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  1. Whenever people would suggest that tropes are bad just because they exist/are deconstructed on TV Tropes, I'd refer them to this and this. Just because a trope has a lengthy explanation about what it is and how it employs other tropes doesn't mean it's a bad trope, and it's impossible to not have tropes, therefore it'd be impossible not to have elements of your medium's story explained by the site. Anyway,Camus trope is overrated. They're characters you're supposed to feel sorry for killing, but often times they're made to support such unreasonable causes that loyalty to them just feels too empty to give the Camus characters any reason to elicit sympathy. I just end up thinking "wow, you're stupid for supporting this warmongering piece of shit". A device I think is underrated is the gossip/narrative veil device. This is where most of the things you "know" about the villain are merely things you hear from second-hand or third-hand accounts, and you don't actually see a lot of things happen on-screen because the protagonist wasn't there. This lends itself well to throwing us great twists or otherwise subverting our expectations for shock. We see this in work with the Jugdral conspiracy, leaving the player frustrated and helpless that they didn't have enough information to prevent the tragedies that would transpire, and with Emperor Hardin, where up until his actual appearance in Book 2 you clung to this idea that the use of Lang to conquer Grust and the notion to execute Grust's royalty were all just misunderstandings and miscommunications, but as soon as you saw him talking about destroying "this disgusting world" you finally knew that he had truly changed.
  2. YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is a corporation, so it won't listen to people unless they start losing a significant amount of their business. All the petitions and public outcry in the world won't change their minds as long as they don't lose a cent of their annual profits. The solution for anyone who wants to make a career out of making internet videos is outsourcing. Go to Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter... whatever websites you can share your videos, content creators need to look to those places to find more fans, because Google doesn't want the little guy who can't afford to make videos every day of the week to become successful. For funding, you'll need to depend on the good will of your viewers - set up a Patreon and hope people on Twitch will give you subscriptions and bits. And make sure people know it's an option (don't be a dick about it, of course, tell them to only pay if they want to and can afford it) and offer benefits for those who donate or subscribe. One Twitch streamer I know lets people put music through an automated queue system that'll play live on stream if they donate $5 or more (his name is Simpleflips, and he's a funny speedrunner). Not only is this a better way of becoming successful as a content creator, but you also get to give YouTube the middle finger by showing them that you can be successful without their help. In my eyes, it's a win-win. Of course, it'll be difficult to become successful regardless of what route you take, but Google will only make it harder and harder for people to become famous and earn enough money on YouTube to make a living out of it, and becoming adaptable means you'll always be able to find a way to ride out any storm. If YouTube were to go down in a mighty crash somehow, people who built their entire careers off of YouTube would be devastated (some like Pewdiepie might be okay because name recognition will get them through any crisis, but people in the hundred-thousand or 1 million subscriber range would have a hard time if they depended entirely on YouTube), but those who expanded their reach to other platforms would be okay (they would be hurt, obviously, but they'd be able to recoup). I'm sorry to be contrarian here, but I'm just trying to be pragmatic, and I'm also very cynical about corporations. Google has not given me much reason to not doubt their intentions, and their continual ass-backwards policy making and over-reliance on bad systems with YouTube doesn't help with this. They care about their bottom line, that's why they made this change. They couldn't give less of a damn that disgusting middle-aged men were ogling at little girls and sharing links to child pornography on their platform, they just care that the government is slapping them with fines and taking away from their marginal profits. So I don't see why they'd suddenly care if, like, a thousand or so content creators they clearly don't give to shits about signed a petition and mailed it to them. The only way to get them to change is if a million or so people suddenly boycotted the service, or if someone like Pewdiepie boycotted the service (which I don't think he will, as much as he grandstands about being a representative of the will of your average YouTuber).
  3. I wonder what characters OP deems necessary/worthy of removal. There are some obvious ones that add nothing of value to the story or world such as Setsuna, but there are a number of other minor characters that help build what little world we've got in Fates. Not just talking about my favorite (most here know who that is), but other characters as well such as the tribal characters or the beast folk. If I were to remove characters, I'd start with basically all the 2nd Gen (or just have them show up in a post-ending scene, similar to Roy and Lilina in Blazing Sword) and the Awakening characters. Even if some of them are well-written, none of them add anything to the world of Fates. I might also be inclined to replace the Awakening characters with their children (except Selena, obviously). If children were to show up at all, the Awakening expies wouldn't in a fan-fiction I'd make. As for the continent name. I'm gonna agree with the idea that the kingdoms' names are also the names of continents, mostly just for the sake of not having to create a new name. They're different enough culturally (inferred that Nohr is basically Europe and Hoshido is basically Asia) that I think it could be believed.
