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  1. Seen lots of people online complaining about the egg event, and honestly... yeah, it's kind of annoying. Seems like the vast majority of fish, buried treasure, and balloon treasure is eggs. They were more reasonable about the tree eggs and rock eggs, but I kinda wish the event was retooled so that it seemed more fun to find eggs (make all the eggs rarer, lower the required eggs to make stuff, make recipes more common). Right now it really just feels like the event gets in the way of the more regular tasks which you need to do to build your island. Well, at least it doesn't replace chopped wood, so I could still build little Timmy's shop. And for the record, I was able to get the event having gotten the game and started playing it on, like, the second or third of April. You don't get it on the first day you play, you get it afterwards. In fact, the game in general basically is geared towards you only playing it for a certain amount of time, because you're always building and upgrading stuff which takes a day or so to complete. You could play Animal Crossing all day to fulfill as many Nook Miles challenges, fish for as many fish, find as much treasure, and catch as many bugs as you want, but eventually you'll find yourself in a sort of looping pattern getting very little done if you extend your play session. Of course... some people change their system clocks to bypass this, but... well, that's not something that's exactly encouraged.
  2. There're more pressing issues in Binding Blade than simple unit balance. Namely, there's level design. Most Binding Blade maps are designed to be extremely roundabout and long-winded (chapter 8 being a prominent example), but there's one level that gets on my nerves and it's Chapter 14. In Chapter 14, you have: Fog of War which requires either thieves, torches, or healers with torch staves to even be able to navigate in Desert which severely limits mobility for most units, including the main damn character The recruitment of a horse-mounted mage... who is slowed down by all the goddamn desert tiles, rendering her basically useless here The recruitment of a low level shaman who actually can move swiftly in the desert but is extremely weak and is likely to get destroyed when encountering more than one enemy Mages and wyvern knights every-f***ing-where - all of whom are easily able to see you On top of all of this, a time limit which, if it runs out, will cut you off from the game's true ending, because not only do you apparently deserve a swift kick in the crotch, but also to have lemon juice poured directly into your eye sockets And apparently things get even worse in chapters 17-20 if you choose to use the two nomads you get more than the two pegasus knights you get. Then of course there's Roy's belated promotion, which is beyond ridiculous. That isn't to say FE6 is devoid of redeeming qualities, but damn does it go out of its way to make sure you don't enjoy playing it sometimes.
  3. The only way I know of is to save edit, which I think requires a hacked console or emulator. I think cheats do exist, but those also require a hacked console to utilize because there's no official cheat system in any of the 3DS FE games (the closest I can think of is the usual "hold down L, R, Start, and Select to reset the game", but that's for most, if not all 3DS games). And with either system I think it's pointless to pursue second seal reclassing since you could probably just change units' classes directly (even better, save editing lets you change to normally special or unplayable classes such as dancer or risen). There may or may not be a glitch or exploit, but I literally have no idea.
  4. Basically these, although the last one is a particular favorite. Apart from them? Mozu, Saizo, Shiro, Mitama, Beruka, Charlotte, Forrest, and Velouria. If I'd put any of them within my top 4, it'd be Mozu easily, 'cuz you really can't beat lines like "you smell like a goat!"
  5. The only part that was really worth the pass at all was Cindered Shadows/Ashen Wolves part. The rest was cosmetics, "beat the game easier" stuff, and pointless fluff. Anna would've been nice if not for the lackluster amount of characterization content she had. Even Jeritza, who came as completely FREE DLC, had more in that regard. I know people harp on that all the time, but come on. For me, FE DLC has been a consistent, steady decline. Awakening had rich DLC content, Fates had decent DLC content, Echoes had kinda eh DLC content, and FE:TH had only a single piece of decent/good DLC. Guess we'll see if FE 17 will just have plain dog shit for DLC, then by that point the only direction the DLC would have to go is into scam territory. First time in a while I've heard anyone say anything positive about Fallout DLC from the past four years. Being more like Bethesda is the last thing I want out of IS. A Bethesda-esque FE would have entirely stripped out class mechanics and replaced it with a lame perk system, the weapon diversity would just change to melee/bows/magic (basically homogenizing swords, axes, and lances under a single weapon class), the storytelling would suck, DLC would be a scam, and the difficulty balance would be worse than Awakening Casual-Normal mode and more brain-dead than Fates Birthright Phoenix mode because Todd Howard's favorite type of game apparently is one that strokes a player's ego for doing basically nothing. Oh yeah, and it'd be a buggy PoS. Fallout 1, 2, and NV are better games than Fallout 4, fite me irl
  6. I'm gonna just recommend you play the GBA games because they are legit super good and fun. I like Blazing Sword especially, particularly because you just go from chapter to chapter without any pause or intermission in-between and it's one of the few post-Kaga stories I liked, but Sacred Stones can be fun in its own way. Sacred Stones might be overall easier than your average FE game, but you can place limitations on yourself to have fun with it. Or you can just revel in the fact that the game lets you grind forever and gives you a fairly robust (for the time) class system.
