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  1. Yeah, I know how that feels, lmao Yeah, honestly the way spriting in this game works completely escapes me. One time I tried to make a custom class, and it suffered from basically the same issue as you described. Most other things I was able to figure out, but not the spriting. They... kinda operate in somewhat similar ways, but the games still seem to use slightly different engines. Pretty sure Fates has a more robust suite of modding tools - heck, it even has more options in Paragon. Granted, part of that is probably due to Fates being a more complicated game than Awakening, but still, it seems to be a substantially more popular game to mod than Awakening. Though tbh 3DS modding in general is kinda small and scattered, and I think it has only picked up steam in recent years due to the console officially being dead to Nintendo. Believe me, I know, lmao. When I wanted to modify just a handful of things, I ended up having to modify all the supports for both Awakening and Fates. I may not seem it by my mannerisms, but I have worn myself down immensely learning how to mod console-based games. Just last week I spent two entire days (not counting bedtime, of course) trying to install some mods on Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U. There are times where I've wondered if what I'm trying is even worth it, but then when I succeed I can at least enjoy the modded games for as long as I have them.
  2. Congrats on your first success. Just figuring out how this stuff works really is the biggest hurdle in doing some general modding. With the sprite being blank, I think you have to go into the Class menu of Paragon and change the BMap icon to something appropriate. I think through this way the character will use the generic class sprite unless you change the BMap icon to that of a class the character has. As for the second issue... unfortunately that's just something that you'll have to do a manual workaround for. By that, I mean you're gonna need to go through the Character data and add back in every support option that Gay Awakening added. Thankfully you don't have to also port every single support conversation, as the support conversations are a different set of data altogether, but it'll still be kinda tedious, particularly if you want to stay faithful to the mod's support options. From experience, I know there are certain files that the gay mods for both Fates and Awakening modify which kinda mess with how Paragon handles mods. I could go into more depth, but the gist is I believe it revolves around the GameData.bin.lz file that's in the "data" directory. If there was a .json file for Gay Awakening (the kind of file that's produced for any mod you make in Paragon), it'd be a simple matter to just load up that file in Paragon and make any additional modifications you want. But AFAIK there's no such file anywhere.
  3. Unless you know how to actually make and import models that work in Fire Emblem Awakening specifically (which I hear you need dev tools for), you can, at best, have the opposite-sex versions of gender-exclusive classes use the same model as other classes, e.g. male pegasus knight model using the male wyvern knight model. I believe this is primarily done through creating a new class entry for each gender-exclusive class and then going into Asset Definitions and setting the models and stuff to use those of the model you intend to use, all in Paragon.
  4. I made the assumption because by the time you are able to recruit any 2nd Gen characters you're basically running into mostly promoted units in the main chapters. I also don't recruit all the children every play through so I have a foggy memory about how some of them go. The same is true of Chrom - or rather, he could be locked out of nearly all possible marriage options unless he gains enough support points with Olivia in the one chapter you recruit her that they could gain a support rank and thus get him forced into a rushed marriage with her (otherwise as I said before he'll be forced to marry a worthless NPC). Though I figure one could sorta deduce as much if they just looked at the support logs. Chrom and Sumia each have four possible marriage options, excluding the avatar because whether they're an option for either character depends on which gender they are. Most other 1st Gen characters have over 10 possible marriage options, while the avatar can marry any of the 1st Gen or 2nd Gen characters of the opposite sex (it's less weird than it sounds, though it is kinda awkward regardless).
