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  1. Here's another one for y'all : ) I assume I can't make a new topic I think I got in trouble with that in the past.
  2. Sorry for the slight necro but I did post another video on my channel and on this forum!
  3. Thanks again guys. Y'all make me feel special. I'm not sure I'll do another Radiant Dawn one again for a bit because of a bit of burnout but maybe in the future when I finally tackle Awakening I'll make one of those.
  4. Like the last one I posted, here you go! NO EAR RAPE! as usual.
  5. Thanks for all the great feedback guys. : ) I'm working with some more clips from Radiant Dawn now, I'm starting to conjure some good ideas. I'll make a new post here when I'm done!
  6. Hey guys, not sure if any of you are into YouTube Poops (or even if anyone knew people still make them) But i made one recently, THERES NO EAR RAPE (i hate that shit) Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-876bNYE0w
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