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  1. Welcome to the forest! I've lurked for just as much time, haha ~
  2. Anveena

    Hi there!

    Thanks! And... wow, that is really a lot of time! I tip my hat to you and your record, sir.
  3. Anveena

    Hi there!

    Thank you, both for your welcome and your kind words! ~
  4. Anveena

    Hi there!

    Starting a new topic in a language that is not my own is... difficult, but I'll try my best! Also, I'm no good with introductions. Hi! My name is Laura and I'm an Italian long time lurker fan of the series. I discovered SF by chance almost one year ago, registered and then totally forgot I made an account—this account. My english is not perfect, but I'll take this as a chance to improve: feel free to point out to me any silly mistake you spot! ~ I can be a real airhead sometimes, but I'm always eager to learn new things. My favorite FE game so far is Awakening, which I've almost consumed (hello it's me ~300 hours of gameplay), and I'm really excited for Fates releasing here in EU next month. I don't consider myself a "gamer", but I like to play games (mostly RPGs) in my free time: at the moment, I'm struggling my way through FF Explorers and Bravely Second—yes, I like to play with my 3DS when I can. Last, but not least, I'd like to say "thank you, bless you and your marvellous soul" to whoever in this community made the Kamui Customizer thing: it's fantastic! See you around! ~
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