  5. It should also be noted that there aren't really any balancing measures in place for the paralogues of each of the 2nd Gen units. Some of them may be fairly easy while others are meant for higher level armies. I think either way all of them have only promoted units as enemies. Don't worry too much, though, if you select a paralogue chapter and think it's too difficult for your current army then you can always improve your army and come back to it later. But it is a bummer if you're thinking that you want to get a particular character at a certain point yet can't because their paralogue is absolutely bonkers. For all the talk of what Fates did wrong, in this respect Fates did thing better by ensuring the paralogue chapters would always be balanced based on how far you are in the game. And yes, you could go as far as unlocking the final chapter of the game and still be able to gain new paralogues to recruit new 2nd Gen units. The only capacity in which any character has any sort of " marriage time limit" at all is Chrom, and that time limit is just how much time he has to mingle with eligible bachelorettes before he's forced into a marriage by the plot. There is absolutely zero pressure otherwise to get any marriages out of the way. You can try to rapidly marry everyone off as quickly as possible, or you can take your sweet time figuring out what you want to do.
  6. I can't say too much without spoiling things. If you want the quick and dirty, you start seeing them after you've completed chapter 13, but only if your avatar, or any of the female characters you've recruited before chapter 13, have gotten married (otherwise beyond chapter 13 you'll see a paralogue pop up as soon as you marry off one of these potential parents). Also, if you don't want marriage plans to be interfered with, make sure Chrom is married before you start chapter 11 (or that every possible option for him is married off by that point) - the game will force him to marry whichever unmarried he has the highest support level with, or in the absence of available options he'll be married to an unnamed NPC who gives Chrom's child mediocre stats and absolutely no class options. If your frame of reference is Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, it isn't really much like that. It's more like how it's handled in Fire Emblem: Fates, where the 2nd generation of units are just units that join the 1st generation's war, albeit the 2nd gen in Awakening have a much better reason for actually joining their parents' war than the 2nd gen in Fates.
  7. Yeah, MyCastle building upgrades are locked behind chapter requirements. I think it is chapter 23 you have to be at to get the final upgrade necessary, but the system files kinda make it confusing because they say that Chapter 22 is a requirement for unlocking the last upgrade (I'd guess by that they mean you need to beat Chapter 22 to get the final upgrade). And he can only be unlocked in Birthright (without hacks, anyway). You could also try to get him by purchasing him with Renown in other players' castles, though he'd probably be a bit on the expensive side in this regard and he won't have access to any supports with other characters unless you did some save-editing (which would require hacking your 3DS). To be quite rank, getting him through purchase is probably more worthwhile than just getting him through normal means because he can only gain supports with your protagonist. That is, unless you actually want your character to marry him. With him joining exceptionally late he's about the opposite of optimal for either your protagonist's class options or building Kana, but if you just want to see what their supports are like or are just enamored by stubbled glasses man with creepy puppets enough that you want to befriend him then knock yourself out.
  8. Well, I wouldn't say Birthright is "bad" in terms of gameplay, it's just that Birthright is an easier path than Conquest in terms of map design and certain restrictions the latter has. Both games more or less have all the same bells and whistles, but Conquest has more interesting maps and objectives than Birthright. Birthright does have some good maps though still. Birthright is definitely the path that is the most like the other games you described (especially Awakening, playing Birthright will probably feel like playing Awakening with cool new features and improvements), so that's a big part of why I'd recommend it above the other paths. In terms of story... Really, it's all down to individual tastes and preferences. I'd personally say that Conquest has a fairly terrible story because it seems like the main characters do everything in their power to mess things up amidst a very clear and obvious threat to peace and prosperity, and Birthright... well, is no magnum opus, but is at least fairly bog standard in story and thus is the least offensive path. Some would argue Revelation is the worst story of the three, as it kinda makes the other two paths seem moot and pointless. But at the same time, if what you really care about in a story is emotional impact and pure drama over whether the events in the story make actual sense or not, then it's a great story for you. Again, it's really down to personal preference. I will say that a good chunk of the characters are enjoyable, and they're quite varied, so there's probably some among the lot that you'd enjoy. I'll just say no matter what, if you are limited on time and only want to play one or two paths, don't pick Revelation. It's a path you only want to play after beating the other two paths. And gameplay-wise it's probably the worst. It gets some points for bringing together the majority of the other two paths' casts together and allowing you to use damn near the entire game's roster, but the maps are very tedious - they take upwards of 50+ turns to beat each. The bad thing is the maps aren't particularly difficult, they're just long and occasionally frustrating (well, I frequently get frustrated by them, but I don't have a lot of patience left when it comes to video games). And as I said before, some would argue it's the worst story of the three. I personally disliked Conquest a bit more, but I thought there were things in Revelation that were really dumb.