  4. When dealing with datamines of future content, you're almost always dealing with just partial information, and often times it's hard to tell which things are assigned to what without a good amount of context and deductive reasoning. In Fire Emblem Warriors, all we had information on with datamines is that the characters that, at the time were NPCs (Oboro, Niles, Owain, and Navarre), were made to be playable, moreso than other NPCs such as Darios. We didn't know that we'd end up with Azura, Linde, Minerva, Tharja, and Olivia. Just like how in this we won't know the extent of how much dialogue and supports each of these characters will actually have. We only know that, at one point, they had plans to integrate these character interactions. There could be more, there could be changes... these could even be removed entirely, though I feel like that should be considered unlikely considering the fact that they actually spent time and effort writing these interactions. Again, it's a matter of understanding context and using deductive reasoning. Also a bit of guessing based on all that. For Bernadetta x Yuri, for example, you see the same personality traits from the two characters in full display in almost every string of dialogue; Bernadetta is utterly terrified of Yuri, and Yuri is sick and tired of Bernadetta's antics. They also both mention one another by name in one particular string of dialogue (in one of the "share a meal" dialogues between them, where Bernadetta tries giving Yuri her food and he sarcastically responds suggesting she's trying to dispose of the food she dislikes onto his plate). Similar logic can be followed with some of the other dialogues as well. Look for names and definitive personality traits.
  5. I trained Bernadetta in swords so that she could learn lethality from Assassin and become a Falcon Knight. Also trained Mercedes in lances to make her into a Holy Knight. Mostly just testing the waters with that. Trained Felix as well in Authority, as I kept glossing over the fact that his personal skill means he's probably better off not fighting alongside a battalion. I'd like to see if I can train Lysithea and Annette in Heavy Armor. The former is just super squishy, and the latter could use the -3/-5 Weight skill because otherwise she's not gonna have fun using axes. Also trying to train Catherine and Manuela to be Mortal Savants. Again, just testing the waters. Also, does anyone else find it funny that Jeritza is the guy who teaches you about the Battalion Guild, yet he has a weakness in Authority?
  6. This is why Annette is one of my favorite characters in the game, lmao A date at iHop sounds like only the best of times, if only because regardless of how the date turns out I still get to eat scrumptious buttermilk pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. In happiness or loneliness, I will enjoy an excellent breakfast. I could totally see Lorenz being the guy who says "I'm not racist! My best friend is black!" At the very least, I could see it in pre-skip Lorenz. Post-skip Lorenz would've received too humbling from just about everyone he talks with to be that ostentatious.
  7. They're all dragons, just different kinds of dragons. You can tell because when you get the crest stones for Seiros and the others, it'll say they're the crest of "[x] dragon", with the [x] being whatever type of dragon they are. Seiros is a Sky Dragon, Cichol is an Earth Dragon, Cethlean is a Light Dragon, Macuil is a Wind Dragon, and Indech is a Water Dragon. Every other crest belongs to different dragons too, as you may remember that the crests of the Ten Elites were actually stolen by the humans who notoriously bore them (to be more precise stolen by Nemesis and implanted into those ten humans), not willfully given to them. They're not "dragons" as we know them from typical fantasy lore like in Dungeons and Dragons, but by FE standards they could be considered as such (because honestly the only requirement to be considered a "dragon" in Fire Emblem is being a big powerful beast that maybe utilizes breath attacks and also probably has a humanoid form). If Cichol had his dragon form intact it'd probably be some form of burrowing salamander-like beast, not too dissimilar to how they looked in the original incarnations of the Archanea stories. Cethlean would probably either look like Fae's dragon form or Tiki's dragon form, since the closest equivalent to a "light dragon" in FE history is the divine dragons. Also, Three Houses is the first game in the series where an Earth Dragon has harbored some degree of good will with humanity. Because before it was just Medeus and his legion of hateful followers who all sought to bring an end to humanity, as opposed to Cichol becoming an instructor and a lead figure in the main religion that guides mankind in Fódlan.
  8. Dude, I definitely think custom difficulty settings should be a thing; just about every other strategy game does them. A couple I can think of are Iron Man and Save In-Chapter. Iron Man Most of you know what this is, but for those that don't the idea is basically that you never rollback to a previous save (you essentially only save in case you need to leave and come back). This is a thing in XCOM - when a unit dies, they're dead for good, and if you fail a mission, you have to start the game over. For the longest time FE fans have had to simply emulate Iron Man runs, but never had it as an actual restriction. Save In-Chapter A thing in Casual Mode and Valkyria Chronicles. Choose whether you want to be able to save in the middle of a chapter battle or if saves are limited only to outside of battles and during preparations. I'd prefer to be able to do this while also keeping perma-death on. I don't like that Casual and Classic mode come as packages instead of just being given separate options. Hell, these two could probably be combined into one setting category, which would be "save type" (with the options being Iron Man, Classic, and Casual).
