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  1. My greedy ass has spent the last hour trying to get the gold convoy on chapter 13 with a horribly suboptimal team that had zero means of healing aside from Athol. You know, who can't move. ...Victory tastes good. Also I so wish these two become playable in some game down the line. Unlike Orphelia, I didn't get them in VS2. I guess one can't win them all. They better make an appearance in the future, though. Calliera is super cool and Sendric's facial hair is out of this world.
  2. ...A different source told me recently that Xenoblade 2 has like 10 hours of tutorials. Now you say the tutorials are awful and teach only the barest minimum. Now my question is: Are you fucking kidding me
  3. Vestaria Saga 1 walked and tripped so that Vestaria 2 could soar the skies. You can really tell he learned a few lessons from his mistakes in this game. Are you convinced to continue VS2 yet ...I mean, not when it comes to writing romance, but--
  4. Yeah, this is a good point. Ward and Tianna are both great, but they're great in a vacuum. Zade's pals have a lot more interesting dynamics with him and bring out sides of him that Reese never really gets to exhibit because he spends too long listening to people talk about things bigger than him. And then you end up with that silliness where the game tries to give him a romance and it ends up reading embarrassingly stiff.
  5. Haven't played Wonder (yet?) but this gave me a silly idea. You know how there's a wonder flower that turns Mario and friends into goombas? How about the inverse - a wonder flower that gives a goomba a humanoid form, and it starts fighting you with a similar moveset to your characters. Kinda like Shadow Link from the second Zelda, just not as annoying if at all possible.
  6. Yeah... Shame. If only we got Aslanne instead of her scrub squad. That's very true and I do like that side of him. I mean, the events of VS2 basically happen because Zade felt the need to remove himself from Redessa, allowing Grevandel to do whatever he wanted unopposed. It might be his most key flaw. Still, I don't feel it's so well-reflected in his romance arc. To be fair, when I said he has no personality, I was exaggerating. Probably should've made that more clear. I do like Zade, he's above average as far as FE protags go. He's definitely not a sociopath like Reese.
  7. Very well, thank you for the confirmation. Guess I'll have to let Greasy Karajan have Lianka. I don't know, I feel this was less "Zade was intentionally written as only enduring it out of obligation" and more "Zade has no personality because he's a FE protagonist." They both drop all the cliché lines and they even get that cute CG of them kissing. And by VS2 she's become Peach, more or less, and he seems thoroughly in love (just, y'know, your typical protagonist love that is entirely saccharine). Could just be my own perception though. I certainly did. She has 8 mag and speed now. She's awesome. Yeah, it's not a true promotion. Huh... Welp. Guess I might just be bad. A dragon randomly appears at some point. I was just lucky enough that the first time the game deployed it on the first wave. What a disaster the Shyft map was. I forgot so many of its quirks.
  8. And here I'm proud of my like 8 Berwick runs That's hilarious. "I will be watching you! Should you dare try to run, I will bring you back and execute your little harem!" "Ok how about I do it anyway" Say, I can get Cromwell and Rastelle by letting Eddard die in the prison map, right? I don't want to miss my chance to get them.
  9. Say, a fellow Berwick lover in the Gay Fates server got me to make this. Berwick Saga map tier list. https://tiermaker.com/create/berwick-saga-maps-16496674 Anyone who isn't the fliers can barely make it. I had Accorte dash north at full throttle and she barely made it in time to nick a brigand. As for the fliers... Sure, but if the Doyenne is gone, or they fell behind in stats, good luck getting them to help in any meaningful way against brigands that were designed to threaten a prepromote with a tome that halves all damage. Siegfried too? Siegfried needs to haul ass to the chest, he hasn't the time to go the opposite way to nail a dragon. How'd you do it? Hahaha I made her a mage so she can't use it hahaha.
  10. Honestly, it's hilarious how badly the whole situation is designed. I'm trying to think if there's something like it in VS2, but... honestly, I'm drawing a blank. There's not even a desert map in VS2. Because VS2 is the better game. I really feel you blow the mechanic's effects way out of proportion. With the game's lenient stat progression it's not that much of a hassle for backup units to keep up, nor are units going to fall behind just from missing out on a single chapter. And even without grinding the stamina drink shop, the game gives you a decent amount of drinks if there's a unit you absolutely must deploy. Thracia has plenty of flaws but fatigue is the least of its problems, in my humble opinion.
  11. And of course, there's the stupidity that if Siegfried doesn't make it to the chest, Zweiras executes him, orders his body burned and then Hilda calls him a son of a bitch and threatens to kill him. If Siegfried does make it to the chest, Zweiras executes him, orders his body burned and then Hilda calls him a son of a bitch and threatens to kill him. If the chest is reached, Hilda survives the encounter, and then it's revealed Siegfried used a magical totem of some kind to revive himself after dying, and some weird magic to swap places with his captor (he has neither of these in the gameplay section). If the chest is not reached, Hilda dies there and Siegfried... I don't know, is too heartbroken to use his multiple Plot Magicks to survive the encounter? And just dies, leaving Lianka as the sole survivor. This is all incredibly arbitrary and I hate it. Oh, and to add insult to injury, right after the rescue, the game spawned wyverns on top of Cezar when he went to get the northern chests. For fuck's fucking sake, what a shit map this is.
  12. Yeah I don't know, that's clear enough to me. It doesn't say "10 turns of the glass from now", it says "the 10th turn of the glass." It even highlights "10th turn" so it's extra clear. That being said, the window is insanely tight. Siegfried gets to the chest on turn 10 if he has moved as far as he can on every single turn, pretty much. This does not synergize well with the fact that all the enemies in his path have axe defend, which is basically a RNG% chance of Siegfried being unable to move forward... And, y'know, losing. And on top of that, Hilda cannot move well on the desert, so she falls woefully behind and can't help Siggy out with her brave axe. And on top of that, Siegfried dies if he eats a few hits, so even with his personal tome he needs some lucky dodges. Not a greatly designed challenge, this. Also, fucking fantastic start. I am so happy I made this choice. Well... Yes, that's what I'm saying. If you hate fatigue that much you can do that, but fatigue isn't nearly impactful enough to warrant such extreme measures.
  13. Yeah in that situation it's fair, an upgrade's going to be substantial. But in my case my computers can handle almost everything I throw at them. Switch emulation is the first thing I've encountered that I cannot comfortably play, and the only Switch game I really need to play on PC is Engage, everything else doesn't need mods and is fine on the console itself. It's just not reasonable. Oh well. There'll always be Sacred Tome of Nocturne. Can't wait to play that again after I'm done with the VS1 run...
  14. Maaaan envy. My computers cannot manage that. And I cannot justify upgrading for a single game, least of all without a job and with the current expenses our family faces, so... Welp. Guess it'll be another three or four years before I can comfortably play this game. Eh. It's fine. I made an attempt at resuming the old maddening save file and it swiftly killed my brief wish to return to the game. I can wait a few years until I'm ready to give up on the bragging rights and restart from the beginning. I mean, I'm not saying it's great, I'm saying it's not so awful. But it could definitely be better, and it is, im VS2. ...Also, no, the arena geinding in Thracia is not necessary. It's just the argument for people who hate fatigue that much, but it's really not nearly that impactful a mechanic. Yeah KagaSaga really wants you to do away with this mindset. Gram is a weapon to be used throughout the game and restored with repairstones as needed.
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