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  1. Well, this was a fun experience. You're probably aware of this already, but "Othin" in the final chapter can't use the Vouge he comes with. Not that I was complaining Thanks again for making this!
  2. Ah, that's too bad. No big deal - I'm still gonna have a lot of fun with this.
  3. I think I know what my next FE5 playthrough is going to look like! Would it be at all possible to give Julius the Dark Prince class (or at least its overworld sprites)? I have a feeling it may be too much work to get it to function properly given it's unused in the base game, but it would certainly help to distinguish him a little more from all the other Dark Bishops. x)
  4. My defense encountered this...thing the other day. Far be it from me to critique others' use of feathers, but I don't know about this one.
  5. @SatsumaFSoysoy Your ladies are just as strong as ever, and nice to see Nanna added to the mix this time! Looking forward to seeing what Celica's refine brings to the table next month.^^
  6. She is one of the few easily accessible units with solid matchups against every Anima mythic. Spd-stacked Brunnya brushes off even Thrasir.
  7. Was wondering why they led with the most anticipated part of the channel instead of saving it for last, but that was answered pretty quickly. I don't think they could have made these units more boring if they tried. If legendary Edelgard is any indication, the inevitable Dimitri and Claude legends are almost certainly going to be the same weapon/movement class with a similar outfit. Unless Claude's bow does something really unique/crazy, I fear that he especially will have a relatively short shelf life for those who were looking forward to investing in these. Three Houses is all about unit customization so this is especially disappointing. Jorge is a joke, and if there is truth to the allegation that his high number of votes was the result of botting what kind of message does his inclusion into the game, and association with CYL, send? I expect to see a lot more of this next year. Trait Fruit is a fantastic addition. Depending on what the influx is like, it's going to be a lot less tempting now to "fix" poor IV units with merges, and just save the feathers/skill fodder instead.
  8. Music in arena modes appears to be randomized now, similar to AR. Best part of the update and it wasn't even part of the announcement.
  9. You're not the first I've seen who has problems with his regular art...personally I think it suits him but I won't say no to a resplendent version. I expect Xander will be the first GHB to get one, but until then I won't get my hopes up. @Vicious Sal Nice Brunnya show! I know she's a good choice for a grail unit, and seeing yours makes me feel even better about building mine. Spd/Res Solo is pretty much the perfect seal for her. @mcsilas If there's anything I'm learning from watching these clears, it's that Klein should be my next archer merge project. Igrene is a force as always, and I never thought I'd see Wolt in one of these haha. Too bad he never got to use his Brazen, but that just speaks to how strong his allies were. Your Hector could not have been more different than mine lol.
  10. @Alexmender Awesome Cecilia! Non-one turn clears that manage to bypass all the reinforcements are quite rare, so that was nice to see. Broadleaf really seems to make all the other daggers pale in comparison. @Maaka Seeing all your Bartre use in previous one-turn clears, I kinda figured this one would be right up your ally! And no dancer to boot! I was surprised to see spring Fir just one round Hector like that. @GuiltyLove Lalum is one of those units I always forget was even added to this game - I'm sure many are wishing they had her now. Igrene really makes this map look like a joke. @Unknown Gamer11 Ooh, this is a nice squad, especially that Lugh. I don't think I've ever seen him at +10 before. A very unique team of units with great builds I can appreciate as a fellow FE6 guy. @Flying Shogi Roy performs very well despite the IVs I see. A testament to the strength of Bonus Doubler + built-in DC. Good on you for getting rid of that fridge early - most everyone else seem inclined to save him for last. @Landmaster I see we had similar ideas on where to source our music this time around! Glad to see Sophia is still going strong since the Bramimond fight. That poor Lance Fighter Galeforcing right into her death lol. At least they were merciful and didn't give the fridge Wary Fighter this time... @NSSKG151 Klein sure cleaned house here. I think if I were ever to build a quad Archer it would be him for sure. Lilina and Cecilia's lack of stars certainly didn't stop them either! I never thought I'd make a video for a Limited battle, but once more I found a golden opportunity to do something neat that the regular LHBs don't really allow for. I have many FE6 characters I've invested in, but I decided I only needed two of them. Granted they're two of the strongest, wisest, most beautiful, and righteous units around, but don't let that distract you too much. I'm quite proud of this one.
