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  1. Micky, Florina, Sakura, and Lilina are cute. I want to hug them.
  2. I can't read anything in Japanese but I own a physical copy of fe6 and I've beaten it a couple of times. Of course I can't read anything but I have almost everything remembered off the back of my hand. Also it uses the same interface as fe7 and fe8 so it's really just remembering about what button does what. I mainly use the pictures to identify weapons but sometimes it can be tricky because I think both iron and steel weapons use the same picture. I actually find it pretty fun to play it this way on the gba instead of an emulator. With no save states it can be a hassle but that kinda is what makes it so fun! And I could maybe beat fe4 or fe12 in raw Japanese if I wanted to as well but I'm not quite as familiar with them as fe6.
  3. Wrestling is literally fake and gay
  5. I have this head cannon about an event in conquest. I can't remember exactly but I think it's chapter 13. The one where you fight Takumi and Scarlet in Cheve. After the battle the avatar asks Camilla about Scarlet and she said that Hans wanted to make an *example* out of her. We don't actually get to see what happens to her but I think that Hans and his men probably raped her and then hung her body up in the center of town for others to see. Now I know this wouldn't happen in a Nintendo game but seeing how harsh nohrains are said to be. Specially people like Hans and Garon I could see that happening.
  6. Boo camp is about as good as it gets if you want to max the stats on all your units. Until we get paragon dlc I would say this probably the fastest way.
  7. Looking for Arthur with swordfaire or Quitoxic
  8. Okay thank for saying that. I just wanted to know before I reset.
  9. I had Niles intercept her and when he defeated her the death music played. Now I know in some other child levels like Percy's you are supposed to defeat them but the death music did not play. Pretty much I need to know if I goofed or not.
  10. I did Sakura and Azura on my birthright file, although it was largely useless. I started a conquest game recently and I plan on A+ supporting my female avatar to either Velouria or Charlotte. I'm actually not sure if its possible to do that but my secondary class is oni savage. I wanna try and get a zerker with death blow so that's why.
  11. Azama. The man is amazing and he's a great unit. On my lunatic run he was a dread fighter and was one of my better units. Not to mention his quotes. "Death comes for everyone!"
  12. I wish I did but I do not. I had to get my SE at best buy after the direct before they sold out.
  13. "You put a ring on me!, You got married to Izana girl!" Oh my god this man is amazing.
  14. wow okay rude. But yeah I can see them working as cipher characters. I just wouldn't want them to be canonically alive when you get them and thus they shouldn't have any supports. Although I doubt this will happen it was just a fun thought. Who knows what future dlc may have in store.
  15. What if there were bonus trial maps for after you beat the game. Like fe6 and fe9 had. And in those maps you would be able to play as some boss characters or npc's, Like Mikoto, Garon, Iago, Sumeragi, etc. And of course it would be playing music from fire emblem Gaiden while playing the maps.
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