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  1. You mean the Temple of Droplets? That's not a water dungeon, it's an ice dungeon. But I see. I almost never died in it. Huh... And I always felt like I was worst at video games than other people. Maybe I'm not as bad at games as I think and people are just better at some games than others.
  2. Well, I highly recommend it! It's on the easy and short side, I admit, but it's still a very fun game that has a neat story, good gameplay, and beautifully bright and colorful sprite graphics.
  3. Hahahaha. Yes you did. You said my posts "reek of racism." Therefore, calling me racist.
  4. See, this is the kind of insulting nonsense I'm talking about. I can't have ANY fucking opinion in here at all, ANY. I'm a racist if I say or disagree with ANYTHING. And you wonder why I don't like BLM and all. And Lord Raven, treat me with respect? LOL He's got a funny way of showing it. The things he says to me and about me just make me wish I could die. I'm not joking. He's lucky I'm not actually depressed and that my family's already lost someone to suicide.
  5. Yup, I'm a designer by nature. Studying to get a graphics communications degree. And genetics can work in funny ways. Especially in FE, it seems. You have especially odd cases like the Whitewing sisters who share basically no features...
  6. Oh, I know, I'm not blaming you for anything. I appreciate you pointing out the positive stuff too. But I see. Thanks for the advice.
  7. You know, I feel like posting the Ike x Elincia children I created some time ago to add to this ship train. @vanguard333 , you might even like them! Yeah, these two inherited a variety of characteristics from their parents. I like it that way. 😛
  8. That is true. But I also learned that no matter what I say on this subject, I'm going to be criticized, insulted, and perhaps even treated like I'm some kind of monster (see some of Lord Raven's behavior towards me. He literally thinks I'm racist. lol There's a reason I put him on ignore and it doesn't seem like he's gotten the hint yet). Doesn't matter if it's here or somewhere else, in fact. In fact, I guess I don't really know what to believe anymore...
  9. Why would I ever defend shit like this? I can't believe anyone here would think I would defend it. It's disgusting that a law enforcement agent would say garbage like this. And this is all I'm coming back in here to say. I'm done discussing this topic and I kind of regret even making this thread.
  10. Yeah, that is a fair point. But I was also thinking that green is still the smallest pool too. Yeah, Reyson is great!
  11. Next time we get a free refresher though, they ought to be green. I think Young Azura is the only free green refresher right now.
  12. That was always a funny moment with those three. lol Meg is cute too, she's underrated. She's a terrible unit, but she's a cute character. Zihark is also awesome. Best swordmaster character imo.
  13. Not before a proper Tellius banner, I hope. They are WAY overdue. And I know you want Brom, so I can't imagine you'd really disagree!
  14. I added my vote, but looks like it doesn't help enough. 😕 I don't think they have any business losing to some gross selfcest either...
  15. Armor March seal, nice! Eldy is looking pretty fine too! 😯
  16. My main horse team is totally going to be alternating a lot now if I can get my hands on this Sigurd. I've got +10 Reinhardt, Freddy, Hrid, and Sylvain and they all serve me well, and I still got a good legendary Ephraim too. And now Sigurd can really help all them out. XD Funny thing about that though, OG Sigurd was once part of my main horse team until Hrid replaced him. lol Now he's back in a new form! Haha.
  17. OH DAMN, I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T REALIZE SIGURD IS ON A HORSE. Yes, a cavalry refresher at LAST! I definitely want him now. XD
  18. I honestly wouldn't mind getting any of these peeps since I have a lot of interest in FE4, and in Sigurd in particular. Definitely going to be going for him and Deirdre primarily.
  19. Sigurd and Deirdre were correct! And it's entirely FE4. Huh. TT unit is Eldigan. Lachesis is the demote.
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