  11. The things I get to fight sometimes, man. Wake me up when they decide to add a competent Astra mythic.
  12. If Eremiya doesn't come with Wrathful/Dazzling they're wasting our time.
  13. Chapter 2 is one of my favorite chapters in FE4, and was the chapter that made me fall in the love with the game. It is where the story well and truly shifts into the political drama it’s known for, introduces many great characters like Lachesis and the Silessian crew, and boasts one of the most memorable map themes in the series. I’m beating around the bush however – from my understanding it isn’t the story, setting, or music players tend to cite as problems here. I can understand why some may not appreciate it from a gameplay perspective. On the surface horse emblem is just as prevalent as ever, there is some backtracking, Lewyn and Silvia’s isolated starting position is awkward to correct, and the Mackily bottleneck can be a nuisance. Personally, the more I play it the more I like it. It incentivizes the player into action right from the get-go, and slamming into Elliot’s cavalry with your own is so satisfying. Mileage will vary, but I’ve never had a problem getting my infantry to meaningfully contribute while on A-rank tactic pace. They can finish off the Hierhein blockade, and help out a little with the Voltz Mercenaries before heading back down to prepare for the Macikly assault. Speaking of which – despite the occasional tedium, I appreciate what I assume they were going for. Unlike many castle assaults in the series, even those touted to be “impregnable”, Mackily genuinely feels well-defended. Which makes sense given its geography and the establishment of its lord as a cautious, level-headed individual who’s had time to assess the flow of the battle. It’s one of the many great story/gameplay integrations in the Jugdral duology. The only things I would really change about the chapter would be to make Eve’s survival in the beginning less RNG-based, and to give Lewyn and Silvia a more efficient way out of the village area that doesn't require Warp/Return. Perhaps have a land-slide in the southern portion between Nordion and Mackily that occurs after seizing Anphony, similar to what occurs after conquering Yied in Chapter 7. They could even allude to it in the village Lewyn appears from, stating that the cliff-side in that area is very unstable.
  14. @mcsilas He's my most wanted mythic/legendary for sure. I have my doubts it will happen, but you never know! Leif really showing why he's a contender for best legendary unit. Normally I find the Vantage/Meister combo gimmicky without CC/DC, but Njörun's Zeal helps considerably with getting out of the way of the melee enemies. I appreciate that Altena was able to get some good fighting in at the end.
  15. I say save Nemesis for a legendary/mythic, Seteth for a church-focused banner, and give us Metodey as the CYL GHB.
  16. @Diovani Bressan It was his most productive battle yet, for sure. I really like that Special Spiral Marth build! It synergies so well with his weapon and special. IS was crazy to make him a 4* focus. @Sasori Ayy, it's the return of the DD4 Julius! Nice one. An impressive sustain-Chad build too! Get that man some Mystic Boost too if you're able. @Landmaster I figured it was something like that - now that I think about it I don't think I've ever seen a dancer in your clears.
  17. I'm inclined to agree, though it's not necessarily the enemy-phase flier part that's bad. Units with poor Res who struggle with ranged threats are a hard sell in any of the competitive modes. Speaking of enemy-phase fliers - Guard Bearing caught my eye from the trailer. I'm guessing it's flier only from the 3H skill it's based on, and might help the class engage a defense team they might have otherwise struggled to do. Still...I'll wait and see what other impressions are like before I consider pulling for it. If it's really just one time use, that might be a little too situational for my liking.
