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  1. Well... kinda. Tiki and Nagi are reincarnations of Naga. Not protagonists, but still. Aside from that, there are no proper reincarnations of dragons, but there are sort of reincarnations of old heroes and stories. Most notably there's Marth, who is basically Anri reincarnated, both through his journey along what would become known as Anri's Way and through his defeating of Medeus.
  2. Nah, I specifically mentioned those three because the other characters you listed (aside from the FE8 ones) all show up quite a bit later. In my mind, the three I listed aren't of the same category because join time makes up a substantial difference. Those that join late at low levels are "Ests". The reason it's a substantial difference is that those like Donnel or Mozu don't need nearly as much investment to be good - they, at worst, just need to be fed a few kills. With Ests, you need to either feed them nearly impossible kills or grind, either in the arena or on a boss. Heck, even in FE8, the only early-comer "trainee" is Ross. Amelia comes after the path split - by which point you'd probably have fully formed the team you wish to use - and Ewan comes just before the paths' joining point, which by that point is just outright ridiculous.
  3. In Crimson Flower she's kind of a real bastard who goes full psycho. Though you don't actually see her do anything horrible until the very end. But you do pretty much see right from the get-go that she's meant to be the villain of that path, and she plays that role right up to the bitter end. Though even then, she still seems less villainous than TWSITD. Anyway... I think one of the strangest written characters in the series is Sothis.
  4. Shamir and Catherine are basically the Christmas knights - Abel and Cain. It's not the most readily apparent thing, but if you reclass them you'll find that Shamir's primary outfit color is green and Catherine's color schemes usually contain red in some form. Shamir's the cool, reserved one while Catherine's the hot-headed, talkative one. Felix is pretty much your typical anti-social swordfighter who cares only about fighting. Except deep down he's actually a softie who cares too much about all of his friends, but became jaded when he saw one of his closest friends kill his enemies without remorse. There are no Jeigans, but instead two characters who start off generally more powerful than the others - the protagonist and the character who brought them along on the journey. That is a trait shared by Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia, a la Alm and Lukas, and somewhat by Genealogy through Sigurd. There is an obviously evil organization that works under the shadows that is responsible for basically every terrible thing that happened, including the ancient first conflict. From more recent games, you have that "aptitude villager" character in the form of villager, who has continued that tradition of waning power. Strangely, this waning phenomenon has also resulted in their join times being easier to deal with. Donnel is probably the most potentially powerful villager, but it's so difficult for him to level even once in his paralogue that I figure a number of people failed to do so and thus failed to recruit him. Mozu is likely middle ground, not being particularly overpowering but being able to fulfill a desired niche as one of the only potential archers with great growths all around, and her recruitment's a bit of a pain to deal with, but not as much. Cyril is the most underwhelming of the trio, but he's easily the most usable right at start because he auto-levels based on your progress and has no requirements to join apart from your protagonist having a certain number of levels. There is a trio of female characters who specialize in flying and, as female characters, can acquire the Triangle Attack. They are: Petra, Ingrid, and Marianne. Admittedly only Ingrid is the one that truly specializes in becoming a pegasus knight, but Marianne has the makings to become one and Petra is easily enough trained to become one as well. There is so much Genealogy in this game, I don't think I want to go down the list of ways this game is similar to that one. There are dragons in this game. Also Oh, and how could anyone forget this, but there is a Fire Emblem in this game. It's
  5. I kinda just had a gut feeling that defeating her and Seteth with Byleth would cause them to be spared, mostly from the way they talked about how they didn't want to fight the professor and how the professor did so much for Flayn. It just turned out my gut instinct was right. I didn't really know anything, I probably just figured the opportunity to spare would come up because I also defeated Claude with Byleth and he was able to be spared. Really glad I spared them. If there were any potential deaths I was truly dreading, it was theirs'. Could stomach killing Dimitri, Dedue, Ingrid, Catherine, Cyril... hell, I could even stomach having Annette be the one to murder frickin' Gilbert. And I could definitely stomach killing Rhea, especially after she But I wouldn't be happy about killing Flayn and Seteth. I guess it's the For other units which I didn't recruit, like Hilda, I just avoided attacking them.
  6. Don't ignore the other part of what I said, I strongly believe it was due to advertising that we call them that still. Also I would say it'd be to prevent spoilers for those who haven't played the game enough to know who they are. Because, you know, the fact that they're attributed to an actual civilization with a name is fairly spoilery.