  9. Lucina can be better in a lot of ways (she can also just end up a carbon copy of Chrom if you somehow manage to get him to marry the village maiden instead of one of the actual playable units), but I figure you're gonna be forced to use him every chapter so may as well make the best of him instead of tossing him to the side. There are some cases in Fire Emblem games where you might want to leave the main lord on the sidelines, but Chrom's not a halfway terrible unit so it isn't like you have to twist your arm to make good use of him.
  10. For one, he's one of the handful of lords you get, and lord skills are fairly good, especially if you're the type to keep teams in relatively compact formations with the lord. Dual Strike+ and Dual Guard+ work regardless of whether he's the lead or support unit, so as long as he's in a pair-up as either unit those skills will work. If he's paired up with his spouse, and his spouse is also really powerful (specifically having high defense/resistance), then Dual Strike and Dual Guard will proc very frequently. So in general making him a Paladin isn't that bad of an idea. I'd say the other skills that would be useful for him would be Aether and Rightful King because Aether is powerful if it procs once every 4-6 strikes, and Aegis to cover his weakness against magic and long-range weapons. I'd say only consider making him a Great Lord if you want him to be able to use rapiers. Rapiers are fairly good for acting as both a cav and knight slayer, but in late-game you'll have access to plenty of weapons that can fulfill one of those roles and likely other lords (particularly Lucina), and high movement is probably a bigger boon than weapons that deal two types of effectiveness damage. Whatever you do, however, I do recommend he stays as a sword-wielding class. Even the weakened Falchion is good for killing wyvern-mounted foes, and those are among the most troublesome of foes to take down (along with dark fliers, as those are basically mages that can move wherever the hell they want). While it's basically an endgame/post-game consideration, the final Falchion he acquires is stronger than an unforged silver sword and Lucina's Parallel Falchion (though Lucina has more varied potential as a unit), and the fact that it never breaks means it's one helluva weapon. Backpack him if you will, but I think he's better as a lead unit unless your avatar is his spouse. You won't get to take advantage of Aether or Rightful King if he's being backpacked. Yeah, I was mostly just talking about Chrom in particular. If Chrom marries Robin, Sully, or Olivia, Lucina will gain access to the assassin class, and in particular Chrom x Olivia produces Inigo (I almost typed "Laslow" instead, lmao, I've played too much Fates) with Rightful King, so he too can get the combo since by default he can become an assassin through the myrmidon class. I left DLC out of the consideration because not everyone will have access to the DLC. Also because I think even if the characters in the base game don't have access to every single class like the DLC characters do, I think the base game characters are better because they can benefit from supports, which not only produce children but also provide really good stat boosts and are one of the primary reasons pair-up is so busted in this game.
  11. He can only get Aegis, Aether, and Luna. Though Aether alone is a pretty good skill for it since the extra 10% helps offset the halving part of the Aether activation chance calculation - with Rightful King, you can get an otherwise impossible 30%+ activation rate for Aether. You don't always have to stack a bunch of activation skills to make Rightful King/Hoshidan Unity worthwhile. Though it would be cool if he could get Lethality. But Awakening has enough broken stuff in it without the main character being able to one-shot enemies one in every 4-5 weapon strikes. Yeah sure, that's only a consideration if you grind considerably, but still.
  12. I mean, if you're running low on money then maybe hold off, but otherwise there's no reason not to do it except you just don't feel like doing it. I don't think the extra uses will mean a whole lot to you because you're so late into the game, but more damage doesn't hurt anybody... except your enemies, heheh. I will agree, though, smithing in Awakening and Echoes felt more worthwhile.