  7. You see, I was gonna not submit my post after just seeing yours, but I decided against it because A) scientific method would suggest that redundant answers are actually good for the sake of proof and B) I had other things to add.
  8. That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Especially with the globe effectively quarantining itself, some, like myself, are actually bored and nerdy enough to do that. So, I'm assuming those levels are when they change to the next class (as in, he changes to Warrior at 40 and War Master at 47)? Also, can I assume the boosters would be given after he got to level 53? If the answer is yes to both of these, then the following answers are (the actual base stats are in parenthesis when class stat boosters are in play): LV 40 Fortress Knight: 72(67) HP | 33 Str | 12 Mag | 23 Dex | 4(12) Spd | 12 Lck | 38(28) Def | 8 Res | 21 Cha LV 47 Warrior: 76(73) HP | 40(37) Str | 13 Mag | 26 Dex | 17(16) Spd | 13 Lck | 32(31) Def | 8 Res | 23 Cha LV 53 War Master: 81(78) HP | 45(40) Str | 14 Mag | 28 Dex | 20(18) Spd | 14(13) Lck | 34(33) Def | 10 Res | 25 Cha I won't do the math on the stat boosters because you didn't specify which stat boosters are used. There are two different kinds of boosters for every stat - for example, there are the Energy Drop which provides a +2 boost to strength and the Rocky Burdock which provides a mere +1 boost to strength. But even so, you can just look at this table to figure it all out.
  9. Here's some food for thought. Fire Emblem titles almost seldom paint war in a positive light - they typically show war as a grim event where good people die, sometimes even by your hand. But one thing lacking in this anti-war angle is the ability to choose to not slaughter every last enemy you see. So I'd like to pursue conditions that would encourage you to not kill every enemy you see - because we FE fans see virtually any objective and think "kill every last one of them, and do the main objective last". Also, these would come with the assumption that there are more ways for a unit to gain EXP than fighting and defeating enemies... or that it's possible to beat the game without ever fighting anyone, which might sound ambitious but I think it could be possible. Defeat X number of enemies - the idea is that as soon as you defeat a certain number of enemies, the chapter ends; what I think could be appealing about this idea is it could put the player in a place where they have to decide whether they want to prioritize defeating weak enemies to get through the chapter more easily, or defeating strong enemies to get the most EXP out of them. This could also be engineered towards specific enemies - for example maybe if you defeat the dracoknights in Chapter 2 of Book 2 in Mystery everyone else would flee because the best of their forces were defeated. Lower X enemy's HP to Y value - self-explanatory, the idea being that you don't have to kill them but rather weaken them enough to convince them to retreat. Summon X number of allies - what I'm thinking is, for example, you have a chapter with maybe five different activators; perhaps they're switches or altars for trained clerics. In any case, you'd summon intimidating allies (whether they're beasts, powerful soldiers, or simply large detachments of troops) that force the enemy to retreat. Bonus, the chapter doesn't necessarily end until the enemy actually retreats, and you can't rout to defeat them because they'll keep spawning (and the reinforcements will all be like the monsters in that one Conquest chapter where you couldn't earn EXP, so they're just a nuisance rather than a cheap grinding opportunity). Destroy X objects on the map - this would be an optional objective. You would have a main objective that would be pretty typical, but this optional objective would be an alternate way to beat the chapter. Maybe you destroy the foundations of a mighty fortress, or you destroy crucial barricades that exploit weak break points across enemy lines. Completion of this objective would either result in a great collapse of the enemy stronghold rendering the main force inert, force a retreat, or even force a surrender. This could also introduce an interesting story branch - nothing too major, but it'd serve as an alternate way for the chapter to end. Obtain X amount of Y and/or Z items - simply, this would be a treasure raid mission. This would give thieves a real chance to shine for a main mission objective, especially if there were stealth skills they could obtain. Perhaps you'd be raiding an enemy's armory stealthily (or loudly). If you start making noise, the enemy takes notice and they start taking the contents of the armory out of there, so it's a race to try to obtain as many of that item as possible. If failed, then the objective changes to something more appropriate. And if successful, the objective will change to leaving the armory. What could be added to make this more interesting and cool is alternate passageways that allow you to avoid some enemies - passageways which you'd really have to look for. Don't defeat X number of enemies - the inverse of the first condition. Partly inspired by the Fire Emblem: Three Houses paralogue "War for the Weak" where you have to prevent the deaths of Duscar warriors by defeating them yourself instead of letting the Kingdom knights kill them. However, this would actually be more of a defeat condition - if you kill too many enemies, you fail (perhaps by killing too many the enemy will see you as a big threat that must be destroyed, basically putting you in an Alvis BBQ type of scenario; or killing enough enemies might ruin diplomatic relations with that nation, which is crucial for winning the war in the story). You would be given another objective that isn't "rout the enemy" or "defeat X number of enemies" which you're encouraged to try to accomplish as quickly as possible so that you don't kill too many enemies.
