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  1. Finally i could solved the problem. I dont really know what I do but it actually works. Basically at the end of the "Turn events" "Character events" and "Location events" I write ENDA. I change the "ENDA" for "TURN", "CHAR" and "LOCA" and now it works fine.
  2. Hi guys I have recently started with FE hacking and now im learning to do events, but actually I got a weird error that makes the games freezes. So here is the vid of what exactly happend... http://youtu.be/S7v7ElFuANI the problem is that when I move ally units the game crash. Also is such a simple script, (I only put 2 units, no turn events and that) so I am a bit confused about what have I done bad... I hope that you guys can help me.
  3. Hi. These days I´ve been learning how to make events. I made one and it has a problem. When i move one of my units the game freeze. The others thing work and if I end my turn without moving my units the enemies act normally. I´m really confused about what have i done bad. I wish something could help me ;-; .
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