  18. And I'm not telling them they can't build their favorites, and it certainly wasn't my intent to demoralize them. You're responding to someone who's most invested unit is Narcian - pre-refine he was a contender for worst green unit in the game. I am no stranger to vanity projects, let's just put it that way. I just don't feel comfortable justifying said projects as anything other than that. I think if someone really likes a certain unit/character, they're going to build them regardless of how they perform and will never ask the question to begin with.
  19. Travant (and other similar units) sucks because this is a game of finite resources and he offers no incentive for players to build him over cheaper, common-pool units that perform similarly or better. Oversaturated meta-irrelevant class, no exclusive weapon, no special abilities, no special perks like high BST. He is "usable" like nearly every character in this game, but players who aren't die-hard Travant and/or Ippei fans are generally looking for more than that. Again excluding personal biases, I could never in good conscious recommend that someone invest a lot of resources into a unit like Travant...or Heath...or Haar...etc. All those combat numbers above tell me is that if I really need a unit with that particular stat line and class, I'll invest in Altena and take my grails elsewhere.
  20. Since he scores better than my previous pair-up legend I was hoping to use Seliph as my new AB battery, but in practice his lack of a player phase makes him almost unusable in that mode. Even on weeks where one doesn't have to deal with frustrating enemies like Gerik, a level of pro-activity is needed that I feel Seliph cannot provide. Back to Julia I guess, at least until I can pull Leif.
  21. @Landmaster He's come a long way from his 2017 Emerald Axe days, that's for sure. :') I see that you continue to make good use of the free TT healers they like to give us! I imagine this won't be the last time we see that Palm staff. Unconditional -5 Spd on the enemy is so good for staffers. It took me until almost the end of the vid to notice that Mira didn't have her dance skill...a self-imposed challenge? @Unknown Gamer11 You got a nice theme going yourself! That's quite a lot of power for a freshly promoted Jagen - he'll be a fantastic mage tank that's for sure. @SatsumaFSoysoy Let me use dark blessings on offense, IS =(. Narcian's the secret 13th deadlord - a souvenir from Julius and Ishtar's vacation in Aquleia. x) Your clears always seem to surprise me in how unconventional they manage to be using (mostly) standard build archetypes. Like, I don't know what I was expecting out of the Seliph battle, but certainly not Kagero initiating not once but twice, tanking an Ignis along the way. As an aside, the music you use for these always makes me nostalgic lol.
  22. Anyone who's familiar with FE4 and the types of units I like to use in these maps will know this is pretty much the perfect LHB for me lol. I was planning on incorporating dialogue into the video, but that turned out to be a little too ambitious for the editing software I use (What will I do with these dialogue cards now?). Nonetheless I'm still happy with how it turned out! Ice Dragon already mentioned it, but I love how they incorporated the Gen II child characters as the generic enemies, similar to how Julius's GHB had the 12 Deadlords.
  23. Missed out on tier 27 by the slimmest of margins this week...and in such a stupid way. Only my opponents' Mirabilis and Silvia remained, which should have been free. Took out Silvia, and all that remained was Mira on a defense tile. My 20 hp Gangrel (on the adjacent Def tile) had tanked her on the previous turn for 7 damage, and the idea was to lure her off with a lower defense unit to safely dispatch her on the final turn. Even if she didn't move, two rounds from Ishtar and Gangrel getting his Glacies charged again would have been enough. I foolishly put someone next to Gangrel forgetting about her Def Sabotage, and the penalty added even more def debuffs thanks to her weapon. An exact 20 damage kill, leaving me 20 pts short. I'm so annoyed right now.
  24. Nowadays the best investment of Duel-skills are going to be units relegated almost strictly to support to make your arena life easier - in the case of colorless, Virion and Tethys make the most sense (worth pointing out however that Tethys scores up to six points less than Prf-weapon users with a high-scoring assist). High-bulk healers are not bad choices either. That being said, I'm tempted to just say hold on to Loki and invest in the now 3/4 star Norne instead if you really want a colorless arena unit. She hits the 170 score bin after one merge and without the Duel skill, freeing up the A-slot so she can be a more competent fighter.
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