the map (if the turn limit isn't too generous), while you're also struggling not to get your units killed with these informations, i wonder: "how can i create new objectives so that a map is played very differently from other map's objectives?" first, let's think about most of the mechanics a Fire Emblem game has to offer: let's take Fire Emblem 7, for example 1) well of course we have the Weapon Triangle, as well as the Trinity of Magic; 2) then we have every class's quirks and peculiarities, as well as Class Change; 3) every character's Stats, Experience, Attack Speed, Accuracy and Critical, and Growth Rates; 4) different commands such as Rescue; 5) Player Phase and Enemy Phase, pretty obvious but i think it's important to mention them; 6) Villages, Houses, Shops and everything you can find on a map; 7) every weapon, their Stats and effects; 8 ) Items, Consumables and Money i know there are more, but let's focus on these ones now, what kind of interesting new objectives can we create with these mechanics? the first thing i thought about is a prison map (similar to that Thracia map where you recruit Fergus), and your objective is "Escape or Rout the Enemy within 10 turns" let's say that you start the chapter with a new unit, who's in the same cell as your lord, and this new character tells you that a friend of his is about to get there soon at the beginning of turn 2, the 2 guards will be distracted by a merchant who's trying to sell his products; he suddenly kills them, then opens your cell and gives your lord and the new unit a weapon each: he's a green unit, and he won't move, he'll just stay close to your cell what he will do, instead, is allowing your units to purchase items such as weapons, door/chest keys, vulneraries and everything you may need to clear the map, and since all of your other units are unarmed and locked in other cells, you WILL need to buy something... or maybe not? at the beginning of turn 3, other guards will notice the 2 corpses, and they'll start to call for reinforcements: that's when the turn count starts to matter, and you're basically forced to make a choice: 1) Escape: rush towards the exit, trying to take on the guards' attacks while they're still a reasonable and manageable amount, or 2) Rout the Enemy: play slower, try to open treasure chests and kill enemies to get EXP, at the cost of giving your units items and weapons you bought from the merchant, and risking not to kill every enemy within the turn limit if you clear by Escaping, your allies will still be saved by activating a mechanism which automatically opens every cell, and the merchant, as a reward for your "rash and daring performance", will reward you with valuable items, such as 2 stat boosters and promoting items, as well as a Brave Sword if you clear by Routing, you'll still save those allies you left inside their cells (if any), and the merchant, impressed by your prowess in battle, yet not completely satisfied with what he saw, will give you just one stat booster and promoting item so basically the entire point of this map is that you can't get everything it has to offer, you either get EXP, chest items and the merchant's worst reward, or you get almost no EXP and chest items, but you save your money and get the best reward these are not your only options though, as you can still try to open chests AND escape with only your 2 starting units, or you can also choose to free your allies, buy them weapons so that they can get EXP too AND escape, maybe leaving only one guard so that the chapter doesn't automatically end, although that would definitely be the hardest way to clear the chapter (you'd still please the merchant and get his best reward, it's still a game after all) but the way you choose to clear the map may also vary depending on your previous resource management: if you don't have enough money to free your allies and/or give them weapons because you spent it all in previous chapters, you're basically forced to rush and escape, but you'll still get the best reward this is what i came up with for now, but there are surely many more original map objectives one can imagine
  7. Ike and Alm for men's division, Micaiah and Celica for women's division
  8. NieR, both Replicant and Gestalt (Remaster) FE4, FE9 and FE10 (Remaster +/ Graphic Overhaul/ whatever you want to call it, i mean a Remake that is as faithful to the original source as possible (basically what Crash N-Sane Trilogy is to Crash 1, 2 and 3), though i'd like for FE4's Graphic Overhaul to be 2D and not 3D) Final Fantasy VI (Remake) this is my list foe now
  9. yep, genealogy's manga is very shoujo-oriented
  10. i'm playing Trails from Zero, walking my dog (it's still allowed here in Italy, although you must stay close to your house (yes, this is as vague as it sounds) and only for a limited period of time), and watching tons of videos on YT i also have university online classes, but tbh i don't really like it, my teachers don't know how to use Microsoft Teams properly and this makes following their classes much harder for us students Funfact: in Italy there are more people who got reported for not staying at home, doing their daily activities such as jogging and hanging out with friends like it was nothing, than infected people
