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  1. Hey! I tried what you said and I finally succeed! Thank you! But oh my god that was so long to get through eleven chapter just for that… :'( This is gonna take a while for me to include all of my fifteen avatars… :'(
  2. Woah thank you very much Carter! I assume that I'll be able to get my other Avatars when I'll upgrade the Card Shop! 'Cause right now there is only the characters from the story. :-)
  3. Thanks for responding ! When I go to the Card Shop in my main file, there is only a Kamui (the main file's Avatar), Felicia, Elise, Fighter, Mercenary and Rod Knight (I have the Nohr version) card… Do you know why ? :( Maybe because I gotta purchase the Avatar's card that I want in their own file first…? Thanks again.
  4. Hello guys, I have Fire Emblem Fates since yesterday and there is one thing that I absolutely want to know: WHERE is the logbook and HOW can I include Avatars from other files in my main one? I would really appreciate if someone could answer me I searched all day and find nothing Thanks ! (Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, or something like that, I'm french. :))
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