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  1. I do think it may be a bit presumptuous to assume the Sothis and Rhea supports aren't romantic because of a spreadsheet posted by IGN (also feel the same about the notion that this represents all playable characters, since we know for a fact that they are not allowed to talk about anything post-timeskip), but I do have to wonder about their relations to Byleth given their involvement with him. I mean, there's the obvious fact that Sothis is mostly only an entity Byleth can see and has had dreams about for a long time, but then there's also the fact that Rhea seemed rather willing to just bring Byleth into the fold as an instructor for highly prestigious military students despite probably having no actual experience as an instructor, especially when she's known for passing harsh judgment. So while I think there's still not enough information to definitively say their S-supports aren't romantic, I wouldn't be horribly surprised if they weren't. Also, okay, I can understand Sothis being Bylethsexual, but Rhea? She has all these trusted aides and people loyal to her, and she only interacts with Byleth? At least she and Sothis are the only ones, but still. I am very glad to see that Hanneman gets an A-support with Manuela, though; I can't wait to see which ways Manuela will inadvertently drive Hanneman up the wall, lmao.
  2. What I noticed more in this video was the free movement. It reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles on a grid. If I recall, I think Code Name S.T.E.A.M. had similar movement. Doesn't really affect the game too much, but it is an interesting form of presentation.
  3. I like that he tagged the actors of the house leaders. But does she do her best?
  4. I love how cheery Dorothea looks delivering that line. "Ahaha, yeah, I effin' hate your guts, you stuffy philistine, lmao" Also, it seems as though the "scary face" gene passed from Oboro down to Caspar, because holy hell does his angry face terrify me.
  5. Hmmm... So many Jugdrali actors and actresses in this game... 🤔 Probably means nothing. Also, I sure hope Cyril doesn't become the vessel of an evil dragon god that sacrifices children by forcing them to fight each other to the death.
  6. I will not argue with you, simply due to this: Try actual male bunnies. Bugs Bunny is the maximum shit.
  7. I'm just so glad that even the voice actress herself calls her by the nickname "Bernie".
  8. I was just about to post that ^ It's funny, I knew the voice was familiar and almost misattributed it to Lowenthal. Instead, it's the guy who voiced Boey in Shadows of Valentia and Cuan in FEH. I guess this means of the trio of house leaders in 3H, Dimitri is going to be the Cuan. So much for my prediction that he'll be the Sigurd.
  9. This is one of the most ignorant, tone deaf things I've heard in this thread. "Being found hot" is far, FAR from being the same as being accepted. Lemme tell you a story about how a lesbian couple were beaten like crazy because they refused to engage in public displays of affection for a man demanding it of them. Or lemme tell you about all the lesbians who have been abused, either physically or verbally, by men who try to control them and get them to make love to such men. Or about all the lesbian children who are sent to "gay conversion camps" by dogmatic, religious parents - camps that actually torture kids in an effort to emotionally "beat" the gay out of them. Or the lesbian children who are disowned by, again, dogmatic, religious parents. Or the lesbians who lose their jobs because their boss either is dogmatic and religious or didn't like that the lesbian doesn't appreciate his advances. I could go on and on and on, but lesbians are far from accepted. In fact, in some respects they're treated even worse due to the simple fact that they're women.
  10. This is some upper tier cleverness. Stop visiting 8chan and GameFAQs, lmao
  11. Also, I did overlook one point of contention... They really aren't. I won't get too much into it, but lesbians suffer micro-aggressions, violence, lacking job security, legal discrimination, and all the other awful things that gay men suffer. Sometimes the reasoning is different, but they still suffer all the same. The issue is that there's not that much diversity in the options. It'd be like if you were given the option of either eating a sandwich or one of two different burgers in a sit-in restaurant. Having Alois and Gilbert would be fine if they also had others. Like Kiran said, it would've been good to just have an "average" student in the mix; some relatively normal-looking dude. They wouldn't have necessarily had to have made one of the other house leaders or other plot-relevant characters gay, though that would've helped. When people criticize the choices, it isn't a denouncement of the characters, either as characters or as bi options. It's a denouncement of the fact that they're all we get when the devs could've included other options. I feel that's kind of why some people make a bigger deal about the number disparity; just two other options could've made the gay male options much better. Homosexuality is an arbitrary trait - by that, I mean it has basically no bearing on one's personality, especially in a fantasy world where they may not even face discrimination (and thus not have their personality be affected by it). So to that end, there's no real reason they couldn't make another character bi unless they were running out of budget and couldn't pay for the extra time and manpower to implement, like, two more supports.
  12. I'll say he looks perhaps a bit androgynous - that he more just doesn't have as abundantly masculine features as the other males have. Admittedly that mostly comes down to the hair and the bodies; the main thing that distinguishes him as male is that his body is stockier than the females in this game. You know, that has always been a big point of contention for me, so there's no excuse for why I hadn't thought about it earlier. I feel like whatever the outcome may be (they could be well-written, but still the age difference and circumstances are far from ideal), the proper response should be to provide our criticisms in a constructive and understanding manner. Because it does seem like they're trying, but they won't know what's wrong unless we tell them what exactly is wrong. This time it at least feels like they're generally avoiding basing their bi/gay characters on stereotypes, even if it's a rather roundabout way to do so on the male side.
  13. Avoid the internet. Alternatively, don't read spoiler tagged stuff. And also don't read topics pertaining to any kind of plot/character elements. @Kyan Surr Wouldn't be the first time they've made a bold or questionable design choice.
  14. Well, and IS isn't going around saying "Oh yeah, Ike was totally gay for Soren". They know Word of God will piss off their fandom which so strongly values their ability to create the relationships between characters that they want to create ever since Binding Blade. Worst case scenario they do some slight retcons, such as making Leon gay or making characters appear in New Mystery where they didn't appear in the original game (and tbf in the former case there was barely any story to begin with, so creative liberties were practically a necessity). JK Rowling's statement felt like a political publicity stunt - as if Rowling was just trying to add to her "progressive cred" by pretending that Harry Potter has always been representing the gay community. That's different from Intelligent Systems, who are actively including gay characters in their games under a generally positive light. Even if they make some mistakes, that's still better than what Rowling did, and they do deserve to be recognized for trying harder than a supposed staunch LGBTQ ally. And again, there are ways to include gay reps even in the absence of romance and sex, and given how great a novelist Rowling is I would imagine she'd know that - she should know that. Which only adds to the astonishment people had to such an inelegant way of involving progressive politics in one's own works as JK Rowling employed, and disillusioned fans to her authenticity as a supposed LGBTQ ally and proper novelist who lets her works speak for themselves.
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