  11. Sora: Keyblade Transformations - Grand Magic: In KH3, Sora can charge a sort of gauge which allows him to trigger a special effect, depending on which type of attacks he mainly utilized to charge it If Sora focuses on magic attacks, he'll be able to unleash a Grand Magic, an upgraded and much more powerful magic based on the type of magic he used the most (Firaga -> Firaja, Thundaga -> Thundaja and so on) If Sora focuses on physical attacks, he can trigger a Keyblade Transformation, which is different depending on the Keyblad he's using: this grants Sora a completely different moveset which allows for longer and more powerful combos, different properties and different magic effects To name just a few Keyblade Transformations, we have: Blizzard Blades: Sora's arms and feet are covered with ice blades, allowing Sora to skate instead of normally running and attacking with mostly slash-based attacks Double Arrowguns: Sora wields two guns which can shoot magic projectiles repeatedly, just like a machine gun, and Sora can't shield attacks during this form, he can only dodge, but he automatically shoots some projectiles while dodging; this can then evole into Magic Launcher, a big cannon which shoots slow magic bombs, but it can also be used for melee combos Counter Shield: Sora's Keyblade transforms intp a shield which allows him to perform mid-range combos as well as parrying enemy attacks and then immediately retaliate with a powerful counterattack Hyper Hammer: Sora's attacks are much more powerful and cover a wider area, thanks to this huge hammer's range; this can evolve into Drill Punch, that causes the hammer to transform into a big drill-arm that covers Sora's right hand, and allows his combos to be quicker, but not less powerful Now of course this would take a shit load of work to be implemented, and i don't expect them to, but honestly even just 1 or 2 transformation, maybe the least time-consuming ones, would make me so happy (i'm prioritizing Keyblade Transformations because magic would make Sora seem too similar to the Hero and Robin)
  12. that's why wise monarchs surround themselves with lots of reliable counselors: one single person, no matter how idealistic or powerful, simply can't rule a kingdom, let alone a whole continent, on his/her own because being controversial what edelgard's entire character is all about...? i mean seriously, let people dislike what they want, they can't undermine your appreciacion towards those things, and there's no need to shove your reasons why they're wrong down their throats, just live and let live, it's ok to disagree about something Hitler probably had what, in his head, seemed like very valid reasons to exterminate jews, and he probably didn't live a happy childhood; after all, he only did what he thought was good for his beloved Germany feel the sarcasm does this mean that people who fail to comprehend his complex and somber past are wrong?
  13. i think i know what a certain green-haired traveling bard would tell edelgard "You know who suffers then? The people" @omegaxis1 you said you can't know for sure whether your actions will cause the desired result unless you bring them forth what i think is that a tactician like Soren would be able to do that with a certain degree of accuracy yeah, imo edelgard lacks a reasonable, capable and unbiased tactician, who can advise her about the consequences of her actions, a role hubert clearly can't fit point is, i doubt she would listen anyway, she's way too convinced she has to carry on her war, she wouldn't change her mind so yeah, while determination is indeed commendable, it only is when your purpose is positive is edelgard's purpose positive? well, that's her character's entire point i guess, everyone has a different opinion about it for me, it isn't, not in the slightest
  14. i personally really hate what she does, and i can't see myself ever changing my mind on this however, for me, this hate i feel towards her is due to her very good writing, in fact i can't think of another non-Fates FE character which makes me feel so damn disgusted (in a good way) when appearing on screen anyway, she'll always hold a special place in my heart, because she's a perfect example of what i do not intend to be or do in my life (presumptuous, full of myself, presuming i know what is best for others, and forcing my beliefs on who's weaker than me) putting aside her most controversial aspects (so basically 80% of her whole character), she's a nice cute girl with a rather likabe personality were she a real person, i'd honestly try and get to know her, so that i can see how she actually is behind her composed demeanor also, i find it so hilarious that the most human characters in the whole series, namely Makalov and Brom, are left in the dust, or even harshly hated and criticized in Makalov's case is being a cute anime girl really that big of a deal for people? i mean both Makalov and Brom are appreciable their own way
