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  1. Having actually enjoyed how the Tellius games handled skills, I wouldn't mind seeing that mechanic come back
  2. So I was thinking about the possibility of having healers attack again, similar to Radiant Dawn, except it would function differently. It could work just like in Heroes, where their magic attacks would do half or so damage when targeting an enemies Res stat. Healer attacks could also serve a purpose, where as, again from Heroes, their hits could possibly debuff the enemies, or even provide stat boosts to teammates. Another method could be that Healers would only ever be able to counterattack, thus not be able to actually initiate battles, so that they could at least defend themselves. These were just some thoughts about how healers should be able to do more to support their team, and I'd like to here some thoughts on the topic.
  3. Probably the most fun yet thought provoking hack I've ever played. There are so many little details I love, whether its Leeroy being an actual glass cannon in the best way possible, or the satisfaction that comes with building up the soldier you get from chapter one into the strongest unit in the team. This really is a masterpiece considering it was done in a single week.
  4. I had a feeling this was the case, but nobody has mentioned it to me before now. Its because if I remember correctly, in Lukas and Clive's A support, Clive remarks that the war is coming to an end soon, ( I think, and I'm too lazy to check), but in my head I was thinking that if the player could just grind supports, then he could have said that as early as Chapter 1. Good to know that's cleared up though, thanks for letting me know.
  5. Faye's support with Silque starts off so shallow, it really brings out Faye's bias perspective and shows that she only cares about one person in such a selfish and creepy way. At least Leon still talked to Kamui instead of immediately brushing him off. Also, Gray's conversation with Clair is easily among the best supports in this game. It reveals a lot of their character, yet I don't like how Clair so easily switched from Alm to Gray, and I hate the fact that Gray accepted her with ease after everything she said to him, but I like the support so much because it reminds me that these characters aren't perfect, and I'm able to relate my life to their virtual ones.
  6. Mine has got to be Celica's desert map with the small fortress and that army of archers. That took forever when practically everyone but the pegasus knights were locked to 1-2 movement spaces. I've only ever played up to the end of Chapter 3 though so maybe I haven't seen the worst of it. Thoughts?
  7. I haven't been able to make much out of her so far.
  8. Do you guys have any ideas as to why Light Magic isn't it any one the 3ds Fire Emblems? And if it is included then how come there are very little tomes of it? (I played Thracia and I'm pretty sure their are only three)
  9. 1. Nephenee (the name of my future female daughter TBH) 2. Sue (I love me some nomads) 3. Fiona (let the hate commence) 4. Lyn (basically a myrmidon disguised as a lord) 5. Olwen (always liked her for some reason, probably because she could use swords and magic) 6. Sarem ( he's technically the first dark mage/ shaman and he just look really neat) 7. Gauis (sweets) 8. Cordelia (kick-ass flier that has red hair, RED HAIR, something that is REALLY abundant in fire emblem birthright) 9. Colm (He's a jerk to Neimi but he really helped me realize how much I love thieves) 10. Radd (little baby boy that deserves praise)
  10. I've always really enjoyed the Soldier class for some reason and I'm really glad that they're getting more representation as a class in Fore Emblem Fates, but I want to know what everybody else thinks about them.
  11. It's my second run of Thracia 776 and I'm currently on Ch. 18. It's one hell of weird chapter but just about every chapter in that game is weird. The whole process of having the villagers talk to all the Knights is just too difficult considering that reinforcements bombard you at every stair case and I'm not even sure if it's really worthwhile to recruit Xavier so I'm just thinking about heading straight forward into the fight and just killing everybody. My Dalsin actually got pretty good in this run so I probably don't even need Xavier. General Lv7 42 HP 20 Strength 4 Magic 13 Skill 10 Speed 4 Luck(Ew) 19 Def 20 Build And I have him the Charge skill manual to make up for his slow speed.
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