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  1. I was given the answer elsewhere, if anyone else needs to do this, use this code in your buildfile (or whatever files are included): //Skip Intro and Class Roll (otherwise pre-battle anims will crash this) ORG $c63ad BYTE $e0 Credit to Circleseverywhere
  2. I changed Eirika's animation in FE8 causing the rom to crash when the class reel starts. How do I get rid of it?
  3. Check out these links, they tell you what you need to know about FE8 hacking. WARNING: LONG! FE8 Eventing Guide: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/67611-wip-fe8-eventing-resourceguide/ Ultimate Tutorial V2 (Assumes you're hacking FE8) https://stackedit.io/viewer#!provider=gist&gistId=084645b0690253600f4aa2a57b76a105&filename=feutv2
  4. What would I do without you? (Seriously though, thanks a lot).
  5. So I've been experimenting with the FE8 native instruments map by Circleseverywhere, and there is no string ensemble in FE8. I want to change this, so how do I take an instrument, such as string ensemble 1, from FE7 and put it in FE8 so I can use it with the instrument map?
  6. It was there the whole time and I didn't see it... *Face palm* Thanks for putting up with that, and sorry I didn't have the keen eye to find it myself.
  7. Yes, I did that and found no reference to it, I tried all the MUS1 codes I could find, and none of them played the right song unfortunately. So I came here.
  8. I can't seem to find any reference to the sea sound effect which plays at the beginning of chapter 17 in FE7 in the rom. I've looked on the eventiel list and in nightmare and couldn't find an ID for it. I even went through sappy to try and find it but I didn't hear it (I may have skipped one but I checked over 300 sounds). With my life story finished does anyone know where it is and how I can use it in the rom?
  9. I applied the track patch back when I started music hacking and correct me if I'm wrong the sound limit is 12. The song has 9 tracks. I think you're right that there may be more than 12 sounds playing at once, I'll play around with the song and see what happens. Thanks! UPDATE: The problem was I went above the sound limit, I edited the song a bit, and the drums work perfectly, thanks!
  10. So I'm working on a song for my FE hack, and it plays perfectly in sappy and it is exactly how I want it to sound. However, once I insert it into the rom it plays but in some parts of the song several drum notes don't play or the drums are just cut out altogether for certain sections of the song. If anyone has any idea how to fix a problem like this, help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  11. Thanks Prime! I genuinely thought there was some weird trick for the palette thing. The script also works perfectly. :D
  12. So yeah I've got two questions: 1) How do I edit generic palettes like in Elibian Nights and TRTR? I'd like to have different palettes for different groups of enemies/allies (NPC ones). 2) After a scripted fight without an animation a unit dies, and then I have to use KILL command to kill him properly, in the events it looks a bit stupid. How do I make it so a unit dies in a scripted fight without animations?
  13. I want to do a scripted fight using just map animations, how would I do this using EA?
  14. Thanks but I already know how to do that and it works, (probably should have made it clearer before) I want to have an event happen when the door opens like a convo or units moving or enemies spawning
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