  13. Flat 10% boost. I have no tangible proof, but whenever I stack Hoshidan Unity with Quixotic on a unit that also has Lethality, it seems over a quarter of strikes proc Lethality, so I think through testing it's legitimately a flat 10% boost. Try to think about it from a balancing perspective. They're skills that're basically reserved for a small selection of characters (Chrom, Corrin, and their children), and you get them only at level 15 in a promoted class. Stat-wise, the vast majority of skills that this would affect in both games are calculated by a percentage based directly on mere skill; the skill stat has an absolute maximum cap (meaning the highest possible any character can achieve) of 55 in Awakening (not considering Limit Breaker) and 43 in Fates. So respectively that'd be a +5 and +4 mod to activation rates, which is... not much for late game battles where all the battle stats are stupidly high. And realistically if you're playing the game as intended (mostly thinking of Fates in this respect), your units will only have skill in the 20's or 30's, so you'd more likely expect them to get a measly +2 or +3 to their activation rates with the multiplication calculation. It'd make a lot more sense from a developer's perspective for the boost to just be a flat +10 boost instead of a multiplier - you want endgame skills to be powerful.
  14. Any method you'd typically employ for hacking ROMs is way overly complicated compared to what you can do with Citra's built-in modding system. It's really easy. Granted it's never bad to learn how to mod the hard way, but on Citra it's far from necessary unless you yourself want to learn how to create mods instead of just installing them. So firstly, you do need the ROM to be decrypted, so find a 3DS ROM decryptor online that isn't a Homebrew application for an actual 3DS (because obviously that won't work on a computer). Instructions may vary depending on which one you get. Whenever you get around to completing this, make sure your game will even load up in Citra. If it runs, congrats, you can move onto step two. For ease of access and to make this modding process easier, be sure to add the directory for the ROM into Citra so you can just always load up the game whenever you want. When you've got the game able to run on Citra, you'll want to open up Citra and find the game within the directory catalogue I just told you about. Right-click on it (if you're on a smart device, I don't know what to tell you), then click on "Open Mods Location". Boom, the empty folder that just opened is where any and all mods you want to install will go. Now navigate through the Gay Awakening .zip file using an archive browsing tool (you'll need to find one yourself, but there are plenty of options). Now navigate to the HANS folder, and open up whichever region you're from. You see that "romfs" folder? Extract it to the empty mods folder. Now you have the mod ready to go. Check to see if the mod runs now. You'll be able to tell rather quickly if it worked by looking through the supports. If anything needs to be clarified, feel free to quote/tag me here.
  15. From Wikipedia: The idea of fan service is founded on the notion of titilating one's audience in suggestive or sexual manners. Of course it has evolved to include non-sexual forms of "fan service", such as making Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta a thing in Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, but the foundational idea of the term is steeped in softcore sexual content. It is not inherently detracting from the story or themes a piece of media, but there are ways it can detract from these things if written poorly. I do think it's a bit of a low-ball to use fan service in teen-targeted media, since teens are the easiest to please with this type of material, but that's business for you. My main issue comes if they deliberately turn a character who wasn't previously sexualized into a sex object. I can't think of any examples of this in Fire Emblem (simply putting characters into swimsuits doesn't count), but it's a prominent element in the sub-genre of fan fiction to an abhorrently disgusting extent. I'm talking turning a strong, capable woman into a dainty sex toy for some fat loser or an innocent virgin into a promiscuous person who just can't get enough. In Fire Emblem Fates (and to a lesser extent other recent Fire Emblem games) people complained about the panty windows, overly exposed breasts, and just Camilla in general. I don't really see any of that as inherently problematic (well, Camilla's flanderization in FEH is problematic, but that's another topic for another day). Sure, all that stuff is kinda stupid, but if Fates actually had a good story, the fan service wouldn't be enough to detract from that story. I would say in some circumstances softcore sexual content can even be good. Too often do I think people treat sex as a taboo to a detrimental effect, and while the Japanese entertainment industry has its fair share of issues I'm glad they can at least embrace more sexualized stuff than us in the west. Just as long as they're respectable and don't, you know, sexualize minors, I don't see an issue with it.
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