  10. So an alternate thread title for this would be "Stupidly obvious opinion statements on the Fire Emblem series". Because I'm gonna enjoy making stupidly obvious remarks on par with Captain Hindsight. Horse Emblem is boring Fates: Revelation ruins the story of FE: Fates in a big way Mozu's good if you spend 90 turns ensuring she saps as much EXP out of her own paralogue as humanly possible Oboro is one of the best characters in Fire Emblem: Fates Genealogy of the Holy War is so easy that even a toddler could beat it Blazing Sword is one of the best balanced FE games The tutoring part of Three Houses gets a little bit tedious after the first playthrough Robin is the best avatar that appears as an actual playable unit in-game More Fire Emblem games need to implement a dismount mechanic The 3D models look best in Three Houses - they don't look like chunky, blocky figures with painted-on faces and stilted animations Despite what I just said, the animations of Echoes are still the best 3D animations - they're dynamic and actually make it feel like a battle is happening instead of a round of "I punch you, you punch me" On that note, nothing beats this fight scene:
  11. Okay, it's actually kinda obtuse, but I think what they're trying to get at is that because Moulder already starts with C-rank in staves, he doesn't need the training, while Natasha absolutely needs it. In other words, I think OP is arguing for the case of using Natasha as a secondary healer to Moulder, and how training Moulder early on when you could be training Natasha would be a waste because he already has a high staff rank. "Why have one Restore user when you could have two?" Sort of like the classic argument against using a Jeigan too much over using the weaker units - the argument that just because one unit might be good doesn't mean you should ignore the rest.
  12. @Silafante get a load of this meme, my dude. Dimitri is the cheese king. Also, this may or may not have been posted in the TH meme thread - I honestly don't remember 'cuz half the time I also get them from a Discord group - but here are Onion headlines paired with FE:TH characters:
  13. There's some stuff that's kind of clunky, particularly if you want to make games in a similar style to GBA FE games. It's very clunky to even set up a support system without plugins, and adding your own resources isn't quite as simple as just "throw them in a folder and you're good". Some other stuff is a little wonky, like transformations or class changing. But generally speaking, I'd say it's not quite the learning curve that any amount of ROM hacking would be. But given that it costs actual money, this makes sense. I'll say a few things. First, you'll absolutely need a plugin for support mechanics. Or you'll have to set it up yourself, which would be a mega clusterfuck of variable programming. Look up "SRPG Studio support system" or "SRPG Studio support plugin". There are a bunch of other plugins as well, a lot of the good ones made by someone named "Goinza" (including the support system plugin). If you want a better experience with SRPG Studio, definitely look into the plugins. Secondly, "better graphics" is... debatable. Mostly, the main gripe I and a lot of people have is that the frame rate is stupid choppy, mostly in regards to the battle animations. Some might've been able to fix it, but I wouldn't know what the fix would be. One thing's for certain: the GBA battle animations are leaps and bounds more gorgeous and cool than the default battle animations for SRPG Studio. Thirdly, there's another plugin for classes. Classes as-is are alright, but if you want a streamlined FE-type reclass system, you'll want a plugin.
  14. As one who knows absolutely nothing about ROM hacking, I find SRPG Studio a lot more user friendly. Granted, some things are still kinda obtuse, but if you've ever worked with RPG Maker then you'll probably deal with it alright. And that isn't to say FEBuilder isn't good - it absolutely is - but for me it's a bit... er, complicated? I dunno, I just have an easier time using SRPG Studio.
  15. Thing is, they couldn't because the cement was quite literally starting to crush his skull, since it basically was sculpted around the frame of his head (plus some stupid tube his friends put in there to allow him to breathe). Cement expands when it solidifies, and obviously it also becomes much heavier. If they left him for a moment, he could've died. So I don't think they could've left him unless they didn't care if he died. And yeah, it's inconsiderate. I find inconsideration and stupidity often go hand-in-hand. Idiot almost certainly didn't think it through, and if he did then he's a humongous ass.
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