  7. Just look at this chapter list for each of the paths. Between Church and GD, all but three chapters have the exact same names, and the order is exactly the same, too. Now, I don't know how much is copied between the paths since I am the slowest FE:TH player on the planet and have only ever seen Crimson Flower, but I have a strong feeling those chapters wouldn't all be named the same things if they weren't entirely the same in other respects as well.
  8. Well, and there's the fact that Silver Snow is almost an exact copy of Verdant Wind. That's probably why some folks will say to just look up Silver Snow on YouTube. I'll say that I find myself skipping through dialogue in repeat playthroughs of Part 1. But I never skip scenes outright unless they're pre-rendered cutscenes because some dialogue choices affect your affinity with your allies. I also skip supports I've already seen, even the ones involving Byleth. Only exception is Rhea's because, like other scenes, there are dialogue options that increase your support with her, and opportunities to actually increase your bond with her are quite limited. As for the maps themselves? Well, I've sunk hundreds of hours into Awakening and Fates playing the same 20-or-so maps over and over, so I can bear playing the same 11 chapters over and over again.
  9. I'll say that it's an exception that I ever hear people say good things about him, and that I heard about his reputation without ever having even seen Makalov's face. Of course I now know things about him at this point, but when I first heard about him I didn't even know which game he came from - I just knew that people hated his guts.
  10. "The one most likely to complain about having headaches." Alternatively... "The one who doesn't know when to stop joking."
  11. The biggest problem for me with durability systems has always been that once they break, they're gone forever. That's fine for average, run of the mill weapons you can buy - it's even fine for more unique weapons like armorslayers and the like. But when you get your hands on that special one-of-a-kind weapon you can only get from defeating the uber mega boss in a secret, hidden level and you're only allowed to use it, like, ten times before it breaks, then it sucks because it then just feels like it exists mostly to be a tease until you get to the very end of the game. Enabling you to repair weapons makes it an actually interesting system that emphasizes inventory management without telling you that you're screwed out of luck if you break your one-of-a-kind weapons. And with that said, I also agree on the matter with relics. You are able to repair them with some rare ores, but... well, they're rare. I think you get some from the Dark Merchant and/or Anna, but that's pretty late into the game, and you get your first relic literally in the fourth chapter. Anyway, if a good game proves too easy, just limit yourself. One thing I'll suggest is doing a PMU, because then your characters' performance is at the mercy of players. And I'd also recommend imposing other limits on such a run, such as abstaining from using Divine Pulses or not doing auxiliary battles (other than the one that's required).
  12. Do you eat gloves? Callion's always the way to go for me personally, at least out of the lance cavaliers you get at that section in the game. Though Finn will always be my main man. Nothing beats brave-lancing the shit out of enemies.
  13. More like "people want to fuck anything". Humans are strange creatures. If it comes down to that, then of course it's not surprising every character has at least a few fans. You know Largo from Thracia 776? I sure as hell don't remember him much, but I'm sure someone somewhere out there adores that palette-swap of a man. I guess the issue is what you like about Makalov is what a lot of other people hate about him, and that's why you don't understand the hate. And I suppose that can't really be helped. I like horribly flawed or morally ambiguous characters like Oboro or Edelgard, yet there are some out there who absolutely despise them and I just don't get that hate. Or, I know the reasoning behind their hate, but I don't empathize with it. In any case, he's at least more entertaining to me than "Weed-Joke" Setsuna.
  14. Yet "knight" was a second tier class in Gaiden/SoV. Also Barons in Jugdral do not equate to Barons in Valentia. Jugdral Barons can use magic, and Valentian Barons only can wield lances. Also, Baron in Valentia is the direct promotion from Knight, just like General is in most other games.
  15. Yeah, I had to look up that name because I have absolutely no memory of Pheros. The Valm arc kinda buried her under more notable characters, like Mister Big-Lips-Strategist, Moustache dude, or Mister Obligatory Camus, not to mention Walhart himself. The Valm arc was overall the least memorable part of Awakening, I remember the Gangrel and Validar arcs much more vividly. I remember that random-ass green robed dude (the Hierarch) who betrays Emmeryn and then gets axed by the boss of his debut chapter more than I remember Pheros. I still think the faith in Mila is a bit faded, since the faith seems to hinge more on Tiki's influence than Mila's.
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