  9. Gonna echo Glennstavos on this, it was the announcement of Three Houses that started the hype. And back then, it was super hype because that FE Direct featured four games - Heroes, Warriors, Echoes, and Three Houses. Like, when you think about it we went from the series almost dying to suddenly getting all these games dumped on us. Even if some of them got mixed reception in the end, just the fact that FE had its own direct and it had all those big announcements was hype. All the vampire discussion did was help ensure people didn't stop talking about the game during the long dry spell of news. Anyway, onto my actual thoughts on the fake leak. Back then, a lot of people were extremely skeptical about how good it could actually turn out. I was... maybe semi skeptical if only because I knew how it could turn out poorly, but I also knew it had the potential to be good. I'm usually open to new ideas, and FE Vampires didn't seem as far-fetched as FE Mars Edition. If it was done Castlevania or Hellsing style, it'd be something I was down for. If it was weird, pandering, fetish stuff then I'm not sure I'd have liked it as much. It's funny, though, people were also skeptical about Three Houses having a school element. And while I'd say the actual application of the mechanic is probably not the best received among the fandom (not for reasons people would've thought, though; less to do with anime high school tropes and more to do with the fact that it bogged down future playthroughs, thus lowering player motivation to replay the game), the story generally hasn't gotten much flak (not as much as Fates, anyway). Now... I know this is well into the future between when the "leak" was thrown out there and the wave 4 DLC, but... I have to wonder if some of what was being talked about in that leak has anything to do with the Abyss. I say this mostly because of what this merchant said: "Absolute paradise for those who can't stay above ground." Hmm, people who can't stay above ground? That kinda sounds like vampires, or something akin to such creatures. Of course, it was a 4chan leak, and those are usually BS, but... I just wonder if somehow there's some connection. Not even necessarily that it'd actually be vampires, but maybe the "leak" was a highly changed and exaggerated version of whatever the Abyss concept was at the time (or rather, what the leaker may have heard about it at the time), or perhaps it was something the devs once considered. It's not too much of a stretch to go from "people who shun the surface" to vampires. It helps that people who talk about it seem to imply it's horribly inhospitable to those on the surface, with Anna herself telling you to stay the hell away from it.
  10. Minus the hungover part. That is, unless Manuela invited him out to dine and drink and he accepted for whatever reason.
  11. Ask vets what the right call would be. Stray cats could be unvaccinated and carry diseases or flees, so I'd recommend against trying to touch it. If you want to catch it and bring it to some kind of shelter, try to get it to enter a box or kennel that you can carry. Then I'd say go to the vet and have it checked on. There is a chance it's someone else's cat. If the vet doesn't show that it's chipped and it doesn't have a collar to tell you where it came from, see if you can't find people looking for a lost cat. Probably post about it on social media, showing a pic of the cat, so that people can spread the word and it can find a home. But again, the first thing I'd do is try to get consultation from a veterinarian on the matter because you never really know with stray animals. I'm just shooting in the dark right now.
  12. If there were golden retrievers in this game, they'd get all the good treats from me. I've had two golden doggo girls in my life so far, both of them were great. I'd also like to see a Fraldarius Bulldog (French Bulldog) and a type of Labrador Retriever.
  13. I'd say FEW is proof that Anna could have some nice supports that don't devolve into just her being Madame Capitalist, but that's just my opinion. Either way, I was kind of hoping she'd have something in the way of supports, even if they were in the style of Awakening and Fates which I didn't really like her in. Without supports, she just feels like an NPC without the "non-playable" part. I'm alright with the DLC, but I feel it's definitely been constant downgrades ever since Awakening, which went absolutely bonkers with the DLC. Awakening had a bunch of new maps to fight in, throwback characters to recruit with special art (some of which was eeeeehhhhh, but that's not the point), scramble DLC for more interactions between all the characters, and some challenge DLC in the form of the trio of maps that reward you with the Whitewings and the final DLC Apotheosis. Fates was like a diet version of the Awakening DLC (especially with them never having released the festival DLCs in the west), and Echoes felt even more watered down. So far the Three Houses DLC's only really been worth it for the cosmetics. I'll hold out until Abyss Mode and the new classes are finally released before giving my final judgment. I don't really think the sauna needed to be paid DLC. I can't imagine it's enough to seriously make people consider buying just for that. Knowing KT and knowing the success of this game, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more cosmetic DLC in the future. But I hope the success of the game will also earn it some DLC that'll further expand the story and lore beyond what we've gotten in this game and whatever we may get from Abyss Mode.
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