  15. i'm happy i wasn't wrong, this banner is of zero interest to me my orbs and sanity due to a possible Bunny Rhea: preserved anyway why is no one mentioning how stupid Est's weapon's effect is, compared to its condition? i mean, all stats+5 during combat AND penalty negation JUST BY HAVING AN ALLY WITHIN 2 SPACES, and of course atk +3 because why the hell not people like to make memes about how short early 2017 prf weapon's descriptions were, and now IntSys throws them all out of the window by adding a prf weapon with a description just as short, but 100000 times better, it's absurd also yeah, idunn is op, but that's to be expected from an armored dragon duo unit i'm honestly surprised she doesn't have 200 BST since they're technically 2 dragons counting as one unit
  16. super fake genealogy's never gonna get any seasonal alt
  17. My changes would be: 1) A big roster cut, leaving 45/50 characters at most, counting both veterans and newcomers: in particular, Fire Emblem characters would be reduced to just Marth, Ike, Robin and Byleth Most notable newcomers: Estelle Bright/Lloyd Bannings/Rean Schwarzer (Trails series), 2B (NieR:Automata), Mark Evans (Inazuma Eleven), Tiz Arrior/Agnés Oblige/Ringabel/Edea Lee (Bravely Series), Rex and Pyra (Xenoblade 2) Furthermore, Echo Fighters would be costumes for their original fighters, except for Ken 2) A brief description for every Spirit/Trophies just like previous Smash games 3) Return of Melee "Break the Targets" minigame 4) Return of Home Run Contest 5) Return of Boss Rush and All-Stars modes 6) More Mii Fighters archetypes these are the things i would focus on if i were to make Smash 6, i would think about other things later
  18. i can't really see the guy being Boyd, the hair just doesn't match, even though it's definitely similar as for the physical build, imo that guy's too beefy to be Boyd, not even RD version Boyd, so yeah i guess i'm Bartre gang also Boyd just needs to be introduced as a regular new hero come on as for the girl, i really have no idea, she both reminds me and doesn't remind me of Est at the same time, although that could be due to the artist's own style, but i'm not sure anyway yeah, Est is 99% confirmed to be in this banner, if previous Spring banners are anything to go by af for other potential candidates, imo 2 Heroes character seem very likely to be part of the banner, it's been a trend since 2018's Spring banner and i don't see IntSys stopping right now although i would really like to know what even is remotely interesting about Heroes' OCs but that's probably just me Lif and Thrasir are my bets, but Eir and Fjorm are just as likely all these things considered, i can now say without any kind of doubt that Spring banners are my most disliked seasonal banners, they all seem to feature characters i'm not interested in at all, except for Paula and Loki although Bunny Rhea might change my mind...
  19. Avatar: Shinkou (a character in my Pathfinder adventure, he's the son of the girl in my Profile Pic) Class: Mage Fighter (he's a Magus, a Mage/Swordfighter hybrid, so yeah) --------- Lord: Sigurd Mercenary: PoR Ike Myrmidon: Ayra Thief: Sothe, because he technically is a pre-promoted Thief...? Anyway, if Sothe doesn't count, I'm going with Matthew Fighter: Boyd Brigand/Pirate: Nedata Cavalier: Makalov Armor Knight: Gatrie Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee Archer: Brigid Bow Knight: Astrid Pegasus Knight: Paula Wyvern Rider: Haar Anima Mage: Levin (Sage) Light Mage: Oliver Dark Mage: Pelleas Cleric/Priest: Mercedes Troubadour: Marianne Dancer: PoR Reyson (I wanted to add Lene, but Reyson flies and refreshes 4 allies when transformed, so yeah Reyson is my pick for dancers) Trainee: Faye Manakete: Nagi Beast: Caineghis
  20. only interested in that New Heroes Banner in early april, but i MIGHT be pulling on that Even Skills Banner, if Karla's present and she's the only red focus unit (unlikely): i only need 2 more to +10 her
  21. i generally liked them, there's almost no character i strongly dislike like i do with Fates's cast: the only two i can say i REALLY don't like at all and towards whom i feel something very close to hatred are Edelgard and Lysithea; i'm also not exactly fond of Bernadetta and Lynhardt, but it's not that i dislike them there are also characters i feel neutral about, such as Petra, Ingrid, Ashe, Raphael and Ignatz, but the characters i like are much more numerous: Rhea, Dimitri, Manuela, Dorothea, Marianne, Hilda, Mercedes, Annette, Sylvain, Felix, Dedue, Caspar and more so i'm overall quite satisfied with 3H's cast
  22. well tbh Sephiran could be a colorless infantry mage with Cordelia (Creiddylad, i just love to use its italian name), it's just as possible as Staff Sephiran with Ashera Staff
  23. i honestly wouldn't add them in SoV they were fine since Gaiden wasn't exactly a master example of battle mechanics, it was just "brute force vs brute force", and positioning wasn't really a thing, except for woods and gravesa Genealogy absolutely isn't like that, so imo adding them would undermine the whole combat system which is balanced around skills, weapons, weight, speed, proximity of the Main Character and/or to a unit with Charm to gain Hit and Evasion bonuses, proximity of a sibling or a lover to get a chance to land critical hits, and so on
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